From city-subsidized jet packs to 3-D telepathic beaming of The B-Town Blog into everyone’s brains to dispensing free “art candy” in the shape of city councilmembers’ heads on every street corner, everyone seems to have a “vision” for the future of Burien.

Now, the City of Burien Business and Economic Development Partnership (BEDP) is actually inviting residents and businesses to submit their vision of Burien’s business community in 20 years. Ideas will be considered by the BEDP, the Burien Planning Commission and Burien City Council in updating the Economic Development portion of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

Here are the details, straight from the city’s mouth:

In Burien’s short 15-year existence, the city has a lot of economic-related successes to be proud of. To name a few:

  • Highline Medical Center continues to grow, bringing jobs and quality medical services to not only Burien but our region. This expansion as well as many new and existing medical and related services in Burien has led to the idea of a “wellness cluster.”
  • Our Town Square development will open in 2009. New residents, businesses, a public park and a new City Hall and Regional Library will enliven downtown Burien and make it a destination.
  • Remodeling of SW 152nd, 4th Avenue SW and 1st Avenue South into more appealing and functional arterials, complete with improved and safer sidewalks, will encourage more shoppers to spend their dollars in Burien.

But where is the city going over the next 20 years? This is the question you can address in crafting an economic vision story. To get you started, the following are some areas we’ve been considering:

  • How can Burien capitalize on its proximity to Sea-Tac International Airport?
  • What is the best opportunity for use of the NE Redevelopment Area (under the third runway flight path)?
  • How can we build on the wellness cluster idea?
  • How can we encourage more business diversity—not only nationalities but types of businesses?
  • What is the appropriate future for the Ambaum Blvd Corridor?
  • How can Burien better integrate arts and education into the business mix?
  • How can we capitalize on new and emerging challenges such as sustainability, climate change and alternative energy?
  • How can our auto dealers continue their success?
  • How can economic growth and Burien “small town” attributes co-exist?

What we’re looking for are some ideas, a statement or a story that communicate your thoughts on Burien’s economic future. We’ll share the general content we receive without attribution. In addition, the BEDP will consider your thoughts and ideas and write a draft economic vision looking out 15-20 years from now. Once the draft is prepared, the City will initiate a more formal process to gain additional ideas and to solicit public comments on the vision content. Ultimately, the vision will be adopted into the Burien Comprehensive Plan.

Submit your completed vision ideas, statement or story to:

Dick Loman, Economic Development Manager:

Or mail to:

Dick Loman, City of Burien
15811 Ambaum Blvd. SW, Suite C
Burien, WA 98166

Thank you very much for your interest in Burien’s economic future.

For more information, please contact Dick Loman, or 206-248-5528.

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  1. How about the city not being greedy with all their land and provide some area for a fire station. Yes, the fire department does not bring in tax money, but they do protect the taxpayers and the rest of the nice redeveloped city.

  2. a five star university with focus on science, math and the arts… attract some intellect and …cut the fast food and chain restaurants ewwww….

  3. How about a thriving arts community with dance, theater and fine arts. A place that we could all enjoy without a long commute that would also bring in tourist dollars. We could have a shuttle from the airport hotels to our performing arts center and fill up our local restaurants before and after teh shows..

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