The Burien Police Department is seeking the public’s help in finding this woman, wanted for racking up $700 on a stolen debit card for a shopping spree at a Nordstrom store: 12074514_662286170577378_5919222304086085499_n NordstromThief2 “The debit card was taken from a Burien resident and (she) drained her account right after her payday,” police said. “This makes her a wanted felon!” If you recognize the suspect in the photo, please help bring her to justice by contacting Detective Philbrick at (206) 477-6717.]]>

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4 replies on “Recognize this thief? She's wanted for theft & $700 Nordstrom shopping spree”

    1. Because there is no accountability in the justice system for what is viewed as petty crime, no consequences equals no fear of being punished. And, or your a low life scumbag loser POS.

  1. Well this is pretty scary, but I agree with both of you! There is no justice for this type of crime. or car theft, or vandalism. I don’t even know why we ask the police to try and catch the culprits, when they walk away with no penalty for what they have done. No enforcement when they are suppose to pay for what they have stolen. It only reinforces that they can get away with this stuff. Yes, they have a record, but it can’t be brought up in court when other crimes are committed. Our society needs to handle these crimes in a new and much better way.

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