MillerCreekMtg A public meeting about potential stormwater retrofit projects in the Miller-Walker Creeks basin will be held Wednesday, May 28 at City Hall Park in Normandy Park, and Thursday, May 29 at the Burien Community Center. Both public meetings will be from 6:30-7:30 p.m. and are free and open. For more project details, visit]]>

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4 replies on “Public meetings about Miller-Walker Creeks basin will be May 28 & May 29”

  1. Hey Scott please show some pics of the Newest project at the Navos old site. Quite the large scale storm water project.

    1. City has cut down over 20 large trees…does anyone care? Now I know why No pictures….Great Job B-TOWN BLOG.

        1. Yes…the project is now a water treatment area. just drive by and see how many trees have been cut down.

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