Story, Photos & Video by Scott Schaefer A Candidate Forum for hopefuls running for Burien City Council was held at the Burien Library on Tuesday night, Oct. 10. All eight candidates were present at the event, which was held in a second floor conference room to a standing room only crowd of 80-85 people. Hosted by the League of Women Voters, along with the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce and Highline Times, the debate was moderated by former Burien Councilmember Rose Clark, with a welcome statement given by Becky Cox. In addition to opening and closing statements, five questions were asked of all eight candidates over a 90-minute period:

  1. In a divided nation, a divided Burien, on a divided council, what is your plan to bring people together and to work with councilmembers who do not agree with you, or share your priorities?
  2. What are your sources for both local and national news?
  3. What are you weaknesses?
  4. What do you think is the most important issue for the city to address, and how should it be addressed?
  5. How would you help at-risk youth to help them be more of a part of the community?
The B-Town Blog broadcast it live over our Facebook page – here’s a raw version of the event, with enhanced audio (running time 1:34):
  • Oct. 17: Voters’ Pamphlets mailed out
  • Oct. 18: Ballots mailed out
  • Oct. 19: Ballot Drop Boxes open (Burien’s is on SW 152nd Street & 5th Place SW)
  • Nov. 7: Deadline to vote in the General Election
To view the previous two 2017 Burien City Council Candidate Forum videos, click here.]]>

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66 replies on “VIDEO: Raw footage of Tuesday night's Candidate Forum at Burien Library”

  1. I admire anyone who has the gumption to run for public office and respect the time and commitment required to do so. I’m sure most of these candidates are nice people who have different ideas about how to achieve what they think is right for Burien. However, one group – Green, Wagner, Jannsen, Manning – seems to be in support of stealing their opponents campaign signs as a strategy to win the election. About 3 weeks ago I noticed that Tosta signs were disappearing all over the neighborhood and surrounding area. We lost 2 from our own private property as did several others. Then last weekend a friend and I posted 20+ signs for Tosta/Olguin/Matta/Marx on Saturday and they were all gone on Sunday while all other candidates’ signs have remained up throughout this whole time. To hear Green and Wagner try to turn that around at this meeting and pretend they are the victims is ludicrous. This does not reflect well on the “law and order” candidates and I would think that they would be publicly advising whoever is doing this to knock it off. We are going to repost our signs and we’ll see how long they stay up this time – documented with before and after photos.
    Burien – you have a choice, as does every other city. Do you want your city to become a microcosm of 45’s racist, misogynistic, homophobic, regressive agenda or do you want Burien to be a welcoming, respectful, progressive place with an eye to the future of our children and grandchildren in the world in which we now live? Please VOTE!

    1. Your fear mongering is such a disruption and distraction from the actual issues and painting with such a broad brush accusing others of dann near cross burning is ignorance and a SJW agenda that has no basis other than to slander.

    2. I strongly urge the voters of Burien to reject the fear mongering, race-baiting and smears by Carol Jacobson. What she is doing is shameful, and uncalled for. Her baseless attacks on four honorable candidates – Joel Manning, Darla Green, Debi Wagner, and Patti Janssen are partly why people are disgusted with politics.
      Carol – based on your logic, it would be easy to conclude that Jimmy, Nancy, Krystal and Pedro put you up to this. I truly hope they did not. Perhaps one of them could chime in here.

