A gorgeous new photo-realistic mural, painted by Seattle Artist Zach Paul, suddenly appeared on the east side of Howard & Marge in Olde Burien Friday. It depicts story elements from “The Maury Island Incident” film.

The film’s plot includes six ‘UFOs’ flying over a boat off Maury Island on June 21, 1947. One disc, in apparent trouble, was reported to rain down slag-like material on a boat, killing a dog and injuring the son. The story will also include the first “Man in Black,” and much more. Filming begins locally in June.

Closeup of the first “Man in Black,” who looks suspiciously similar to Executive Producer John White.

Danny House, owner of The Tin Room Bar/Theater, and also a Producer on the film, reacts to realizing that the “Man in Black” looks a LOT like John White.

Story & Photos by Scott Schaefer

Normandy Park resident Matt Markovich, a Reporter at KOMO-TV, also happens to be a neighbor of John White, Executive Producer of the upcoming film ‘The Maury Island Incident.
(EDITOR’S NOTE: BTB Founder/Publisher Scott Schaefer will be producing/directing the film, and local filmmaker Steve Edmiston will be producing/writing the script).
Markovich recently noticed that White was building something very unusual in his driveway – a ‘crashed UFO’ that will make its inaugural appearance Monday night in Olde Burien for an April Fool’s ‘UFO Crash’ event, which will also include a Flash Mob dance, drink specials at The Tin Room Bar, a costume contest with prizes and much more (it starts at 6:30 p.m. Monday, April 1 – read details here).
So he did what every good, enterprising Reporter would do – he did a great segment on it; check it out below:

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