Press PLAY for live streaming video by the Puget Sound Weather Geek! ChrisScragg200We’re proud to introduce our latest innovation – our own hyperlocal weatherperson, the Puget Sound Weather Geek (aka Chris Scragg) – who will be reporting and streaming live LOCAL weather information 24/7 (which you can see/hear for yourself right above) for the South King Media network of local blogs! Chris lives on SW 171st in Burien’s Three Tree Point neighborhood, and will be using weather models from the University of Washington, satellite and radar from NOAA, along with warnings – including 24/7 live audio – from the National Weather Service in Seattle. He is also using a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station and a laptop webcam. Look for much more from the Puget Sound Weather Geek here soon! Here’s more info on his setup from a video: [youtube][/youtube] And here’s the PS Wx Geek’s first forecast for this sunny May 1, 2014:

A Summer Taste from Nature A blast of Summer-like weather is upon us in the Northwest! Temperatures in the upper 70s and the lower 80s were felt across the area. Records were set in Quillayute and Hoquiam where temperatures were 2-4 degrees above the historical records. A strong area of high pressure (as shown on the live stream weather station) over the Western US as well as onshore flow is the cause for the unseasonable temps. However, this is a short-lived tease from nature. Rain is expected to return on Friday and last throughout the weekend due to a strengthening low pressure system.eab8hvmq The weather models are showing it weakening as it approaches us, so a wind or heavy rain event isn’t likely at this point. Temperatures will drop but still remain mild in the 50s for the weekend. Hope you enjoyed my first short weather update! Be sure to email any and all feedback to

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  1. I LOVE this! Will there be a link so I can visit the weather any time I want to??

    1. Yes, soon the Puget Sound Weather Geek will have his own page on the top menu. This page will have the live stream and the latest weather news.
      He’ll also post when the weather conditions call for it!

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