New fish ladder at Seahurst Park Beach.

Construction crews are in the final stages of the Seahurst Shoreline Restoration Project, with a public opening planned for late August, the City of Burien announced.
Crews are putting finishing touches on the lower parking area, installing landscaping and irrigation for new plantings along the shoreline.
A formal ribbon-cutting to officially celebrate the completion of the project is planned for later.
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3 replies on “Seahurst Park set to re-open in August”

  1. Delay after delay….late August means Aug 25-31st…1 Month for the finishing touches…How much over budget is this project? Please read the past city updates. No real answer for missing the July opening,now late August seems a bit late for a public park used during the summer.

  2. Well, at least its a step up from when they thought it may not be until sometime in March.

  3. The park will be nice and QUIET in September and we’ll still have beautiful weather on into October. So what’s the rush? 🙂

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