      1. Peter you are right that people are disgusted by politics, but I would say that it comes more from the partisan divisive rhetoric than anywhere else.
        Let me unpack your comment a bit:
        Fear-mongering: well if this ain’t the pot calling the kettle black. The entire genesis of the BPBF platform is rooted in fear-mongering!
        Here are some of the things we are supposed to be afraid of in Burien according to BPBF:
        -Crime unchecked
        -illegal immigrants flocking to Burien because of a ” sanctuary city’ proclamation
        -the homeless
        -King county foisting a Safe-Injection-Site on us against our will
        -Kashma Sawant becoming the puppet master of the Burien city council. Oh they love having a boogey man whose name they can invoke at liberty, much as you hear the name Pelosi conflated with progressive candidates in close races like in GA. Invoking her name is a dog whistle to every right leaning Burien voter who is being asked to insert partisanship into an election which is meant to be non-partisan. Here’s the fact: we need moderate, cooperative candidates to break the inaction on this council, not partisanship.
        As far as fear-mongering goes, BPBF are masters of this tactic.
        Your assertion that Tosta-Olguin-Matta-Marx have to put anyone up to calling out the hypocrisy displayed by the supposed “law and order’ crowd committing the crime of stealing election signs is absurd. No one needs to put Carol up to making a comment, anymore than the BPBF candidates need to put you up to defending them. People who care are watching and are fed up enough to start getting involved. I am not suggesting that any of the BPBF candidates have asked anyone to steal signs or condone it. It is an ironic situation though and shameful.
        Do not even get me started on smears! and shamefulness. Tosta has been attacked relentlessly as a rubber stamp for Berkowitz and has been attributed thoughts or actions which are nothing more than assumptions and assertions. Greene has been fairly vicious in her accusations that Tosta wholeheartedly supports safe injections sites, which is a falsehood.
        I’m not voting for Tosta on Berkowitz’ record, I vote on her record and her’s alone.
        Well Peter, you keep on swingin’ I will give you that much.

        1. If this is a non partisan election how come the 34th District Democrats are so involved then along with Pramilla holding the purse strings above the marionettes.

        2. I heart Burien – I get that you’re “on the other team” and that you have to fight the good fight, etc. But baseless charges of racism are pretty serious.
          Anyway, at least I make my points relatively succinctly and am not long-winded. Have you considered getting an editor? lol.

          1. Wow, long-winded. That’s the best you got? next are you gonna call me “Liddle I heart Burien”
            And your takeaway from Carol’s comment was baseless accusations of racism?
            I know it is easier to distill things down to short sound bites when using indignant bombastic attack rhetoric for your commentary.
            Nuanced situations take much more time to explain in a thoughtful and fair way.

      2. By the way Peter, I can think for myself. I don’t need anyone to “put me up to” anything And in the meantime three more of our signs disappeared overnight last night. I wonder if anyone put somebody up to that or if it was just an independent action. Either way its not right and i still don’t see anyone elses signs disappearing.

    3. Peter,
      Nowhere in any post have I ever attacked anyone personally and called them a racist. What I said was in reference to 45’s AGENDA. Nobody can deny after seeing the actions and tweets and other nonsense going on nationally that there is an agenda that includes misogyny, xenophobia, racism, favoritism for the rich and corporations, etc, and if you don’t want to be tainted by that agenda then you don’t align yourself with it. I don’t know any of these candidates personally and I never accused any of them personally of being racist, but some have aligned with the AGENDA and voters need to decide if that is the AGENDA they want for Burien – or not.

  2. Signs disappear every election and most people don’t know they can be fined or jailed for messing with them. LEAVE THE SIGNS BE PEOPLE> YOU ARE STEALING!!!!!!! If your caught its an expensive route to freedom again!!!!!!!

  3. Carol,
    I have posted this on my SM (and over the last 6 months two other notices about signs) Also, the good people running along side me would never, have never condoned stealing signs.
    It is interesting that I can’t seem to keep a sign up on 10th and 152nd – 7 down…..Now am I going to focus on my opponents supporters taking my signs? Nope. I am focusing on Burien’s safety and prosperity.
    From my FB:
    They are being stolen, “lost” and taken……
    I do not condone this behavior on anyone’s behalf. Any candidate or persons responsible for taking property simply is childish and not helpful, so please stop.
    In 2015, 133 of my signs were stolen, taken, “lost” – this year i’m down about 75 – that is about $1040….
    But let’s be real here for a minute –
    It is time to talk real issues about the direction of Burien, not petty, faux outrage about signs.
    *Yep, you read that right – FAUX OUTRAGE. Can we talk about issues that will make a difference for Burien?
    Crime Reduction
    Police Support
    Business Support
    Chronic Vagrancy
    Responsible Stewardship (of our tax dollars)
    Yes, that’s right folks, it’s time to get back to the business of Burien.
    Your VOTE matters.
    Vote GREEN

    1. I so appreciate each and every person who came out to last night’s forum, and for those who took the time to watch it online. Thank you for being so engaged!
      I want to encourage everyone to vote, and truly hope I get the opportunity to work for you.

  4. I’ve been so impressed with Pedro, Jimmy, Nancy, and Krystal. These candidates have a vision for the future, and are focused on building community and celebrating diversity.

