Photo by Michael Brunk / Photo by Michael Brunk / Photo by Michael Brunk / Photo by Michael Brunk / Story by Jack Mayne Photos & Video by Michael Brunk Whether you are for or against Burien’s so-called “Trespass Ordinances,” it seems it will become the debate that never ends, with both sides becoming more and more entrenched. Once more the Burien City Council spent an hour Monday night (April 6) listening to many of the same messages concerning the so-called trespass ordinances that have been linked by demonstrators to criminalizing the homeless and defended by those who say the whole thing is not about homelessness, but crime. Many hope the City Council will do one of two things soon to end the endless debate. Either repeal the two ordinances or, as former Councilmember Jack Block Jr. said at Monday’s meeting, make it clear there will be no change in the measures for at least the rest of 2015. The side defending Ordinances 606 and 621, and urging their retention, did get some new supporters coming out to make their case to the Burien City Council Monday night (April 6). The mostly same opponents repeated many of the arguments they have made for the past several weeks. Most are not Burien residents – a few are local folk – who have proclaimed that the ordinances criminalize homelessness and empower police to act without having to prove their case. Schoolgirls Scared First on Monday evening the Burien City Council voted unanimously to allow two minutes each of all those wanting to address the Council on matters not on the agenda. The next hour was turned over largely to people for and against the city’s two ordinances regulating conduct in public areas, mostly the King County Library that is in the City Hall building. The first speaker in favor of retaining the ordinances was a 12-year old Burien student who said she uses the library for schoolwork and, “I am scared to use the public bathrooms.” Later in the meeting another teenager – a seventh grader – said, “this ordinance needs to stay in place,” that “the problem with all the loitering and drug use around the library is people being scared to go to the library. I am not just worried about my safety, I am worried for everyone else too.” She wondered if people can’t read the signs that say no loitering. “It makes me mad that they can act like that and not even obey the simple rules.” The girl said she understood that homeless needed somewhere to stay but suggested rather than loitering at the library having “spitting fights and pushing each other down the stairs,” they should be doing things to get their life “back into order.” Taxpayer Rights? Roger Delorm said “homeless rights versus my rights as a taxpaying citizen of the City of Burien,” adding, “Where is my right when I come into this building and not have to step around people lying on the floor or going to the public restroom and having to go around a person half-naked standing at the sink taking a bath? “Where is my right not to be accosted on the sidewalks, parking lots and at the Transit Center?” Delorm noted a remark a while back about the homeless paying taxes on a cheeseburger and asked, “How many cheeseburgers would they have to buy to equal the taxes I pay to this city? So, where are my rights?” Patti Jensen said a lot of “people who vote for you, Councilmembers” want to keep the ordinances “that have nothing to do with homelessness, it has to do with criminal activity.” She glanced toward the audience where derisive shouting was breaking out, prompting Mayor Lucy Krakowiak to admonish the shouters and noted police officers were in the room. ‘Morally Reprehensible’ Former Councilmember Jack Block Jr., who was defeated by Lauren Berkowitz in 2013, said Burien has been listed as having “one of the highest crime rates in the state.” He said the city has had an influx of people with “little or no regard for civil behavior” and because of this, the Council passed the so-called “Trespass” ordinances. “Some individuals have morphed this issue into being an attack on the homeless,” and suggested using “those less fortunate in order to further one’s own personal standing is morally reprehensible.” Block said some in the audience were there to force the repeal of the two measures and “their tactic is one of intimidation to beat you into submission; as we told our children, do not give in to bullies. I urge you tonight to put this issue to rest and return to more important matters of governing our city. I urge you tonight to bring from the floor a motion that the issue resolution of Ordinance 621 will not be revisited for the rest of 2015” when he was told by Krakowiak his two minutes was up. Supporters of retaining the ordinances applauded him. ‘Make Burien Awesome’ Resident Robbie Howell also supported keeping the two ordinances, “at least it is a start to make Burien awesome,” and suggesting people are not bringing their children to the library in City Hall because parents did not want to subject them to “gang fights, teenagers peeing and having sex in the elevator” and other disruptive conduct. Her remarks were accompanied by loud male laughter. “I do hope the Council will make a strong effort to work with the state, county and Burien agencies to help the homeless so those who really want to make a change in their lives will get the help they really need,” Howell said. She said the people who don’t want help, “will no longer continually disrupt the lives of people” who are business owners as people in public places. Linda Plein said she has lived “as a taxpayer” in Burien for 25 years and “this is an ordinance against trespassing, not against the homeless,” at which some shouted and Mayor Krakowiak again warned against “comments and clapping so we can hear each individual speak.” “We want a safe place, we want economic development, the only way to have economic development is to have a safe place,” Plein said. Remember ‘Visioning Plan’ Steve Schmidt, a longtime resident, said he urged the Council to stick with Ordinance 621 and to remember the original “visioning plan” from the time 25 years ago when Burien incorporated as a city. “There’s two main things, cultivate a thriving business community and provide for public safety,” he said. “621 is a reasonable