Scene from inside a previous haunted house at Moss Chiropractic.

Volunteers are needed to help continue a local Halloween tradition – the Haunted House held during the annual ‘Boo in Burien’ is in danger of not continuing.
With Halloween just over two months away, some locals are trying to rally to save this annual scarefest, and move the event to the corner of SW 152nd and Ambaum Blvd. SW.
Here’s more from an email we received from Jerrod Sessler of Hot Feet Fitness:

A recent transition in the community has put the annual ‘Boo in Burien’ Haunted House on the chopping block. One of the premier events of the Boo In Burien has been the Moss Chiropractic Haunted House. Moss is now under new ownership, which choose not to continue the frightful festivities.
Not to fear (well, maybe a little), Hot Feet Fitness with their new studio located at the corner of Ambaum & 152nd stepped up to save center piece of the Boo In Burien! The Hot Feet Fitness Haunted House will scare on!
Although Hot Feet Fitness is stoked to host this event, they are rather overwhelmed with the thought of living up to this daunting task of making this premier, southend scare, well, super scary! So, they are asking for horrifyingly scary people to step up to help. They need a main organizer to lead the annual event and many volunteers to help with various aspects of the event including planning, building, scaring, clean-up and organizing.
Hot Feet Fitness is committed to continue the tradition of providing fully free scares at the freakiest annual party in Burien.
Hot Feet Fitness and the 2000+ people that frequent the annual Boo In Burien thank you in advance for continuing to make Burien awesome through your service and support!

To learn more and to volunteer, email: [email protected] or call 206-519-5450.]]>

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2 replies on “Volunteers needed to help move 'Boo in Burien' Haunted House to new location”

  1. Let me see if I get this right.
    Some dulldrom cheap a$$ buys Moss bone cracker clinic and doesnt want to continue the haunted house (as is his or hers right) so the whole boo in Burien is in danger???????
    Hmmmm, lets see what Jumpin` Jimmy has to say about this.
    And thanks to hot feet for stepping up.

    1. Well lets see this is not a city issue it is a personal issue if these new owners of Moss chiropractic don’t want run this that’s fine it’s their choice. Startyourown this is america people can make there own choices in life. This is not a situation where someone is using false information in attempt to get taxpayers to pay for a project to benefit one individual’s waterfront view. Or someone trying to sway people’s political views for their own agenda. I for one am glad that the kids in the area will have somewhere safe to go for a haunted house if there parents decide their the appropriate age to go.
      Startyourown in this article it does not say anywhere that was a cost issue so why the comment that the new owners of Moss chiropractic are being cheap. Also it’s called chiropractic work not bone cracking. It seems as you have a issues with this business. Or are trying to talk trash for no good reason

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