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Pancake Chef Restaurant Review By Viand Pundit

Not too far, right over the Burien city line in SeaTac, lies this gem of a breakfast and all around nice restaurant. They claim “Our Slogan Started in 1959 and is still the Same Three Loves: We have a Love of good Food tastefully prepared, A Love for people, and a wish to please them, A Love for quality, cleanliness, and service. We’ll do our best to prove these are genuine.” The good sized parking lot was a little funky for access and local car prowls, with signs posted to advise you to be wary, but the challange is worth it. Inside, clean and bright jazzy maroon upholstery bench seats that in my minds eye were once bright colors of Florida Orange and Banana Pepper Yellow. Odd but comfortable… Maybe the type of place you would expect to see a twisted Thomas Kinkade Tom Waits NightHawks type at the diner scene although it is no doubt that seniors rule this domian. But then, they know a bargain when theu see one…and this one is right on the edge of Burien, They have a new menu from what is online with mildly updated prices (how long did you think they would make the labor intensive German Pancake mit apple Compote for $7.69?). Yes, prices have hit a 1990’s level. Roast Beef Hash with two fried eggs I found to be a very tasty treat for breakfast, and of course you have to have the German Pancake with Apple Compote as it speaks for itself. Yes, it is a large oven baked pancake well worth the extra fifteen minutes cooking time. A bunch of Heart Healthy Options as well, like Cream of Wheat, Oatmeal and Granola Cereal and High Fiber Buttermilk Pancakes are also on the menu. French Toast – three slices of some really thick toast, egg dipped and topped with a tradional cinnamon and powdered sugar is also a good cheap start of the day. There is a short order menu list as well. Coffee Pot on the table is one of my favorite thngs they do here as you won’t have to waste time to flag down a waitperson just for a refill. Hot Tea or a tall cold glass of lactic fluid from the bovine species for Seniors 55 or more recieve the beverage free. Overall the restaurant is Bright and Clean with lIght pleasent music in the background. We were quickly seated during the lunch hour rush. I noticed they have a Blue Plate Special – the term comes from the time when the Plates were blue and had a divider. It was the plate used at lunch time to serve a dinner meal at a lesser cost. Here the blue plate was Pork Chops, Chicken Fried Steak, Honey Roasted Chicken, or Ground Beef Steak. For breakfast we also tried the Buen Sabor (Good Taste) a Latino dish of eggs, potatoes, chorizo, cumin, and sweet warm red chile. I would have to say for breakfast or lunch, this place is a hit. It is not a fast paced food chain, it is a place to savor!
Pancake Chef 15215 Military Rd S. SeaTac, WA 98188

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3 replies on “The Viand Pundit reviews The Pancake Chef”

  1. I believe the owner is a JFK High School grad or parent and employs
    some of that school’s students.
    Also, if you eat five breakfast’s (before 9 am weekdays) you can get
    a free (almost) meal.
    Nice !

  2. Just tried today for breakfast and it was great. German pancake for sis and spinach omelette for moi. Enough coffee to have caffeine high all day. We shall return many times. Thanks for the review.

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