The City of Burien will be holding a public hearing on a possible 1% property tax increase as well as other revenue sources at 7pm on Monday, Nov. 23rd, and the public is invited to participate.

The hearing will take place in the city’s council chambers, located on the first floor of the new city hall at 400 SW 152nd Street.

Anyone concerned about possible tax increases is encouraged to come speak up – this is your opportunity to let your city council know how you feel about this.

Here are the details:

WHAT:  Public Hearing by the City of Burien for the purpose of:

  • Receiving the publics’ comments on revenue sources, including a possible up to a 1% increase in property tax revenue, and expenditures for the 2009-2010 Mid-Biennial Budget review and amendments.

WHEN: Monday, Nov. 23rd at 7pm

WHERE: Burien Council Chambers (1st floor) at 400 SW 152nd Street.

INFO: Copies of the 2009-2010 Mid-Biennial Budget Review are available and can be obtained by calling the Finance Department at (206) 439-3150.

Sign language and communication in alternate format can be arranged given sufficient notice.  Please contact the City Clerk’s office at (206) 248-5517.

To review pertinent documents, try searching through the city’s Document Center here.

A PDF of the public notice is available for downloading here (PDF file).

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2 replies on “Tell The City Of Burien Your Thoughts On Proposed Property Tax Increase Nov. 23rd”

  1. And the Burien supporters were worried about Seattle taxing its citizens? I don’t want to say I told you so, but it’s ovbvious that Burien needs North Highline to survive. The license tab tax went down, so they’ll try a 1% property tax.

  2. Welcome to Burien all you folks (including myself) whom we annexed.
    Oh and guess what, this is just the beginning, all these stores we ran out of business by raising thier taxes and such so much, that we`ll just get from you now.

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