On Monday, Oct. 14, 2019, the King County Sheriff’s Office issued the following Scam Alert:

The King County Sheriff’s Office has seen another large increase in people falling victim to fraud by suspects over the phone. Here is how the latest scam works:

Fraudsters are using the real names of our Deputies/ Detectives/ Sergeants/ Captains and even the Undersheriff to try and convince victims that they are in fact legitimate law enforcement officers. The scammers will often leave a voicemail requesting a call back and they will answer the phone as if they are the KCSO person who called earlier. Once the suspects are able to get the victim on the phone, they are often very pushy and continually threaten arrest if the victim doesn’t do exactly what they are told.

Fraudsters demand a credit card number or even a gift card number. After they collect the money they often tell the victims that they must report to the nearest precinct to show the gift cards as proof they paid. If you receive a call like this hang up immediately, it is a scam.

REMEMBER – the Sheriff’s Office will NEVER request payment over the phone or in person.

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