    1. Meg, you have a selective perspective. I went there with my African American friend, who is an Ivy grad, extremely smart and well versed in many social issues. She said Pedro has absolutely no substance, Jimmy is a really nice fellow with some good ideas, Nancy is talking about things she could at least have shown of it during the last four years (she has absolutely accomplished nothing) and Krystal talks smooth, but doesn’t seem to have a clue on many issues that are so obvious in Burien.
      Vision is indeed mostly perception.

      1. Thanks for your input, Seahurst Resident.
        I think it’s great that your friend walked away with a completely different impression than I did. We each bring our own experiences and viewpoints to the table. But since you think I have a “selective perspective” I checked in with my Jewish husband, also an Ivy grad, who attended with me.
        He felt that Joel was inoffensive at best, and light on details, Debi admitted to not doing her homework as a councilmember and seemed generally unprepared, Patty was aloof and unaware of the difference between perception and reality, and Darla was hyperbolic and fearmongering. Together, they displayed a general lack of competence, empathy or vision.
        In contrast, he says that Pedro, Jimmy, Nancy and Krystal were professional, empathetic, and displayed a willingness to listen to everyone and make the business of the city more applicable to people who don’t live within a mile of the lake.
        Again, different people look for different qualities in their representatives, and that’s fantastic. Pedro, Jimmy, Nancy, and Krystal are the candidates I’m choosing to support.

        1. Indeed. The most objective and intelligent observation on this thread. No axes to grind, no confirmation bias, no boogeymen around every corner. Just a fair hearing and conclusion.
          Competency counts more than ever today.
          If only we had more voters who did not let their fears and trust issues hold them back, this election would not even be close. And we would not have the degree of sign stealing by those same parties that I too have noticed.

      2. Golly Seahurst Resident,
        I wonder why you found it important to point out that your friend was African American before you launched into repeating their opinion of the candidates? If this person actually exists, I find it interesting that you felt the need to pre-emptively legitimize their opinion against accusations of racism by pointing out that they are a person of color themselves. Their ethnicity does not prevent them from being wrong in their assessment, any more than it makes them right.
        So many of your comments seem deeply obsessed with race, ethnicity and xenophobia and yes, I have read the numerous times that you say you are an immigrant, that does not inoculate your comments from displaying retrograde ideas that ultimately support racial profiling and anti immigrant sentiments.I guess I should not be surprised since you have aligned yourself with a slate of candidates who have chosen to inject conservative partisanship into a non-partisan election.
        We have enough of that on the national level, so I prefer candidates who are talking about inclusion and a positive future for Burien.

    2. I’m not impressed with four candidates who openly admit to excepting contributions from both Political and Union organizations, what do think that money is influencing when it come to their stances? Will they all be beholden to advancing those causes instead of running a City, you bet they will. I also don’t feel like electing candidates who speak only of Social Justice and the plight of others, what about the economy, crime have watched our town slowly decline because of not enough focus on what

      1. I am not impressed with four candidates who aligned themselves with a known out of town anti-immigrant activist ( Craig Keller) funded in part by a white nationalist PAC from Michigan.
        These candidates have displayed extremely poor judgement in inserting partisan politics into a non-partisan election. Not to mention their poor judgement in aligning themselves with Keller and his ilk. We do not need this in Burien. It is not who we are.
        I would rather have a voice for working families and inclusion on the council than a voice for exclusionary fear-mongering division.
        I have lived in Burien a long time and can calmly state that it is not in decline, but exactly the opposite.

        1. Well, I heart Burien, please don’t question my integrity. But I can give you more insight. First of all I know well 3 of the 4 candidates (incl Green) you are branding racist etc. They are no racist, not by any chance of imagination. It is common for liberals to call anyone who they disagree with racist, but it doesn’t apply to these people.
          As a foreigner I have seen bits of xenophobia towards me and surprisingly it almost exclusively comes from liberals. Even the incumbent (yes, your candidate) made an annoying xenophobic remark to me at a committee meeting that not only shocked me, but also some people around me. I wondered why in my world predominantly liberals are xenophobes, but figured if you claim the high moral standard by default you have nothing left to measure yourself against. Let that sink in.

