On Saturday, Oct. 28, Highline Public Schools Superintendent Susan Enfield sent the following statement to all staff, regarding the controversial hate mail recently sent out by Respect Washington:

Hello everyone.

I was appalled yesterday to learn about an effort underway in our community that compels me once again to reiterate our steadfast support of ALL our Highline students and families, regardless of where they were born.

A group in Burien is distributing fliers identifying the home addresses of individuals who are allegedly undocumented and accused of crimes. The group behind this effort is affiliated with a national organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center calls the “racist architect of the modern anti-immigrant movement.”

I agree wholeheartedly with King County Sheriff John Urquhart, who called this “irresponsible and dangerous… It puts innocent people at risk for vigilante action and unnecessarily stokes fear in the community.”

We know our students will be impacted by the message behind this flier and its ripple effects in our community. Now more than ever, we must send a clear message to our students that they are safe in our care.

Please be vigilant for signs of students feeling fearful or threatened. Reassure them they are loved and safe at school. If a student acts out or exhibits signs of needing support, please connect them with a counselor. If you need extra support at your school our crisis team stands ready to assist.

As always, you can reach me directly at susan.enfield@highlineschools.org or by cell phone at 206-293-8128. I am not only your superintendent, I am a member of this community who cares deeply about the students we are privileged to serve.

I am asking all of us in Highline Public Schools to honor our students by fighting hatred and bigotry and modeling love and respect for all. This is who we are. #WeAreHighline.

Thank you,

Susan Enfield, Ed.D. | Superintendent | Highline Public Schools
Office: 206-631-3070 | susan.enfield@highlineschools.org

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