The 2016 Burien Film Festival has already received 13 filmmaker entrants for this year’s event, which will take place during the Burien UFO Festival on Friday, April 1.

Organizers will be on hand with more information TONIGHT – Tuesday, March 1, 2016 – at the Burien Film Office Happy Hour, which runs from 5:30–7 p.m. at the Tin Theater in Olde Burien.
Movie creators wishing to enter the contest must include – in any way they see fit – the following in their films:

  • One Burien Neighborhood – to be assigned when entering the contest
  • A story or message about, or a feature of, your assigned neighborhood 
  • A love interest
  • Highlight at least one small business preferably in the neighborhood you are assigned. If your neighborhood is residential, then pick a nearby Burien business.
  • The artist-created symbol for the neighborhood assigned.

Upon registration, each filmmaker will be assigned their neighborhood. The map – which includes newly-created crests for each – is below (EDITOR’S NOTE: this map was updated on Mar. 2, 2016 to reflect the correct neighborhood name “Evansvale,” with a tip of the hat to TcB):
Feb 19 2016 Neighborhood Map
crests of burien-2

NOTE: The map crests were designed by local Artist Sam Sneke.

Neighborhoods already assigned include:

  1. Seahurst
  2. Three Tree Point
  3. Manhattan
  4. Shorewood
  5. Boulevard Park
  6. Downtown
  7. Maplewild
  8. Sunnydale
  9. Lake Burien


  • First Place - $1500
  • Second Place - $1000
  • Third Place - $750

Each film should have a trailer completed by March 8 to show before films at the Tin Room Theater in the weeks leading up to the festival.
BFF WILL ACCEPT HIGHEST-RES ENTRIES VIA YOUTUBE BY THE DEADLINE – MIDNIGHT, MARCH 25, 2016.Please send URL & password (if you prefer to keep the link private) to Shelli Park at
Email Shelli Park to receive your 2016 registration form.
For more information, visit, and be sure to “Like” BFF on Facebook here.

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13 replies on “UPDATE: Burien Film Festival news; plus, check out the new neighborhood crests”

  1. Except for incorrect information from Google and Real Estate developers “Evansville” is really “Evansvale”
    Historical records including photos found on Google and our own city gov website point to the real name of the neighborhood.
    Please don’t continue the mistakes.

  2. This message is to TcB. Thank you for pointing out that Evansville is really Evansvale. I certainly was not aware of this fact. We have a word document with a title for each neighborhood along with some text explain the history. Of course this is an incomplete document. Many neighborhoods have yet to be explained with regards to how the were named.
    Thanks again and we will update our main document. Any additional data you have on Evansvale is much appreciated.
    John L. White

  3. Burien Film Festival has now received 13 film makers for its upcoming film contest. This means 13 Burien neighborhoods will be featured so far. The five remaining “untaken” neighborhoods are: Chelsea Park, Evansvale, Southern Heights, Beverly Park, and Highline. The new cut off date is March 15th.
    If you know any history of these neighborhoods, specially how did each of these neighborhoods get their names then we ask that you post it here so we can pass this on to the movie creators. Go Burien!

    1. In 1948 they agreed that the “natural and strategic location for a playground” lay at 136th SW and Ambaum Blvd, which had been set aside for the express purpose of playground development by the original owner, and deeded to the County for that reason. This site was centrally located for children from the rapidly filling Lake Burien Heights apartments, Evansvale, and Chelsea Park.
      Wow the Heights apartments were called the lake burien Heights apartments in 1948. Also with this Evansvale and Evansville situation has anyone ask the historical society or the city to get the full story on this also see if the city could contact Google to update their information.

  4. Is it Inglesea (as on map) or Inglesia (as on Burien Neighborhood Crests)? Or is consistency required?

  5. UPDATE: Burien Film Festival news; plus, check out the new neighborhood crests
    Question for John White:
    Your “word document with a title for each neighborhood along with some text explain(ing) the history”, when completed, is a very useful tool for the Film Makers. Since TcB, Jimmy and Just Asking, have been so kind as to provide us with these great historical facts, could you post what you have and allow us to ‘add’ more info and if necessary, correct what you have? Kind of free ‘Fact Check’!
    All you would have to do, when our part of the project is finished, is to upload the final draft to yourself and forward the results as a whole or as indiv. neighborhoods to all registered film makers or to the indiv. Film Maker.
    Your thought’s ;>)

  6. Evansvale? Lived in the neighborhood for almost forty years and never heard it called that. Sounds like a realtor’s naming idea from back in the day.

  7. If the Historical Society doesn’t have them, King County Archives has copies of all of the platt maps and documents from the original land companies/developers that originally developed the neighborhoods for sale.
    They are nice folks, make an appointment to checkout their collection.

  8. These Crests are ugly ! Nobody I know has ever said I live in the Evansvale area or Southern Heights area or Inglesea area.

  9. Before cityhood, all precincts in King County were known by names. Evansvale was the area surrounding 136th & 1st. AAA map has it spelled incorrectly.

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