When I vote for Burien City Council candidates, I look for candidates that are more than one issue candidates. I look for candidates that have been consistently involved in the community. I look for candidates who take the time to educate themselves on the issues that impact our City and those who understand the complexity of city government.

That is why I am supporting Sarah Moore for Burien City Council Position 5.

Sarah is rooted in the community.

Sarah is someone that will stand by her neighbors in a crisis.

When there were issues in our local parks, Sarah took action by joining the Parks Commission and continues to encourage safe activities in parks and public places. Additionally, she went the extra mile and worked with utilities to install more lighting to a park that had been plagued by fires, and unsafe activity. Sarah goes the extra mile!

Sarah is one of the founding members of Burien’s People for Climate Change. She deeply cares about the environment and its health and well-being. She understands how climate change impacts our people every day.

Highline Schools reached out to Sarah to become a community advisor for their math curriculum, to advocate for a non-mathematician’s viewpoint. Of course she said yes.

She has supported her now college age son with his involvement in scouting, and ultimately becoming an Eagle Scout. Sarah’s dedication to her son and the scouting community has left her with many close ties to individuals in Burien.

When ice and snow occur, Sarah checks on the well-being of her neighbors. She then puts in shifts at the emergency shelter. And in last summer’s record breaking sweltering heat, Sarah was at a cooling shelter assisting those in need of a safe, cool place to sleep.

When Boulevard Park neighbors were being flooded out of their homes, Sarah went into action. She took the time to familiarize herself with the situation. She wrote to State Senator Kaiser and the Senator’s staff for assistance. And contacted our County Council members, as well. Sarah communicated with the local sewer district, as well as the Burien City Council. Sarah organized files and information, as it was gathered. Sarah spent countless hours on a situation that did not directly affect her, but affected her neighborhood and her community at large.

By contrast, when I emailed her opponent asking what he knew about the flooding, he failed to respond.

And that has been Sarah’s opponent’s MO.

Sarah has taken the time to attend every election forum, so the constituent’s could ask questions and get to know her. Sarah’s opponent attended one forum. I know little about him beyond the fact he is a business owner. While Sarah takes the time to write letters, testify to the City Council, and directly serve her community, where has her opponent been? I have never seen him at Council meetings. Nor have I ever read any of his letters to the City Council. Maybe because Sarah’s opponent is just not that involved in the City? It is my understanding that he considers himself to be a one issue candidate, and that shows.

You can say almost anything in a voter’s pamphlet statement. But the real statement is in a candidate’s actions and service to the community.

I want “Moore” for my City and the Burien City Council! That’s why I am voting for Sarah Moore!

– Vicky Hartley
Bonafide Resident of Burien

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