Laverne Ritchie – a 90-Year-Old Burien resident – received a free wheelchair ramp on Saturday (May 20) courtesy the Master Builders Association’s ‘Rampathon’ event. The Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, along with Dunn Lumber, Potter Construction and volunteers, all helped build the free ramp for Laverne, to provide better mobility in and out of her Burien home.

“Families struggling with disabilities have difficulties getting in and out of their homes. The Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties and its members want to make the lives of these families a little easier.”
Members of the Master Builders Association, through heartfelt dedication, hard work, and the donation of their time and talent, desire to improve the lives of individuals and families in our communities. Since 1993, more than 440 ramps have been built and $1.7 million of in-kind donations provided.]]>

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3 replies on “'Rampathon' provides free wheelchair ramp to 90-year old Burien woman”

  1. Thank you, Master Builders, for donating your time, talent, and hearts to help people get ramps and other things that help minimize the difficulties those of us with disabilities face.

  2. Very Cool! Thanks to everyone involved with making this happen. You volunteers ROCK!

  3. That’s my Grandma! She’s actually 91 now. I filled out the application with the MBA when she was still 90. Living in that house on her own with all of her roses and other plants to take care of is keeping her full of life. Now, she has easy access to take care of those roses without the possibility of falling down the stairs to get to them. Thank you MBA and thank you Potter Construction!

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