Website traffic for The B-Town Blog during the month of June, 2018 was up over +23% – with impressions up +33% – over the same period in 2017, according to independent statistics from Google Analytics:

Check out the totals for our June 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018 stats vs the same time period in 2017:

  • Users: UP +23.4%:
    • 62,111 +23.4% vs 50,334 (in 2017)
  • Pageviews: UP +32.52%:
    • 462,934 +32.52% vs 349,328 (2017)

Monthly averages for The B-Town Blog for the first six months of 2018:

  • Sessions: 101,856/month
  • Pageviews: 406,454/month

It’s likely that one breaking news story in particular – our live, ongoing, extensive coverage of an “active shooter” (thankfully with no injuries) on SR 509 on June 13 – is responsible for most of the traffic increase for the month (it reached nearly 14,000 Readers in one day).
These stats are exciting to us, as when we first started The B-Town Biog in Dec. 2007, our target monthly circulation was 10,000, which seemed like a lofty goal at the time (that was the approximate circulation of the local newspaper, which has since declined drastically).
Yet now here we are, pulling in more than 10 times that, as well as more than twice the population of Burien (~50,000) in monthly Readers(!).
Overall, our network of seven local blogs powered by South King Media have averaged 140,809 Sessions per month, and 473,005 Pageviews/month for the first half of 2018.
We believe that our continued overall growth is due to the fact that more people prefer to get their news quickly online and mobile than in print. Personally, we think that by the time something is printed, it’s “old news.”
We’re also proud to abide by time-tested, professional journalism ethics. We’re a multiple, award-winning member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and a current active member of LION Publishers, and we adhere to their proven journalistic standards.
Again, THANKS for all your support for making The B-Town Blog the #1 local news, events, arts, entertainment, video and more source for the area! And please support our Advertisers – without them, we couldn’t do what we do.
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We’ve got the most engaged, interested and active Readership of any local media outlet in the area – compare us to the other options:

  • Direct mail coupon books: ~30,000 circulation per quarter (4x per year) • typical Ad cost: $750 
  • Local quarterly “city” magazines: Only ~10,000-15,000 circulation per issue (4x per year) • lowest Ad cost: $400
  • Local newspaper*: ~1,000/every 2 weeks*? (And mixed in with news from Ballard?…)
  • The B-Town Blog: Over 101,000 Readers per month + 13,216 on Facebook + 6,540 on Twitter + 2,956 Email Newsletter Subscribers – lowest Ad cost: just $60/month (which includes a story + social media post)!

*NOTE: Current, accurate circulation numbers for the local newspaper were unavailable.

We are the only daily-updated, totally-independent, truly-local community news/event website in Burien – run by longtime residents Scott & Theresa Schaefer, who live, work, play and spend locally with their family – that provides a highly-targeted, local, very desirable audience with the most recent Local News, Event Listings, Feature Stories, Politics, Videos, Photos, Business News and much more.

If you’re considering Advertising locally, remember to ask for actual statistics from an independent source (i.e.: Google Analytics), as you deserve transparency and the truth (and to Advertise with us, email Theresa Schaefer at for our Media Kit, Rate Card and transparent sharing of statistics!).


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