          1. Dear Seahurst Resident
            Please re-read my comments. Nowhere have I said that I believe the BPBF candidates indeed are racists. That would be a very unfair assessment to lay on anyone else. I have commented on their actions.
            I have stated that they have aligned themselves with ideas and groups who/which ultimately support racial profiling and xenophobia. Respect Washington is such a group and that is undeniable.
            Your quote:
            “It is common for liberals to call anyone who they disagree with racist, but it doesn’t apply to these people.” You do not know me, but you are branding me a liberal. I would say that in conservative circles that label is conveniently used to discredit anyone who they disagree with. Let that sink in.

      2. “I also don’t feel like electing candidates who speak only of Social Justice and the plight of others, what about the economy, crime…” ok, by thinking of others and the needs that exist has a long term effect – it improves our economy because honestly if a person is gainfuly employed they will have income that allows them to spend more. Also, investing in our young people or those that are marginalized will in turn reduce crime. Because the majority of criminals are in desperate situations that is pushing them down a poor pathway. It is shocking to read such a heartless statement.

        1. Those programs and needed recovery systems cost money and without a safe city and robust business climate growth won’t happen to help pay for them.

  5. By signing a petition and I actually don’t know who did, or did not if that’s what your referring to, and therefore knowingly aligning themselves with a individual or cause is speculation. It was after the fact all these supposed links came out and I recall all parties disavowing said cause and person.

    1. Oh Q.A., Seriously?
      You are saying you do not know who signed the petition? That’s a good one…. You comment on these council races and all that surrounds them very frequently. You have displayed yourself as a voracious consumer of information, so forgive my calling B.S. on your proclaimed ignorance of the facts surrounding this controversy. Sorry dude.
      As for a disavowal, I have not seen any outright disavowal of Keller, Respect Washington or the John Tanton PAC from the BPBF candidates. When and where did you see that? (link please)
      To me, an alignment of ideas is much more damning than monetary contributions and it is clear that at some point Keller and the BPBF candidates were on the same page.

      1. Oh, QA. Who signed the petition is 100% *not* speculation. Once the results were tallied, I contacted King County Elections and asked them for a .CSV file of signatures, which I’ve posted on Google for all to view:
        Mayor Krakowiak, CM Wagner, CM Edgar, and Darla Green all signed it. To their credit, neither Joel Manning nor Patty Janssen signed the petition.
        If you don’t believe me, you can request the data for yourself from KC Elections and they’ll provide it to you.

        1. Good for you for digging up that data, I haven’t cared enough to go to any effort to link anybody with a petition. That petition that was determined after the fact to be backed and funded by individuals or groups expressing their opinion and available to the general public to sign. Simple fact here that brings it all home – that petition was just a by product of the whole Sanctuary city ordinance and the fiasco that it is created, the Liberals on the council had no reason to adopt that as the King County Police already had that as a long-established policy it was done for no other reason than political fluff and grandstanding. Have you ever thought of looking at it that anybody anywhere that signed it wanted the City of Burien to get back to the business at hand of running this great city rather than involving itself in feel-good politics.

          1. Your thoughts are uncharacteristically scattered, QA. I’m used to fewer run-on sentences and comma splices from you. You don’t quite sound like yourself. Strange, that.
            Contrary to your claim, it was quite clear that Respect Washington was behind the petition (their name was on it) and that they were getting the majority of their funding from U.S. Inc., who, as per the PDC, have been funding Respect Washington for several years to the tune of $35,000 (so far):
            4/27/2009: $5,000
            12/21/2016: $5,000
            7/3/2017: $10,000
            9/12/2017: $15,000
            It only takes a quick googling to find that U.S. Inc. has been identified by both the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League as being a hate group, and further googling could reveal that U.S. Inc’s publishing arm has been known to publish racist drivel, most recently and notably an article this summer suggesting that Latinos are biologically predisposed to drunk driving.
            And, while yes, sure, you could certainly have signed the petition that Respect Washington circulated as a mark of frustration toward the council not doing the job you think it should be doing (without doing any research about Respect Washington or its funding), I would have expected that once it became public knowledge that Keller is mostly funded by literal racists, that everyone would have backed away and disassociated from the man, which clearly has not happened.
            Of course, Keller and Green coordinated their campaigns as early as this spring. In an email to Dick West, Keller notes that Green gave him West’s contact information. Further, in Keller’s own words “[Respect Washington]’s petition’s emphasis on restoration of ‘rule of law’ in Burien … may tend to help elect ‘rule of law’ candidates to council” (Keller’s 5/4/2017 email to Dick West, which Mr. West forwarded to the city council, and is viewable in the August 25 correspondence to council:
            So it’s not at all surprising that the Burien Loud Burien Worst crew (the “rule of law candidates”) aren’t backing away from Keller, since they’ve seen him as an ally in their campaigning, and not just a happy coincidence.
            Feel free, though, to offer further rationalizations for why intelligent, compassionate adults like the Burien Proud Burien First slate aren’t publicly disavowing a group in bed with racists. Believe me, I know: it’s hard to get through the day without two or three juicy rationalizations.