approach by the City Council to satisfy both. I would urge you to stay with 621 as written.” Darla Green, a business owner who has often and forcefully advocated keeping the ordinance, noted the bustle of the Council chambers. “There is a lot of passion in this room tonight. Awesome. It is great to see a community involved in the safety of the very neighborhoods they live in.” She said she has worked with the homeless and disadvantaged youth and is “disgusted that there are individuals manipulating this issue of crime prevention to advance their personal agenda,” adding that she remained supportive “of the five City Council members who voted in favor of making Burien a safer community and recognizing that we have a growing problem with crime, not homelessness, it’s crime.” The city has to address the city’s “social disorder” so it can then address the pressing problems we are facing. She said she was asking Council members “to put aside your personal agendas and start working together on behalf of Burien citizens. Stop revisiting this issue and move forward to a safer Burien.” Won’t be threatened “Those of us who are committed to a safe Burien will not be threatened, coerced or intimidated by outside groups whose sole interest is to create chaos in our neighborhood. We are people who live, work and own businesses in Burien who are committed to having a crime-free community. The voters will take careful note as to who supports public safety in the next election.” She got loud and sustained applause from the audience until Krakowiak asked for quiet to continue the testimony. Steve Parks, of Burien, read from a document he said was written by City Manager Kamuron Gurol, that the motivation for the trespass ordinance was “a helpful tool to help address behavior problems on public property …” and then he was interrupted by audience members who were told to quiet down by Mayor Krakowiak. Parks continued reading, “the trespass mechanism is a milder sanction, versus arrest, than arrest and prosecution” and has been employed by the King County Library, Seattle Public Library, Metro Transit “for many years” to handle behavior problems. “Never does it mention homelessness,” Parks said. “I know there is a homeless problem, let’s work together, let’s fix it but let’s keep 621 intact.” Dawn L. Coffenbury said she was new to Burien and said she did not feel safe at the library and children who come to the library need to feel safe. She said she was surprised that “no one was doing anything about” her request for some action. “I am really surprised that people can come in here that don’t even live here and be able to make a statement when they are not even part of this community. This is about where we live and not someone who lives away, somewhere else.” J.J. Connelly of the Boulevard Park area thanked the Council for Ordinance 621. “I hope you guys continue to support it and you don’t let these people from outside our community change your mind.” [youtube][/youtube] ‘Intolerance’ for behavior Burien resident Mark Manning said he was opposed to Ordinances 606 and 621, because it “appears to attempt to legislatively erode and negate individual rights” under the state Constitution “to which this city is bound” and based on “intolerance for public behavior of some individual who are being couched under the term of disruptive behavior” and cited Constitutional passages about freedom and the Council members are in office to protect individual rights, “not erode them” and his trust in the Council “is now broken.” Cammie Pekonen said she was “embarrassed to be a Burien resident with this ordinance.” Ann Slater, a Burien resident who has spoken against the ordinances before, said she “wholeheartedly urged the Council to repeal” the two ordinances. “Burien does not exist in a bubble. Homelessness is increasing, in part, because over the last seven years, our state and federal government has slashed social services like unemployment benefits, childcare and housing.” She said she is a member of Radical Women, which has seen “the impact of these cuts on women, 40 percent of families headed by single moms live in poverty.” The two Burien ordinances are “punishing these people by making it a crime for someone without a home to sleep in a public space. That is immoral and scandalous in addition to being unconstitutional as the ACLU has said.” Instead of passing “draconian laws” the Council must find ways to provide for services, Slater said. We’ll be back A regular speaker at these events is Will Laudanski of Seattle, and a frequent demonstrator who has spoken against the Burien ordinances before, and he said Monday night that the ordinances “definitely do” target the homeless. He suggested, as he has before, that there are many ordinances and state laws on the books to control misbehavior in public and the Burien ordinance is to “harass the homeless” and “suspend due process.” Several other speakers, most who had appeared before the Burien Council before, said the city statutes should be repealed. Another repeat protestor, Bryce Phillips of Kent, said people cannot go to the shores of Lake Burien unless they “are one of the privileged few” who own property there, and the poor “pay more taxes that the rich” and the libraries and the parks are “the last refuge” for those who don’t own property. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” he added. Jeremy Griffin of Seattle, once again told the Council that opponents to the ordinances would keep coming to protest. “We are human rights activists. We are going to keep coming, and keep coming until you repeal the ordinance. “There is a lot of ill will about why people from outside of this city would take such notice of this law,” Griffin said. “This ordinance allows police, at their discretion, to turn behavior into a crime without the legal burden of proving that crime. Several other repeat protestors, mostly from outside Burien, appeared and repeated their objections. But, at the end of the long hour, Richard Dover of Burien said he was likely to make both sides mad at him. “The group that is against, you boo and you are rude,” he said. “The group that is for it are just as bad. Both sides should show honor to the other side.”]]>

