Seven years ago today – Dec. 11, 2007 to be exact – The B-Town Blog was created, its domain name registered and activated, with hopes of creating an effective online news and events source for the City of Burien.
We were Burien’s first local blog and one of the first in the Northwest.
On that first day, we posted just two stories, linked here for your flashbackian pleasure:

Since then – and some 9,575 posts later – we’re stronger than ever, averaging for this year nearly 73,000 Unique Visits and 170,000 Pageviews per month (as per Google Analytics so far for 2014), up a whopping +26.45% growth in impressions over 2013!
In addition to our ever-increasing traffic, we are continuing to build a fast-growing social media network as well. As of Dec. 11, 2014, our Facebook Page has 6,659 “Likes” (vs 5,453 on the same date last year, a growth of +18%), and our Twitter Feed goes out to 4,214 Followers (vs 3,371 last year, a growth of +20%).
And we couldn’t have done any of this without YOU, our Readers – your community spirit, your involvement in the blog, and especially, your continued support of our wonderful Advertisers!

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Of course we very much appreciate the ongoing support of dozens of local businesses who count on us to market their messages to our engaged Readers. And if you’re interested in receiving our Media Kit/Rate Card, please email Sales Manager Theresa Schaefer here, or call our office at (206) 248-2565.
Oh sure, we’ve been copied, unethically (and illegally) cybersquatted and hacked, but we’ve outlasted all copycats and we’re still here serving up true local, professional journalism.
But we’re still evolving and improving – this year, we added our own hyperlocal ‘Puget Sound Weather Geek‘ who set up a station devoted just to our network of local blogs!
Oh, and did we mention that our all-local internet radio station SoKing Internet Radio is still rockin’ the virtual airwaves? Check it out here!
We also recently revamped our Commenting system to allow for Readers to help monitor trolls and negative naysayers who have tried to hijack the site. And despite what some naysayers say, we believe that this system is working, so please continue to “vote” up or down on our Reader’s comments.
We’d also like to remind any potential Advertisers out there to shop around and ask for actual, independent proof of website traffic statistics (ie: Google Analytics) from other sites before buying, because you deserve honesty, transparency and professionalism.
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3 replies on “Today is The B-Town Blog's 7th birthday!”

  1. I am so glad that I am able to practice my life’s work at real journalism here. There are so many stories on my plate that show that we are just starting. BTW, I take suggestions for articles from all readers.

  2. Congratulations on the Big Milestone!
    As a Burien Neighbor, I frequently visit your site to obtain local news and information, and on occasion take advantage of discount offers with local businesses.
    As a fellow blogger, I look at your team with admiration and as an inspiration in my attempt to deliver quality information to my little niche neighborhood as well!
    Your organization not only does a great job serving the community with information, but is also involved with generating new ideas and events that benefit drawing folks together and building pride and ownership but also contributing to build a stronger economy for local small businesses, etc.
    Happy 7th Birthday! I look forward to your celebrating a 10 year birthday and beyond!

  3. Congratulations on making it to seven years. That’s a milestone for any small business. Although, I find it hard to believe that seven years have gone by already. It seems like yesterday when you first started the blog. I want to thank Scott & crew for your hard work and vision in making this our fastest and best source of local news.

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