Photo by Michael Brunk.[/caption] The 4th of July is just over a month away, and our friends at the Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund are seeking Business Sponsors and donations to help raise the $30,000 needed to continue this great local tradition. Each year, Burien’s Three Tree Point neighborhood puts on the best barge-based, high-altitude professional fireworks show in the city on the 4th of July – a great, grassroots event where local businesses get excellent, direct exposure to local residents. “Independence Day is very special at Three Tree Point,” said co-chair Fred Feiertag. “The community goes all out to decorate and celebrate. The culmination is at around 10 p.m. when the chartered barge erupts in a fine display of fireworks visible all along Burien’s waterfront!” Co-chair Todd Manola adds:

The temporary population of Three Tree Point swells so much to take in the fun that organizers must hire off-duty police just to direct traffic. Well, the event is a spectacle that the neighborhood cherishes. BUT it is an expensive event to stage. It is entirely paid for by donations from the community. This year it will require about $30,000 for the fireworks, tugboat, hiring off duty police officers, renting a dumpster , purchasing the required insurance and permits, and many other details that all add up. If you are approached to donate to the 3 Tree Point Fireworks Fund by mail or you see the thermometer signs with the websites please consider giving what you can. This won’t be matched by public money it is just us, the folks who love the 4th and the spectacle that celebrates our independence for over two hundred years. Isn’t that worth a few dollars to see and to know it is YOUR display? This display is enjoyed by thousands of area residents, but it can’t be continued without donations – this is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that must raise $30,000 to keep this grand local tradition alive.
Business Sponsor levels for 2014 include:
$5,000 PLATINUM SPONSOR:                                              
  • Logo & Link in premiere, top spot of Website:
  • Cross-promotion on 3TP Fireworks Facebook Page & Twitter Feed
  • Cross-promotion on B-Town Blog’s Facebook Page & Twitter Feed
  • Special Thanks announcement and opportunity to give Speech at June 28th Donor Party
  • Opportunity for leave-behinds (such as brochures) at Donor Party
  • Logo at top of Banner posted at Donor Party and in neighborhood on 4th
  • Special Commemorative Plaque with Digital Picture Frame presented at Donor Party
  • 10 invitations to the Donor Party
  • Logo in premiere position on Donor Party Invitations
  • Logo & Link in very prominent position on Website:
  • Cross-promotion on 3TP Fireworks Facebook Page & Twitter
  • Logo in very prominent position on Banner posted at June 28th Donor Party and in displayed in             neighborhood on the 4th
  • Special Thanks announcement at Donor Party
  • Special Commemorative Plaque given at Donor Party
  • 8 invitations to the Donor Party
  • Logo in prominent position on Donor Party Invitations
  • Logo & Link in prominent position on Website:
  • Cross-promotion on 3TP Fireworks Facebook Page & Twitter
  • Logo in prominent position on Banner posted at June 28th Donor Party and displayed in             neighborhood on the 4th
  • Special Thanks announcement at Donor Party
  • Commemorative Plaque given at Donor Party
  • 6 invitations to the Donor Party
  • Logo on Donor Party Invitations
  • Logo and Link on Website:
  • Logo on Banner posted at June 28th Donor Party and displayed in neighborhood on the 4th
  • Thank you announcement at Donor Party
  • 4 invitations to the Donor Party
For more information on becoming a Business Sponsor, please e-mail [email protected]. Here’s more info from an informational letter bring sent to area businesses:
Dear Burien Business Leader, The 4th of July fireworks display at Three Tree Point is a treasured community tradition. At the Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund we appreciate your support in years past and invite you to sponsor our 2014 event. In recognition of your sponsorship we will post your logo and link on our website, and on our event banner, and mention you for a special thank you at our donor party. This year’s sponsorship levels and commitment form are attached. This year we are also offering you Naming Rights. You have an opportunity to promote your business, honor someone special or publicize a charity you support. Let us know if you would like to explore Naming Rights. For your sponsorship to be included in the recognition, submit your contributions by Friday June 20. Sponsors will be presented at the donor party on Saturday June 28. This year our fund raising goal is $30,000. The increase is due to the general growth in the costs of all the ingredients of this event. The largest single factor is a $3000 increase in the fireworks. The associated barge rental, tug rental, crew costs add still more. The leaders of the fund always strive to provide a great experience for the audience at the best value. As many of you know, Three Tree Point Fireworks is a community-led event which receives no public funds. It is funded entirely by local residents and businesses. In addition to fireworks the fund is also used for the children’s parade and the support necessary to make the day’s events go smoothly; permits, security staff, and even the trash dumpster. As the large crowds that gather each year attest, the Three Tree Point 4th of July tradition has enduring popularity. We think that is because it is enjoyed by so many people, young and old. It reunites families and friends, draws the whole community together, and crowns our Independence Day celebration. We are looking to this year’s event, please join us! If you have questions, if you have suggestions, if you would like to volunteer for a leadership opportunity, please contact either of us. Todd Manola Fred Feiertag
In addition to seeking business donations, organizers are seeking donations from residents – you have two choices:
  1. Donate by Check. Mail your check, made out to the ‘Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund” to: Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund P.O. Box 385 Seahurst, WA 98062
  2. Donate Online. Just click the link below for the level you want to donate at and you’ll be taken to our credit card processing partner PayPal to complete your transaction.
  Donate $200 or more and you’ll be invited to the annual Donor Party on June 29th!
Photo by Michael Brunk.
Here’s more info from the Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund website:
The Three Tree Point Fireworks celebration is supported entirely by donations from the communities of Three Tree Point, Seahurst, Normandy Park, Seola Beach, Arroyo Beach, Arbor Heights and others. Our barge based, high-altitude fireworks show has gotten better every year thanks to countless people who have donated time and money. In 2014, our goal is to keep the fireworks and community celebrations at the same great level that they have been at. This will be the fifth year we are seeking corporate sponsors for our event. We raise funds from May–June to ensure we have time to get all the permits, insurance and the best vendors. Originally started by the Miller family as a gift to The Three Tree Point Community, the fireworks tradition was continued by neighbors when the Millers moved away. In addition to the fireworks, the neighborhood traditions of a community pancake breakfast, kids games, flag raising with awards, bike parade and more have been ushering in summer at our great community. What a great place to live!
Here are other links:
VIDEO: Here are several videos shot over the years of this wonderful neighborhood tradition:



Here are some photos by Michael Brunk from last year’s fireworks display (click images to see larger versions/slideshow): ]]>

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  1. I wonder how the talk with the city goes about this
    Rich people : we want to light off a bunch of fireworks on forth of July
    City:sorry but you voted for fireworks to be illegal in the city limits of burien
    Rich people : oh we just meant the other people of burien can’t light off fireworks not us we have money
    City: what ! no no no get out of here
    Rich people: we have a lot of money and own half the city council
    City: ahh dammit would you like a off duty police person to be at your event

    1. Off duty cops?????
      Looks like a couple of ‘marked’ King county mounty cars parked behind the guardrail
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