Senior Reporter Jack Mayne passed away in December, 2021. In his honor we have created the Jack Mayne Journalism Scholarship.

40 replies on “Will this be the long, hot summer of Trespass Law battles in Burien?”

  1. This has become an extremely polarizing issue in our community, and part of the problem is there are a lot of underlying issues that are all feeding this. In order to resolve the trespass issue, we need to get to the root of the problem, which appears to have many components- homelessness, mental health problems, crime, drug addiction, to name a few. Often times, the problem has so many “moving parts” that no single agency is equipped to help resolve it.
    We are not the only city faced with these issues, and we are not the only one trying to resolve it. Several cities in Snohomish County, (Arlington, Marysville and Everett) have been actively pursuing solutions to these street level social issues. The city of Everett has formed the Everett Streets Initiative, comprised of professionals, service agencies, and local business owners working together to make the cities safer for residents and also facilitating help for those in need. The police are playing an active role, working with social workers and service agencies to see how they can help the homeless and addicted get off the streets and get their lives back.
    While I believe the Council is trying to move forward on this issue, I think they will be beating their heads against a wall for some time if they continue in the same manner. Why not follow the lead of those who are succeeding at something, instead of trying to recreate the wheel?

    1. That’s nice and all but keep in mind the protesters are outraged and call Everetts initiative criminalizing homeless also. These people do not want a solution.

      1. The city of Olympia has also just banned the sale of large cans of fortified alcohol in its downtown areas. Several,cities, including Everett, are in the process of doing the same. They are also formulating laws that would ban panhandling in certain areas of the city, including major intersections, as well as prohibiting any panhandling at certain times of the day. I understand that the Streets Initiative sounds like a “pie in the sky” solution, but under the initiative, if people matched up with needed services are unwilling to change their behavior, they will be accountable for it.

        1. I also agree with requiring permits for panhandling. Standing on a roadside, holding up a sign is free speech, but once money is exchanged, it becomes a retail business and subject to law.

          1. Panhandling in Washington state, whether you agree with it or not, is a protected free speech action. Medina, in 2000, implemented ordinances banning the practice. The ACLU sued and the courts agreed with the ACLU.
            That doesn’t impact aggressive panhandling which is illegal – but you still have to report it. If enough people report issues cops will act.

          2. Joey you continually take the side of your buddy Berkowitz’s personal agenda who encourages these rabble rousers to disrupt our council meetings.
            This is a pattern for you which started with your gung ho support of Mike Martin and his plan to annex white center and has continued non stop for years.
            Einstein said a definition of Insanity: is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
            You will never be elected to our city council until you start advocating for the residents instead of pontificating for the cause of special interests who could care less about our quality of life here in Burien.

          3. It has nothing to with whose “side” anyone takes. It has to do with what is legal and what’s not. When the ACLU sues Burien and wins, don’t act surprised.

          4. That’s funny, you always talk about the upcoming lawsuit but have failed to notice that the Ordinance has nothing in it that singles out any disadvantaged person or group of people that you so fervently show support for. Boo Hoo, act like a jackass and you deserve the boot from any public place in Burien, and I and many others will help hold the door open.

