Story & Photos by Robbie Howell On Friday, May 16, the students of St. Francis of Assisi School passionately delivered a lasting memory of a spirited “Field Day.” The students divided into “Family Groups” consisting of 2 children from each grade level, 18 to a group. The 8th grade students in each group provided leadership in keeping their “family” together, giving direction for games and supporting the group throughout the day. Family groups made up their own cheers to chant and chose their team colors. Many of the students wore costumes to designate their family team. Adult volunteers and teachers kept score for the teams. Each game lasted approximately six minutes and horns were blown to designate when the families were to move on to the next game station. There were about 24 rigorous games and activities taking place. The students yelled and screamed like the “12th man” cheering on the Seahawks. Teams are evaluated on how enthusiastically they cheer, and at the end of the event the three most enthusiastic teams were awarded the “Spirit Stick” for 2014. Click images to see larger versions/slideshow: fdP1020825 fdP1020844 fdP1020833 fdP1020816 fdP1020815 fdP1020803]]>

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