The roads in the region were so iced-over and slick on Friday morning, Dec. 23, 2022, that even @SeattleWXGuy Michael Snyder was a victim – after parking his Tesla, it slid on its own and smacked into a Normandy Park Police cruiser before continuing down a hill.

“Parked the car in front of my house, get out, car starts sliding down the street, slams into a parked police car and continues all the way down the street,” Snyder said in a Tweet. “Worst road conditions I’ve ever seen now, freezing rain still falling. Road closed, can’t even walk 2 feet on the street.”

While we don’t know the extent of damage Snyder’s Tesla received (or the NP police cruiser), here’s raw footage of the slide:

“Roads throughout the City are extremely treacherous because of ice,” the City of Normandy Park said. “Several roads have been closed. Public Works has been working diligently but the only thing likely to help is rising temperatures. Over the next couple days expect increased travel times as ice melts during the day and then refreezes at night.

“If you can stay home please do so.”

Here’s video from a livestream Snyder did before the accident, driving around the region:

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