          5. We all know damn well that when we are talking about the “stinky” ordinance we are not talking about grandma and her perfume; we are talking about homeless people. I know it scares everyone to say it out loud, it might make you look insensitive! I for one have no problem saying it – THE STINK FROM THE HOMELESS PEOPLE AT THE LIBRARY MAKES MY STOMACH TURN! This does not make me insensitive at all, all it means is that my nose works great!
            Criminal behavior is just that, criminal. If someone is shooting up in the bathroom – call the police; having sex in the elevator – call the police; displaying harassing/menacing behavior – call the police! Some of the homeless are trouble making teens, that think it is hip to be on the streets. There are some homeless that are not acting criminally.
            I do not have ANY idea what the solution is for the homeless people sleeping in the library for warmth and shelter, and bathing in the bathroom sinks. One thing I know for sure, if my tax dollars are used to build/provide shelter, food, and a place to take a shower – i better not see them anymore at the library.
            I am pretty sure a lot of people are not going to like what I have to say, but lets quit deluding ourselves, no matter how loud you scream that it is not about the homeless – it is. What we need to remember is that it is ok to have an opinion, it is ok to not want them bathing and sleeping, and showering, at our library. This makes you human.

          6. Hey fellow taxpayer,
            Yep it [your entire statement] does make you insensitive, even though your sense of smell is on point, your sense of compassion is a bit broken. But you seem pretty at peace with that. Que sera, sera.
            As far as “sex in the elevator”… seriously? It’s only two flights up. This can’t be true. Can it? … Gross.
            And about the increasingly irritating commenters that claim their taxes bought them some sort of right to remove freedom of speech from this county… you know, the country from which Burien receives Federal tax money. (Maybe we need some “Free Burien” bumper stickers). We ALL as taxpayers in King County/WA/US provide money for the library system. We ALL provide money for the roads you enjoy in Burien and the utility system that brings warmth to your home or the transit system or emergency services. The choices you [and people of like minded stances to yours], and everyone who keeps repeating that statement “I live in Burien”, “I pay taxes in Burien”, “If you don’t, then get out!” make impact everyone, not just the most in need among us. It sets a poor precedent that will allow other municipalities to follow.
            Frankly if you put a fence or a wall up around the city and created a keep out the undesirables policy, you’d be in serious debt (and a big meany). Then who do you think will be asking for a handout? (Just for your personal attack reference I’ve been a Burien property and sales tax payer for over 30 years)
            At least you’re honest about these initiatives targeting the homeless. Not sure which population beyond those with a fierce workout routine coming that big new fancy gym or maybe a medical condition would be considered “unreasonably” odorus. Also… who else panhandles a majority of the time? Doubt it’s anyone who has a home, but hey I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.
            Guess I better throw out my 2 cents solutions since I see very few of them here or in council meetings:
            – Blast light around the library at night (throw in some soft classical music) your criminal activity will most likely not want to be in the spot light. Make those light energy efficient and see if there are any “green” grants out there to help offset the costs. Don’t want to put any more burden on the local taxpayers. (keep the impact on the condos low or nonexistent)
            – Let the Library enforce their own rules. What happened to the days of the scary librarian that would sush you to death. It’s independently managed, let them manage. The most frequent issues I’ve experienced are loud kids after school with bad manners.
            – If you don’t like giving away money, then don’t. A simple I don’t have cash will suffice. If you want to compromise then make it illegal for safety reasons on sides of the roads where people run into traffic. That’s a real safety issue and would actually show partial compassion.
            – Ask Burien to invest in more human services. The million or two that they have invested went to families in need, and I’m sure they didn’t do as much as they wanted to. Allocated more funds for solving the problem rather than focusing on the symptoms.
            People with mental and addiction illnesses need help. Let’s brainstorm a way to either provide them access to services and locations that can assist them and not make them criminals.
            – Make small care bags and give them to people instead of money. Basic hygiene items are a kind gesture that reminds those that are shunned on a daily basis that they are human too. I can’t image what it would be like for everyone I walk by to act like I’m invisible or be mean. Be Nice!
            – The City, in general, seems to actually care about progress and doing good for all people. It would be well on everyone to keep that in mind.
            – Stop grouping the homeless or those in-need with the actual criminals. They aren’t breaking a law unless you make the laws which make it impossible for them to even exist.
            – None of us have all the answers, but the more we keep making this about who’s right and who gets their way the less change is actually made.

          7. Not a great come back good sir (or madam if you prefer). But I’m glad you enjoy the irony. Was going for a reply with a bit more substance, but a primary school jab will have to suffice.