          2. The racist card and guilt by association are commonly used as campaign tactics.
            I remember Craig Keller attempted to use the democratic process for an important decision for Burien, but the attempt was shot down by an activist judge. So, now people who appeal to a democratic process are labeled racist as well? How many more elections will we have if your people get your way?
            The candidates for Burien Proud Burien First care deeply about this city and want to make it a peaceful town that thrives on small business, good education for children and jobs with healthcare for their families. Their approach to achieve this is through economic development, such as creating jobs and public safety. I assume the other four candidates want the best for Burien too, but have a different approach. An approach that hasn’t worked so far and trying it over and over again leads to more crime and doesn’t get the business to Burien to create the jobs. Let’s leave it to the voters and it doesn’t work this time it will sometime in the future, because most people make voting decisions based on their own and their family situation.

          3. If you feel that the current direction Burien is taking is the wrong one and you want a change on the council, then voting in more conservatives surely isn’t the answer. Currently, the conservatives hold a 4-3 majority (Krakowiak, Edgar, Wagner and Armstrong). Is what you’re saying that we need a conservative 6-1 supermajority to make progress? Surely with the majority they could have something to show for it.
            And I’m sorry, but this isn’t a racist “card” or just a game of guilt by association: many of the conservative slate signed on to Keller’s initiative (one even donated money). This is something they *chose* to do, and, were they wise enough to have hired competent campaign consultants, something that they might have been advised NOT to do, since a cursory googling of US Inc. and David Tanton reveals him to be a controversial figure, to say the least.
            Also, the initiative was shot down by a judge because it violated the law. You want to talk about “cards”? How about the “activist judge” card that gets thrown around by conservatives every time a judge doesn’t rule in their favor. If the judge is such an activist, would you care to enlighten me on other decisions she has made that you deem to be activist decisions? Times where she’s “legislated from the bench” (another card you can play if you’d like)? Want to support that opinion with evidence, rather than just spouting conservative talking points? Because I supported what I said with evidence, and so far as I can tell, all you have are insinuation and contradiction.
            Come back when you can present a coherent argument. Maybe your Ivy League educated friend can teach you a thing or two about that (though, to be fair, while I went to an Ivy myself, it wasn’t until I went to a state school for a PhD program that I learned about effective argumentation. I recommend the Toulmin model for understanding how to construct an argument).

          4. More to the point, not everything gets to be voted on. We don’t live in a direct democracy. It would be horribly inefficient if we voted on everything ourselves. This is why we have a representative democracy (a republic, if you will), and we delegate a lot of decisions to be made by elected officials.
            I mean, it’s cute that you’re resorting to the argumentum ad populum fallacy, but it reveals a serious misunderstanding of how government works, which is presumably why you’re so upset with the judge, who ruled in accordance with the RCW.
            And people weren’t calling Keller racist because he wanted to put Ordinance 651 to a vote: people called him racist because he engaged in literal race-baiting (e.g., when he stood up in front of the city council and described a rape allegedly done by a DACA recipient, as though to suggest that all DACA recipients are potential rapists). I’m sorry that your conservative friends got into bed with a guy who employs racist tactics, but that’s not my problem: it’s theirs.

          5. That majority was never a sure thing because Armstrong was a fence sitter, hence why his time serving is soon up. What kept things from getting done can be linked back to the protesters and constant shi-show circus that Bezerkoitz and her minions brought to the meetings. All the while as she sought to advance, or at least disrupt the actual business of running the City. Her personal vendetta and attached marching orders from her political and union backed support group are all the more reason her recent voting endorsement of MTOM is simply enough reason to make sure they all go packing along with her.

