Burien Police/King County Sheriff’s Office reports that three suspects used a gun to rob a woman of her purse in the area of SW 142nd Street and 4th Ave SW (map below) just after 11 a.m. Wednesday morning, Oct. 11.

Police say that the suspects displayed a handgun as they committed their crime and then took off running.

“Often suspects prey on individuals by outnumbering them and scaring them with a weapon before running off in fear of getting chased by witnesses or caught by the police,” Capt. Bryan Howard said.

Several officers were in the area within minutes and found the suspects nearby. One of them ran and was caught after officers used a taser to detain them. He had a loaded gun on him.

“It’s always a satisfying to look at the suspects face while we call the victim’s phone number and the phone begins ringing from the suspect’s pocket!” Howard added.

A backpack was also ditched by the suspects as they fled, likely containing the victim’s purse. A K9 officer and his partner “Frodo” (he must be fan of the Hobbit) responded. A short time later, Frodo found the backpack in some bushes and recovered the rest of the victim’s property.

“We are grateful no one was hurt (suspects included) and thankful for the witness who went to the aid of the victim and used their own cell phone to call 911,” Howard said. “As usual, a caring Burien resident risked their own safety to help another, and their quick actions also aided in our capturing the suspect and his accomplices. Also some great teamwork by our officers!”

“We caught all three suspects near the Hertz lot,” Sgt. Cindi West told The B-Town Blog.

The Hertz lot is located at 14500 1st Avenue South.

Police recovered the gun and the victim’s purse.

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25 replies on “Three gun-toting suspects rob woman of purse in Burien Wednesday morning”

    1. So the last time this got stuck in my head, it stayed there for two weeks before something else dislodged it. So thanks so much. ;))

  1. All the more reason to vote “NO•MTOM” Make Burien safe again because hugs not handcuffs is a failure.

      1. How about I equate crime with, transients, beggers, drug addicts and filth laden illegal campsites. Will that help you understand?

        1. QA, perhaps my sarcasm (which gets me in trouble sometimes) went over your head. Or are you being sarcastic in your response too?

      2. There is always a sudden reduction in crime around election time. Also, financials seem to improve around election time as well.

        How many of the murders have been solved in Burien the past 24 months?

    1. Interesting since we have enough police on patrol that they not only caught all the suspects but also were able to track down the stolen items. Without out a shot being fired.

      But QofA you want more police on patrol at the cost of the tax payers. When study’s show crime is on a decrease in burien.

      Now yes same issue’s burien has had for years is random crime like today. That makes people like your self think this is the city council fault.

      Because 3 morons decided to rob someone 3 morons that have no connection to any city council member. No city council members have the power to control the brains of these morons to keep them from committing such crimes. But you seem to think they do have this magical power. But fail to use it.

      That if people would just listen to you and vote the same way as you these random crimes will stop. The city council will control the thoughts of every person. Keep them from committing any crimes. Right QofA but we will still need more police on patrol. We also need to keep the homeless addicts as they are and not offer a way to become clean and sober. Possibly rebuilding there life and not being a eyesore to the citizens of burien. Right QofA we need let the problem keep growing so people like your self can blame one side or whatever member of the city council you don’t like.

      1. The City Council through legislative action funds the budget that pays for the contract with the King County Sheriff’s Department, therefore they are in charge of making Burien safer.

        1. Yes that is correct. But there are already enough officer’s on the street. That they were able to successfully catch these criminals rather quickly. Crime has been decreasing do to the good work are police officer do.

          So what would more officer’s help with giving tips on preventing simple property thief that no one seems to listen to.
          At more of a cost to the tax payers

    2. Making Burien safer is clearly a worthy goal (depending on the method of course) but making it “safe again” is impossible since the crime rate has been essentially the same for several years despite minor fluctuations, and the longer trend is of decreasing crime rate.

      Stop politicizing crime to promote “law and order” candidates.

  2. Were these losers Burien residents or transients?

    Kids or adults?

    Can we get some more info please.


  3. Some say crime is not getting worse in Burien but if not it is definitely becoming bolder and more dangerous.

    I am so glad the gang was caught.

  4. By looking at the $99 “gangsta” High Point handgun they used I’m going to go out on a limb and guess teenage youth with a criminal background history. Risky career path these knuckleheads are headed down. Robbing a woman at gun point for her purse? Cowards and fools. She might be armed with a real gun that actually works. Idiots.

  5. Good work by the person who came to the victims rescue and the Burien PD!! So glad no one was hurt. Absolutely crazy that this happened where it did at 11AM?!? How can one prepare or defend against such as this?? If nothing else, get the word out that this happened and think twice about walking by yourself or sending your kids out alone.

    1. Chances are someone did send their kids out alone, all three of them. Yo, yo yo, and yo what’s up.

        1. Captain Obvious-
          Just a “little’ racist?
          Please don’t go easy on Q.A. just about every time he comments he displays his character.
          Hispanics or Spanish speakers = illegal aliens
          A group of three robbers = teenage gangsters with implied ethnicity or hip-hop tendencies.
          These are Q.A. standbys.

  6. If that is the actual weapon – Hi-Point is used because it leaves very little in the way of testable ballistics evidence because it is cheaply made. It is a preferred weapon because it is cheap and criminals know to use it.

    Hi-Point is also a weapon that becomes a ‘community’ gun that is traded around amongst criminals and their homeys.

    1. David any stolen firearm becomes a community firearm. If more people would take the time to secured there firearms there would be less on the street.

      99% of registered firearms owners would never pull something as stupid as these what these morons did.

    1. I think that is going to be a given as soon as Berkowitz is gone. She is the only CM who I have seen undermine police.

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