The following is a regular review column by ‘The Viand Pundit,’ our anonymous restaurant critic:

The Viand Pundit Reviews the Burien Eagles Club By Viand Pundit

The venue and menu here at this quaint members-only club appears to be available right now only during special events. There is a vending machine. The bar’s decor is a battleship gray/green older building with interesting Eagle heritage and other curious memorabilia near the pull tabs and prizes. The bar straddles the front while tables high and low dot the floor space. Good selection of hard alcohol, but the beer taps are limited. There is always a good chance you will find your favorite beer in the slide door cooler. The bar opens into a big hall where one notices the two nice pool tables, one with Indian Head Dimes as spots! Because of the Tuesday Night Queen of Hearts the pot was high, and the place was packed, however; I came to try the food having arrived early to avoid a mashup. The menu read Meatloaf, Vegetable, Scalloped potatoes and a roll. I placed my order and found a spot to sit. Service for beverage was wonderful and prompt. I kept looking for my order and after an hour of waiting I had given up on it. A nice patron at my table realized that my order never came while the kitchen started clean up and mentioned it. I was presented with a very cold plate and at any other restaurant I would have left or at least sent it back from whence it came. However; since you choose to present it, I will review it… The cold meat body met the minimum definition of ground or chopped meat, usually beef, with added seasonings, molded into the shape of a loaf and baked. The seasoning was scant leaving a greasy cold meat to masticate on. There was no thrill or excitement in this loaf slice and I have said life is just to short to eat boring food. Some ketchup or catsup would have helped. (Do you know the difference?) The Scallop Potato was actually mistaken for a hot German potato salad minus the mustard until I read the poster later. The potato side was not bad, nor was it amazing, just rather Pal Mall and may have been better if it had been warm and not the cool clump on the plate. Canned string beans. A pretty Red Cabbage Slaw was included and seemed to be at the correct temperature but a vinegar based dressing was too thin and not impressive. I wanted to change the dressing and add walnuts and serve on a leaf of kale. I did not investigate the roll. There was no dulce de la dente for a finish.Coffee was available at the bar. My final synopsis and scope of review boils down to just this: I found the eight dollar price for that dinner to be in a very reasonable range. I feel that the review would not suffer so much had the dinner been sent out on time. The meat should have increased seasoning as it had not reached the threshold of taste in it. Scallop potato needed increase in seasonings as well as some top crisping for color and taste. Wonderful flavinoids occur in the carmelization and crispy edge darkening when cooking them. Canned string beans, no comment because they were just old in the can tasting. I realize a lot of hard work is going into getting the kitchen just right and I am sure you will have a great menu soon. That was a big job that night with an absolute horde of people and that was impressive. First area to improve is Who is running “the Wheel”? What orders are going out timely and hot? Ultimately, this is a very pleasant and friendly members-only club where Friends Help Friends. Several big screen TVs blare their noise while the high din chatter of people having fun is evident. Would this be my first choice of where to dine? Probably not right now, but I can see like an Eagle that they are headed in the right direction.
The Burien Eagles Club # 3523 920 SW 150th Street Burien, WA 98166

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