If you saw a lot of police activity in downtown Burien Thursday afternoon (Aug. 6), the Burien Police Department is reporting that two suspects were apprehended in separate foot chases downtown, after running from a stolen car. “One of our officers ran a plate on a Honda which returned as stolen,” Capt. Bryan Howard told The B-Town Blog. “He stopped the car at SW 152nd Street and Ambaum and ordered them to put their hands up. They took off in separate directions. The officer chased the driver down, catching him at the library. The passenger was seen by neighbors jumping fences into back yards and was caught by officers at SW 151st Street and 9th Ave SW.” Both suspects will be booked for possessing stolen property. “This was our new shift schedule with both day and swing shifts overlapping which allowed us to establish a very good perimeter in order to catch these guys,” Howard added.

As we get more info on this incident, we’ll update this post….]]>

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10 replies on “Burien Police chase, apprehend car theft suspects in downtown Thursday”

  1. Excellent patrol policing. We’re beginning to see patrol cars in residential neighborhoods again. The renewed emphasis on patrol is appreciated. Keep the creeps out of Burien.

  2. The courts will release them and they will be back on the street tomorrow…this is petty activity and endangers citizens when you are chasing them through downtown Burien during Market Day. Innocent citizens could have been killed…remember all this starts with the drugging and drinking and vagrant youth at City Hall Park and Dottie Harper and then a car is stolen …let’s seriously police that first for all the blatant ctivity that takes place there and our Police totally ignore….please dear God no police car chases in downtown Burien! The criminals are here…seek them out first…don’t wait to react…a car chase…NO!

  3. Outrage~ if you read the article a little more closely it says “foot chase” Also if you had your car stolen and the police ran a plate and confirmed that is was indeed a stolen. You wouldn’t want your car back?

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