Every Highline elementary school has excited and talented mathematicians, and one-third of them demonstrated this fact at the 2023 Seahurst Elementary Math Bonanza, held last month. 

In this rebuilding year, 85 students in 3rd-, 4th-, and 5th-grades met in the Seahurst cafeteria to play with math. They hope to get back to full strength next year, with all 18 Highline elementary schools participating!

In the weeks before the contest, many students met with teachers and parent coaches outside of class time to learn topics they hadn’t been exposed to and to familiarize themselves with the test formats. At the event, students competed in a variety of tests in different formats: an individual test in which students attempted to solve thirty problems in thirty minutes, a mental math test in which individuals tried to solve twenty questions in their head in fifteen minutes, and two team tests (Algebra & Probability and Geometry & Potpourri) in which teams of four students attempted to solve twenty topic-specific problems in fifteen minutes.

After the four events, students and their families enjoyed a dinner break while the scoring room wrapped up its work. Soon, the awards ceremony began with the All-That-and-a-Bag-of-Chips award for the highest-scoring student on each team of four, each of whom received a bag of chips! Those winners were:

School NameStudent NameGrade
Beverly ParkElli Thurmon5
Beverly ParkMarkos Biniyam5
Beverly ParkNguyen Nguyen5
Beverly ParkNora Hill5
Beverly ParkSage Crilly3
HilltopSophalla Nem5
HilltopVicente Gamez4
MarvistaBetselot Sisay3
MarvistaEmmett Ellenberger4
MarvistaFinn Spillers3
MarvistaHenry Kirkland4
MarvistaJames Love3
MarvistaMaxton Snyder4
MarvistaSadie Ballast4
Mount ViewJosiah Whitely 4
Mount ViewMax Koontz3
Mount ViewMirah Reguilon3
North HillAngel LomeliGarcia5
North HillMauricio Suerez5
North HillNoah Talmadge4
North HillSalsabil Choudhary5
North HillVincent Chung4
SeahurstMia Le5
SeahurstZeidrick Morales5
ShorewoodAtticus Longieliere5
ShorewoodTaaknuw Kieu5

The next award level was the “Sweet Solvers”, the highest-scoring student in each grade at each school, each of which received a candy bar!  Those winners were:

School NameStudent NameGrade
Beverly ParkSage Crilly3
Beverly ParkMichael Tsegay4
Beverly ParkNora Hill5
HilltopVicente Gamez4
HilltopSophalla Nem5
MarvistaJames Love3
MarvistaHenry Kirkland4
Mount ViewMax Koontz3
Mount ViewMirah Reguilon3
Mount ViewJosiah Whitely 4
North HillNoah Talmadge4
North HillMauricio Suerez5
SeahurstZeidrick Morales5
ShorewoodTaaknuw Kieu5

The third award level is the ten top-scoring individuals in each grade across the district.  They were:

GradePlaceInd TotalSchool NameStudent Name
31011MarvistaHarper Sandlin
3913Mount ViewAlex Mejia
3814Mount ViewMirah Reguilon
3714Mount ViewMax Koontz
3614MarvistaVeronica Lee
3514MarvistaBemnet Shewandagne
3415Beverly ParkSage Crilly
3317MarvistaBetselot Sisay
3222MarvistaFinn Spillers
3126MarvistaJames Love
41017North HillNoah Talmadge
4917MarvistaSadie Ballast
4818Mount ViewMateo Penor Shaffer
4719Mount ViewHazel Lommen
4620MarvistaEmmett Ellenberger
4520MarvistaAaron Levy
4421MarvistaMaxton Snyder
4322MarvistaHenry Kirkland
4223Mount ViewNam Nguyen
4126Mount ViewJosiah Whitely 
51022Beverly ParkNora Hill
5922HilltopBereket Tareke
5822ShorewoodBeckett Hansmire
5722HilltopSophalla Nem
5624SeahurstZeidrick Morales
5526ShorewoodEli Moor
5427ShorewoodBo Bjordahl
5328ShorewoodAtticus Longieliere
5229North HillMauricio Suerez
5130ShorewoodTaaknuw Kieu

The final award level was the highest-scoring teams in each grade across the district.  They were:

GradePlaceTotal ScoreSchool NameNameGrNameGrNameGrNameGr
3423MarvistaHarper Sandlin3Veronica Lee3Hermon Yones3Betselot Sisay3
3325.66666667MarvistaBemnet Shewandagne3Finn Spillers3Pierce Hecker3  
3226.5Mount ViewMirah Reguilon3Alex Mejia3Max Koontz3Lucas Mejia3
3145.66666667MarvistaJames Love3Andrew Apthorp3Catalina Ruiz3  
4523.5North HillMcKenzie Schlaud4Christian Anderson4Vincent Chung4Auna Eggehorn4
4426.5MarvistaJack(son) Mowrey4Emmett Ellenberger4    
4327.33333333MarvistaIsaac Yohannes4Maxton Snyder4Muhammed Jemal4  
4237.66666667MarvistaKaiden Martinelli4Henry Kirkland4Aaron Levy4  
4156.75Mount ViewNam Nguyen4Josiah Whitely 4Hazel Lommen4Mateo Penor Shaffer4
5544.33333333Beverly ParkPlatinum Yok5Ivy Nguyen5Nora Hill5  
5446North HillKenzie Aker5David Michael5Desmond Neal5Salsabil Choudhary5
5375.25North HillMarshall Fields5Mauricio Suerez5Sully Canny5Sienna Whisman5
5279.75ShorewoodBo Bjordahl5Beckett Hansmire5Atticus Longieliere5Eli Moor5
5181ShorewoodTaaknuw Kieu5Isaac5   
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