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“Ueba what?” Brien asked. “Uebelacker.” I said. “You-beah-lacker.  Ubelacker.” “What?” He said again. “Beach Body.” I said. “Ohhhhh.  Corey from the 909!” It sank in for Brien. “You got it, Corey from the 909, and he will be tough to beat.”
Had CrossFit walked into The 909 for a seat and a meal, Corey “Beach Body” Uebelacker wouldn’t have known who it was 18 months ago. Now, he is a local favorite and top contender in the upcoming 2014 CrossFit Open; the local competition where the CrossFit games start internationally. You may have seen, or at least heard of CrossFit and the CrossFit Games in the press: “Those crazy guys.” “Those buff girls.” “That meat-eating cult.” While the locals won’t confirm or deny international attitude towards the largest fitness phenomena in the world right now, they will tell us what it means to them: “We get together to sweat, laugh and push each other.” CrossFit Burien’s youngest member is 14.  The most experienced member is 71.  They all get together at various class times throughout the week to run through constantly changing workouts, sometimes in the street. The laymen’s definition of CrossFit may be “our adult jungle gym and recess.” The true definition is literally as follows:
“Any workout that is constantly varied, intense and functional.”
Think running, jumping, lifting and laughing with a clock running.  When you are done, you get a score or a time, if you want one, and everyone of your peers gets a shot at matching your time all day.  The top times, scores and feats get mention on the “leaderboard;” a white board written on only by coaches. Beach Body had been doing conventional gym workouts on his own, or with another top contender Chase Smith (also from the 909) for a decade or so.  Now, his daughter, Corinna, wife, Emily, and several of his coworkers are at CrossFit Burien almost daily.  It took him about a week to fall for CrossFit and since then, few argue that many other members have been more dedicated “He takes it seriously, really seriously and that’s why he gets the results,” member Nick LaSalle said. That’s why we call him Beach Body. You can see him at the first of 5 CrossFit Open official competitions at CrossFit Burien on the evening of Saturday. March 1.  He will compete against 15 or so other local male and female athletes in heats (female workouts include less “weight”).  They call it “Friday Night Lights,” despite the fact the first one is on a Saturday to mark the 2nd anniversary of the gym.  The gym won’t release specifics, but there is a Seattle-scene DJ expected to light up the first event.  Last year, it was standing room only.  All ages, all abilities are welcome, as always (to watch). If Corey looks vacant the next time you see him, he is probably going CrossFit skill movements in his mind.  That’s why he’s a favorite to contend. This story is the first in a series on all athletes who will be competing at the local 2014 CrossFit Open.]]>

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