  6. Dear Seahurst Resident,
    While your friend’s prestigious education is very much admired, it seems completely irrelevant to your post. You and your friend strike me as pretentions exclusive people, and are not a “typical” representation of the 50k people living in Burien.
    Jimmy is not only a nice guy, he is relatable to many of Burien. Anyone that concludes that Pedro has no substance, simply likes Joel and the only speak English way of life. Joel is a nice guy, and has substance; I can understand why many vote for him. The primaries demonstrated that 2,687 of Burien voters did find substance in Pedro though. Did you, and your extra special educated friend, know that almost 22% of the 50,000 people living in Burien speak Spanish?
    Take a moment to expand your perspective.

    1. Are you saying that the citizens of Burien should only feel comfortable dealing with people of their own color or nationality or sex for that matter, that’s absurd. And last time I checked what about the assimilation into the society you choose to live in rather then the other way around. There may be that many Spanish speakers in Burien but how many of them actually have the legal right to vote in this election but that’s another story.

      1. QA -You missed the point. Jimmy and Pedro are hardworking relatable people. Not Ivy League educated like uppity Seahurst Resident is so proud of. The Spanish speaking is just a bonus for them in that they can communicate with MORE constituents than some others. Whether or not someone can vote, if they live in Burien they are a member of the community. But again, Pedro did have plenty of legal voter support. So what was your point?

        1. That’s quite the simplification if you think by being a certain “hey he’s just like me” you will achieve more votes, that’s somewhat presumptuous, and the other point is if you can’t legally vote what does it matter. Do you think Marx is going to gather more votes from the bisexual community since announcing she is during this election?

      2. Ah-ha! another Q.A. go-to: all the Spanish speakers in Burien are illegals. And, they don’t want to assimilate. HOGWASH.
        It’s an oldie but a goodie.

      3. Are you implying that “Spanish” speakers are undocumented so therefore can’t vote? My household is proudly bilingual and we vote… well not my son he’s not old enough. You know what they say about assumptions…
        please can you step out of your glass bubble and get to know our community better??? You might be surprised what you learn from others… their struggles, needs and concerns…. your mind will be blown!

  7. After attending the two B-Town Blog forums as well as last night’s at the library, I felt oddly reassured. As corny as it may be to say, all eight candidates do seem to care about Burien and want to resolve many of the same problems. The distinction is more about their approaches: The Firsties describe and apparently see the world in fearful, angry terms, so their solutions tend to involve either cracking down (eg, on the homeless) or dismissing others’ suggestions as a waste of time (eg, on homeless shelters).
    What has been most striking, though, is that Ms. Green’s contributions were far less disturbing (though mistaken) than Ms. Wagner’s. Seriously, last night we had an incumbent tell us she’s doesn’t finish the Council packets out of sheer “laziness.” SMDH.

  8. Question Authority (whoever you are – I see you aren’t brave enough to use your name)
    Please explain to me exactly what I said that is “fear mongering” and accusing anyone of “cross burning”. My post was about people stealing signs and about what type of leadership the people of Burien want to see. Maybe you should re-read it and quit projecting your own issues on to others.

    1. Carol, how about your quote “a microcosm of 45’s racist, misogynistic, homophobic, regressive agenda” If that’s not fear mongering and race baiting your clearly mistaken in your view.

      1. If your campaigning is almost solely based on an imaginary ‘crime wave caused by undocumented immigrants and the homeless’, your motives are probably racist and most certainly regressive. It’s not fear mongering, it’s legitimate fear of reactionary policies for what they do to people..

        1. On Lake Burien Minor – tell the woman mugged in broad daylight at gunpoint by three thugs that there is no crime problem in Burien.

          1. I certainly didn’t say there was not a crime problem in Burien. Is your reading comprehension so deficient or are you trying to infer that I have no sympathy for that poor woman who got mugged at gunpoint in broad daylight?
            What I said is there is no evidence of a significant surge in crime like the ‘law and order’ party keeps claiming, which in conjunction with their focusing on the sanctuary initiative smacks of Trump’s own campaign.

    2. Amen! I’m tired of people making false claims, with nothing to back it up! Clearly Carol, you did not speak or write as the individual Question Authority accused you of, or would have others believe. Cowardice, plain and simple. Keep up the good fight, Carol. You represens many!

