Top 10 Reasons to VOTE for Patricia Hudson for Burien City Council Position No. 4:

  1. Leadership – Patricia’s years of professional leadership & management experience are what the city needs to get things done for the people of Burien.
  2. Collaboration – Patricia is a person of action with experience bringing people together to make policies that work. 
  3. Public Safety – Patricia knows that public safety is about more than police. She will increase public safety by supporting programs that address root causes leading people to crimes of poverty & survival. She will champion initiatives that take the pressure off police to be the “one size fits all” answer.
  4. Climate – Patricia appreciates the connection between climate change and all other issues. She commits to considering environmental impacts of decisions made on council.
  5. Affordable Housing – Patricia understands the need for housing availability based on income. She will promote zoning changes & work to strengthen programs that incentivize building.
  6. Emergency Preparedness – Patricia will work to ensure the city has a plan to keep residents safe before, during and after an emergency or natural disaster.
  7. Regional Focus – Patricia will work with regional partners at all levels, finding ways to leverage our resources and bring much needed services to Burien
  8. Infrastructure – Patricia commits to working to provide safe, walkable streets for kids, seniors & people with disabilities. 
  9. Life Experience – Patricia knows the difficulties families face. She is a voice of experience and brings her lived knowledge of what working families need to thrive.
  10. Representation matters. It’s time for Burien to have a Black woman at the table!

This election will decide if we take action, follow the data & work collaboratively to address the issues we face. Burien is growing and we need people at the table who aren’t afraid to make decisions for the good of our residents. 

I ask for your VOTE by November 7th. 

For more information visit 

Your Vote Matters!

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