Friday afternoon (March 21), King County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes detectives arrested an 18-year old SeaTac man in connection with the shooting death of a 17-year old Burien boy in White Center Wednesday night (March 19; read our previous coverage here). Police say that they are not seeking any other suspects; however, they are encouraging additional witnesses of the shooting to come forward and contact the King County Sheriff’s Office by calling (206) 296-3311.]]>

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5 replies on “SeaTac man arrested in connection with Burien teen's shooting death”

  1. This punk shot at a vehicle with several teens inside as it drove away. What a cold blooded killer. No concern of who the bullet hit. The teens in the car simply stopped at the worst place in WC to pump gas and we’re targeted by wanna be gangsters. I attended the memorial in WC (lots of police present) and was pleasantly surprised of how many friends this kid has. I did not see, thugs, baggy clothing or tattoos, instead I saw children comforting each other and sobbing. So tragic.

  2. I am so glad whitecenter is Not part of Burien. Living so close to the crap that happens there is enough! If you don’t agree with this comment try spending 1 hour at the corner of this Gas Station. Good Luck…P.S. don’t bring your kids

    1. I think if burien was apart of white center the burien PD would be out patrolling the living crap out that area to clean up the crime just like they done around the north high line area and yes there is still some crimes going on but there cracking down on them pretty good

    2. That all depends on which part of Burien you are in. Or vice-versa. I love it when ignorant people pose as “concerned” citizens and post ridiculous comments. Have they no idea just how ignorant they make themselves out to be? I have to admit, that corner she mentions can be a little “colorful” at times, however, when I really want to witness more serious crime, I travel a little way up Ambaum into Burien, say just between 121st and 128th streets. You really can witness it all happen there. Then I go spend a little time watching the thugs and panhandlers apply their trade at the Burien Transfer Station/Park and Ride. Quality entertainment, far more crime for your time than the corner in White Center.

  3. So very sad for everyone involved. I drive past that Bartell’s Store 2 x a week and
    occasionally thru White Center. Always keep in mind the bad reputation White Center has and keep my eyes and ears alert…. no radio playing, or ear buds or any other distraction.
    Isn’t this a terrible way to have to live…. always on the lookout for trouble. Am glad the
    perpetrator was caught. I hope he gets an extraordinary (high) sentence for the total disregard he had for the safety of all…

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