  9. Peter,
    Same question to you. Please explain exactly what I said that is “fear mongering” and “race baiting”. Another person projection your own beliefs onto someone else?

    1. Thank you for asking, Carol, and for the opportunity to clarify. For example, you asked :
      “Do you want your city to become a microcosm of 45’s RACIST, misogynistic, homophobic, regressive agenda.” (my caps on the word racist).
      statements like the above reduce this election to a battle between good and evil rather than good ideas & policies and bad ones. It is nothing more than blatant fear mongering. There is nothing racist about any of the Burien First candidates – they are fine, decent people who want what is best for Burien.
      Now – you might disagree with them on their policies and ideas – you might want a Safe Injection Site, for example. They do not. Compared to the Pramila Jayapal candidates, the Burien First are probably much more pro-business and pro-growth. The Pramila Candidates, being on the left are more likely to favor more regulation of business. Etc. Etc.
      Now, instead of disagreeing with them, instead of arguing as to why more regulation is better than less, or why a Safe Injection Site is a good idea (as Krystal Marx does, with some conditions), you attack them personally implying that they are racist and homophobic and even misogynistic. You are implying they are evil.
      I am different from you. I can say that I disagree with them very strongly – I think their ideas are wrong for Burien. But I can, for example, say that Jimmy Matta seems to be a nice guy- even if I disagree with his being pro-increasing the min wage (with conditions supposedly to help small businesses). There is no place in our discourse for the kind of hate that unfairly and wrongly accuses people of evil things like racism.
      I think the common sense voters reject fear mongering represented in yours (and others’) posts. On the other hand, you might try not attacking the candidates personally.
      Let me know if this makes sense.

      1. Oh there you go again, Peter…
        Read the quote carefully:
        “Do you want your city to become a microcosm of 45’s racist, misogynistic, homophobic, regressive AGENDA.” (my caps on the word agenda)
        I see Carol attacking ideas, ideologies, and anti immigrant AGENDA which the BPBF have aligned themselves with( by accident-I guess.. to hear them tell it), by aligning themselves with Keller and Respect Washington, but I have yet to hear a vehement disavowal. I don’t see a personal attack or a personal labeling of the candidates as racist.
        To also label Carol as fear-mongering is an Orwellian height of irony, as I pointed out previously. BPBF is all about fear-mongering and you know it!

        1. Oh dear, Orwellian? “racist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, diversity, inclusiveness ” etc., when used by the left are examples of Newspeak. Its the left that is Orwellian. Go back and read 1984.

          1. On Dear Peter:
            I am very familiar with 1984 and the Orwellian irony to which I refer.
            As you may recall, in 1984, labels are often bestowed to groups or institutions which are exactly the opposite of what those groups purpose actually is. It is the author’s strategic use of irony to provoke thought. For example, The Ministry of Truth is the name for The Ministry of Propaganda, The Ministry of Peace is actually the Ministry of War, The Ministry of Love,is largely responsible for the practice and infliction of misery, fear, suffering and torture.
            When you and Q.A. accuse Carol of fear-mongering, it is deeply ironic since the candidates who you support have based much of their platform on FEAR-MONGERING. Since Carol calls for inclusion, unity, celebrating diversity which calls people to reject the fear which divides us into groups of others, it is an irony of Orwellian parallel to call it fear-mongering.
            This is what I refer to, not the theory of “Liberal Newspeak” which you appear to have been reading in a bubble of conservative pseudo-intellectuality. That theory is a clever device to drive more division into society by vilifying certain terms which make some people uncomfortable when confronted with their existence. By mocking these terms and labeling them “politically correct”, it gives cover to people who wish to perpetuate, stereotypes, division and distrust of others. It has been used quite effectively as of late by Trump, Bannon, Limbaugh,… and dare I say Russian trolls.

    2. Peter, I’d like the same answer. I’m tired of people throwing out baseless and unsubstantiated accusations. Get real!

  10. Listen, Please, Burien folks:
    King County Council announced its intent today to put in two safe injection sites in King County: One in Seattle, one in another undetermined County location. Other cities including Federal Way, Bellevue, Renton, Kent, and Auburn have banned them. Where does that leave for the other site? Burien. Read the Seattle times:
    Combine that with the fact that Pramila Jayapal brought in 80 door knockers last weekend, most from outside Burien, to tell YOU who to vote for:
    Look at the video of Jayapal where she asks who is actually from Burien. Very few raise their hands.
    Perhaps all this is connected? If someone knocks on your door or calls you, ask if they live in Burien. Likely not.

