THANKS READERS & ADVERTISERS – May 2016 was a record month for traffic on The B-Town Blog – with nearly 103,000 Unique Visits and almost 300,000 Pageviews!
That’s a year-to-year growth (vs May, 2015) of nearly +27% for Unique Visits and over +20% for Pageviews, as per Google Analytics:
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  • Unique Sessions: +26.73% growth: 102,929 (vs 81,218 in May 2015)
  • Pageviews: +20.38% growth: 299,237 (vs 248,578 in May 2015)

Our previous record was just over 99,000 Uniques in one month, so this is a nice milestone for us. But we couldn’t do it without you – your community spirit, your involvement on the blog, your sharing on social media, and especially, your continued support of our Advertisers, which funds our business and keeps the news FREE for you to read.
Overall, our network of six local blogs powered by South King Media had a total of 143,650 Unique Sessions for May, 2016, along with a whopping 366,449 Pageviews.
We believe that our continued, strong traffic growth is due to the fact that most people prefer to get their news online – and quickly – than in print. Personally, we think that by the time something is printed, it’s “old news” and is usually headed towards the recycling bin.
And when was the last time you were able to instantly comment and share your thoughts about a story in a printed newspaper or magazine?
We’ve also converted all of our content to be mobile-friendly, so it loads quickly on all smartphones and devices.
We’re also proud to abide by time-tested journalism ethics. We’re an award-winning member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and we adhere to their proven journalistic standards. We’re also proud to announce that we’ve been nominated in the SPJ’s “General Excellence” category for this year!
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We’ve got the most engaged, interested and active Readership of any local media outlet in the area – compare us to the other local options:

  • Direct mail coupon books: 30,000 circulation per quarter (4x per year) • typical Ad cost: $750 
  • Local quarterly “city” magazines: 10,000-15,000 circulation per issue? (4x per year) • lowest Ad cost: $400
  • Local newspaper*: 1,000–5,000/week*? (And mixed in with news from Ballard?!)
  • The B-Town Blog: 80-103,000+ Readers per month + 9,929 on Facebook + 5,387 on Twitter + 1,313 Email Newsletter Subscribers – lowest Ad cost: $60/month!

*NOTE: Current, accurate circulation numbers for the local newspaper were unavailable.
We are the only daily-updated, totally-independent, truly-local community news/event website in Burien – run by longtime residents Scott & Theresa Schaefer, who live, work, play and spend locally with their family – that provides a highly-targeted, local, very desirable audience with the most recent independent Local News, Event Listings, Feature Stories, Politics, Videos, Photos, Business News and much more.

Burien’s local news site, The B-Town Blog, cites its readership as 65,000* monthly readers—an impressive reach compared with the average print circulation of Seattle’s metropolitan monthlies, which hovers in the ballpark of 53,000.
– Green Rubino Agency
Loving Our Locovores
Nov., 2014
(*NOTE: In Nov. 2014 our monthly Readership was 65,000/month; it has grown considerably since then!)

And remember – if you’re considering Advertising locally, remember to ask for actual statistics from an independent source (i.e.: Google Analytics), as you deserve transparency and truth (and to Advertise with us, email Theresa Schaefer at for our Media Kit and Rate Card).]]>

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