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by Chris Scragg
Puget Sound Weather Geek

Autumn! A time for changing leaves, going back to school, and …spectacular crystal clear skies and warm weather..? This doesn’t seem right.
To give you a little look into the past.. this is from an article I wrote exactly one year ago:

A Cozy Autumn Day

September 29th 2014: The consistent cloud cover and intermittent showers, combined with this evening’s early sunset, gave today a strong “Autumn-like” feel. A perfect day to sit inside and watch the cool and wet weather pass by.

We’re getting the polar opposite. This is what the sky looked like from Bellevue on Tuesday:
Photo by Chris Scragg – Bellevue College

The cause for this is a pattern in the upper atmosphere that is steering the moisture and clouds away from the Northwest, in turn our temperatures are much warmer than normal(up to 10°F) during the day. Interestingly, because of the same pattern, we’re also colder than normal in the evenings due to excessive “Radiative Cooling“. This is just a fancy word for when “the ground loses it’s warmth”. When the skies are clear, the ground loses more warmth than if there was cloud cover.
At least a little rain will return by this weekend when an upper level low drops down into the Northwest from British Columbia.
UW WRF-GFS ~25,000ft. Temperatures & Heights.

The weather models have been at odds about how this system will behave, so we may see more or less rainfall in the Puget Sound lowlands. The general consensus is that there will be light and scattered showers late Friday night into Saturday.
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