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Smarty Pants Garage Restaurant Review By Viand Pundit

If you like the excitement in a motorcycle inspired bar without those rough fearsome real biker types then this fun little place is good to go! I have ridden my bright pink moped here several times to investigate the menu and bar, and discovered that the tiny bathrooms are odor clean with cute pictures in the ladies room; I took a quick peek into the men’s room and it seemed clean too. The overall seating is mostly inside tables and large bar area, along with an outside beer garden. The waitstaff was very friendly and prompt. Restaurant noise was at a minimum even with several TV sets blaring stuff…but conversation was possible. Three times I tried the outside leader board special, not a bad deal, nowadays price wise. My dislikes were focused on the fries…I have asked several times “PLEASE MAKE SURE THE FRIES ARE CRISPY” and I have received kinda of wet, limp and droopy greasy fries. The good news is that after I have sent them back – they can do it right…so be aware of that… From a nice list of beverages, they have a nice selection of local beers. I enjoy only quality lagers and Pilsners. It is with delight to see they carry nice beers on tap. However, twice I have ordered a beer and it has come up flat. Probably due to first pour of the day and a portion of the line has flat beer. I brought this to attention of the bar staff and have had two different experiences. A kind gentleman bartender apologized and refilled the drink, which was great. Another time a gal had the bar and at first she insisted the beer was supposed to be like that. I had to talk her into another pour and I pointed out the difference. I have always felt that the server should have a fairly good idea of the product that is available. Lastly, the regular entrees make a great impression on the menu and most – including the Frito Pie– taste pretty darn good. The burger and chicken sandwich are of good size. The BBQ sauce on the pulled pork was a shade too sweet in my opinion. The actual issue is the cost of the entree to size portion received is a bit small. Probably the effect of inflated worker costs driving up the cost of operations and keeps the riff raff out. I did notice the kitchen cooks were friendly and like to wave and smile. The $2 Taco Thursday is a good reason to go check this place out, located behind the bakery.
Smarty Pants Garage 626 SW 152nd Street Burien, WA 98166 (206) 457-8181

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6 replies on “The Viand Pundit reviews Burien's Smarty Pants Garage”

  1. I like Smarty Pants a lot and think their food is creative and tasty. I’ve introduced several people to the place.

  2. The sandwich menu is great and they are only to happy to split entrees for us seniors with smaller appetites. Thank you Smarty Pants. Tom

  3. Inflated worker costs? How do you know the wages are “inflated?” Don’t you think an honest day’s work deserves an honest wage?

    1. RE: Eric Mathison
      , but since you ask…
      Q: Don’t you think an honest day’s work deserves an honest wage?
      A. No, The current system is designed to keep the worker just poor enough.
      Barter would be better.I feel that the term “Honest wage” is simply double speak misdirection from the real problem
      Q/ Inflated worker costs? How do you know the wages are “inflated?”
      A. Simple Eric, for example, according to a leading source, the average rent for a two bedroom apartment in Seattle is $2,109. That is nearly 80% higher than the national average. In some Seattle neighborhoods, rent is even more expensive than the rates listed above. In order to meet that 80% increase salary’s have been inflated.

  4. Eric,
    You clearly know nothing about running a small business, and the effects of the minimum wage hike. As i have said before, anyone that is interested in facts and actual figures of what it takes to run a small business – come in to Pit Stop and I will show you my books!

    1. RE: Joey Hopps
      The focus of the articles I write are food critic items related to Burien
      I do not think I would have the interest of what it takes to run a small business; however, I have been to Pit Stop and a review has been written, about the food, beverage, service and ambiance, pending future publishing.

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