Enjoy ‘Beauty & the Beast Jr.’ at St. Francis School weekend of Mar. 3 & 4

UPDATE: This story has been revised to reflect that this production will be performed by students from St. Francis of Assisi School, not the Hi-Liners as previously reported. St. Francis […]

Benefit St. Francis of Assisi School at ‘Red, White & In Person’ tasting event Sat., Oct. 1

Scout Troop Tree Recycle event will be Jan. 1 & 2; also offering curbside pick-up

St. Francis of Assisi 8th graders clean up litter on Miller Creek Trail

Fifth graders at St. Francis School holding Bake Sale/Raffle fundraiser for Burien CARES this Sunday, Oct. 11

St. Francis of Assisi School Open House will be Sunday, Jan. 26

St. Francis 8th grader serves as Page for Sen. Karen Keiser in State Senate

St. Francis of Assisi School's 'Annie Jr.' will be Feb. 24 & Feb. 25

PHOTOS: Students at St. Francis of Assisi School enjoy a spirited 'Field Day'