    1. “Look at the video of Jayapal where she asks who is actually from Burien. Very few raise their hands”
      Untrue, most of the people shown in the video raise their hands in response to Pramila’s question. The “law and order” faction’s constant description of their opponents as Seattle outsiders smells of xenophobia, which is quite consistent with the rest of their campaign

  11. Let’s do the math about public safety in Burien and how this election can influence it. Just in the past two weeks we had an assault on a police officer where his life was saved by innocent bystanders outside Denny’s, an armed robbery by a roving pack of three hoodrats, drug arrests at the urine scented Library and the usual car, personal property and mail theft. All this talk of community and inclusiveness is a bunch of gobblygook if we don’t get a handle on crime and with that create a safe city for all of us to enjoy. There’s all that talk about leaving a legacy and a safe place for our children to prosper but without Law & Order what will be left is not something I can except. “NO•MTOM” Because hugs don’t last and handcuffs hurt.

  12. A Facebook page is the private domain of who ever registered to own it. It is common practice to ban or delete harassing, demeaning or trolling posts or simply to drop or block the poster from your page. It is really just between the owner of the page and the poster. Nancy Tosta tried to make an issue of this at the forum. It really isn’t one for candidates as they own their page.
    However, there is a big issue for Burien citizens with Nancy Tosta. Ms.Tosta has repeatedly tried and voted to keep citizens’ comments from being posted in the City Council packets. She has constantly voted to keep Correspondence to the Council hidden from citizens to see. That is the kind of blocking of information that is dangerous and doesn’t demonstrate a commitment on her part to open and transparent government.

  13. I was a conservative and must admit I did vote for trump. It was the biggest mistake I ever made and I am paying for it now. Constant drama with the President. Juvenile tweets every day. Today I saw he wants to restrict the free press. The Burien First crowd reminds me of the President and there is no way I can vote for any of them.
    I was a fiscal conservative and liberal on social issues. There is no way I can vote for the Green, Manning ect. crowd. Look at the unhinged loser of the primary Chris Hemp and his wife posting on “take back burien page”. They post some bat sh## crazy stuff.
    I am voting for the Tosta group because I want a sane government with progressive view to make Burien better. This town is great and we can be so much better. Not a fan of the Trump candidates.

    1. Dan O’shea – your conversion from Trump supporter to supporting the so-called “progressive” agenda of Nancy, Pedro, Krystal and Jimmy (Pramila’s marionetts), seems very convenient – and suspect, imo.

  14. The so called Trump candidates were branded that way by a far left leaning news reporter for the stranger who is a friend of socialist leaning Berkowitz who both support Tosta, Marx, Olguin and Matta the socialist leaning candidates. They want to take over Burien for annexation of white center, low barrier shelters, tons of affordable housing, a safe injection site, rent control and legal camping in parks, not to mention the resulting higher taxes to pay for it all or the dubious union political agendas. The law and order moderate democrat candidates Green, Janssen, Wagner and Manning will bring short meetings, respect, dignity, quality and responsible government back to Burien.

    1. Darla “Law and Order”, “Taxes are too high” Green, is a moderate Democrat?
      Joel “teach them English”, ” I am a free market capitalist” Manning is a moderate Democrat?
      I do not think that word means what you think it does…..

  15. Carol, I absolutely agree with your take on the signs issue. It is clear on who’s behalf signs are being stolen. Signs are replaced nearly daily for Tosta, Olguin, Marx and Matta, since they disappear on a regular daily basis, yet their opponents signs remain untouched. It’s no coincidence that the signs not being taken are part of the “Burien First, Burien Proud” slate. These actions are hardly putting Burien first, or anything Burien should be proud of. Anyone who needs to steal the signs of Tosta, Olguin, Marx and Matta, in order to gain votes for their opponents, is clearly an example of what is wrong with our society. Theft should not be rewarded with votes, yet its bound to happen. Studies show people who do not research the candidates often chose a name they remember seeing posted. What a reprehensible way of skewing results. Shame on them.

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