The non-profit Evergreen Pool, which serves the greater Highline area, and which had been threatened with closure (read our previous coverage here), will remain open thanks to a combination of community and government support. During December, the volunteer community group that manages the pool successfully raised over $15,000 from the public, obtained a grant for reducing energy costs from King County Parks, and entered into a contract with the City of Burien to provide services to low-income residents there. “We are so grateful to the community and our leaders who recognize the need for an aquatic facility in White Center and for coming together to help us continue our mission of teaching swimming and promoting fitness in the Highline area,” said Evergreen Community Aquatics Center Board President Bryan Hastings. “In particular we would like to thank King County Executive Dow Constantine and Burien’s newly elected Mayor Lucy Krakowiak for sharing our vision,” said Hastings. In addition there were many private donors, mostly giving less than $100, who helped reach the fundraising goal. More than 3,800 children – and adults – have learned to swim at the Evergreen Pool since it reopened under new management three years ago. The pool is home to several swim teams – Whitewater Aquatics, Highline High School, Evergreen High School and Blue Wave Masters, as well as dozens of community groups. To celebrate the continued operation of the pool, a free family swim pass is being offered with each lesson program sign up. Evergreen Pool is located at 606 SW 116th Street; (206) 588-2297. More information can be found at]]>

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5 replies on “UPDATE: Evergreen Pool, threatened by possible closure, will remain open”

  1. Congratulations to President Hastings and the rest of the board at ECAC. It took a lot of work to get all the different groups to step up and keep Evergreen open. As a Masters swimmer that uses this pool extensively, your hard work is appreciated!!

    1. I would take a guess and say its some one that has master the art skin wrinkling and saying hey look what I can do and oh no I hope that’s a baby Ruth floating over there and not a well you get the idea
      just kidding it someone that swims alot

  2. Hey outoftouch, Masters swimming is a national membership organization promoting swimming for people over the age of 18. Masters swimming supports everyone from beginning swimmers to top level competitors. They sanction local and national competitions in pools and open water. If you are interested in swimming here is the web link for United States Masters: If you really get interested google Blue Wave Aquatics. Blue Wave offers a week free trial period, so come try it out and see what you think. Blue Wave is the team that I belong to and swims at Evergreen Community Aquatic center as well as other local pools.

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