    2. I don’t understand why there are homeless here in America. The government provides housing, foodstamps, welfare, cellphones and free healthcare, and most of the homeless would also qualify for VA benefits and/or disability (mental illness). Looks like some would even qualify for medicaide and social security.
      If they are mentally ill and don’t know how to take care of themselves, they should have assisted living facilities available to them.
      If they prefer to bivouac, then the government (Fed, State, County) should provide safe, clean, humane camps for them. Anyone found on the street passed out drunk or high should be considered a harm to themselves and hauled off to rehab or if they don’t want rehab, considered a public nuisance and put in jail.
      America is one of the richest nations in the world and in this day and age, we should be civilized enough to not have people living in these conditions.

      1. Jenny,
        Do a little bit of research and your confusion on the state of Homelessness in the US might become more clear. Just wondering does no good.
        Look up the Washington State Low Income Housing Alliance.
        I do agree with generally with your last statement about it being unreasonable that there aren’t better solutions in one of the richest countries in the world.

  2. The City of Burien needs to stay strong in their conviction on this. Nobody is being discriminated against or harassed by the ordinances. Citizens are being protected by it. The public support on this is very strong as you can see by the comments posted on this blog on every article.
    The protesters target and harass people with predatory behavior just because they voice their support of the ordinance. What does that tell you about the protesters? Misguided, looking for a cause, and are part of the problem. Eventually they will move on to another target.

        1. Thanks for sharing your “extensive” knowledge of the constitution and how it applies to this ordinance. By the way I disagree with your interpretation of the constitution .
          As much as you like to legislate from the bench, it in no way applies to this pesky ordinance!

        2. I can’t wait for your next outlandish claim in regards to the Ordinance all while beating your human rights drum. Maybe something along the lines that the homeless of Burien are suffering systematic torture and upcoming genocide. Get a grip, please!

  3. Alot of astro turfers from Seattle I see that Mohawk kaduz the light skinned black kid in the second picture is a professional protestor from Seattle. That nasty old woman next to him another person who travels around to protest
    I can also assure you the people of color and immigrants trying to make a life and business in burden support these ordinances.

    1. I thought there was a “don’t attack people on here rule”. Besides being slightly racist this is just pointlessly rude. I’m all for it staying up however, as it clearly demonstrates the ignorance of this commenters views.
      What makes the woman in the image “nasty”? Because she doesn’t look enough like you? That she isn’t of an age you would deem as appealing? That she isn’t of your opinion? She looks like a person taking part in her right to freedom of speech.
      I also wouldn’t presume to know the racial or cultural origin of anyone including the gentleman that you have singled out.
      If there were more locals or people in general, that would stand up and have a better educated debate instead of a childish fight, then maybe everyone could put the “professional protesters” out of business.

  4. Let’s see if these noise makers will be back on April 25th to assist in cleaning up the trash. At least the individuals who live here do try to keep it nice for everyone even temporary “residents”.

    1. It will be interesting to see if current council member Berkowitz and her good buddy Joey Martinez show up to deal with the consequences of their politics by helping clean up the trash. (how ironic)

  5. It will most likely be a long hot summer with the professional protesters that are comimg in from Seattle or who have recently moved here from Seattle as well as will some of the candidates that have registered with the PDC to run in this next Burien election. Joey Martinez is running again and we would have known sooner but he filled out his filling form C-1 incorrectly.His first filling claimed he was running for election in 2013 instead of 2015 and he claimed to be banking with an non-existent bank. Jeff Upthe grove was a campign consultant to him in 2013. Martinez liked every comment Lauren Berkowitz ever posted on her Facebook and Twitter page and sometimes he was the only one who liked the comments. Also Austin Bell who is a student at the UW in City Planning and is running for Council. Bell has a campaign treasurer who is tightly affiliated with the student union, the 15NOW campaign, the UW Law school and most probably with Berkowitz and Jeff Upthegrove (treasurer for the 15NOW campaign).
    Watch carefully what is happening here. These protests are not really about the homeless or Ordinance 621 but are about who is going to control our next elections. Be careful who you endorse, donate to and vote for in this next election.

    1. I can not agree more. I sincerely hope the people of Burien are paying CLOSE attention to these people. We are in serious trouble here if the socialists take the majority of the council.

        1. Jerry Robison who has done nothing for this city except push for annexation despite the majority of the residents opposing it needs to go,
          He said his main reason for running for council was to leave the legacy of annexing white center.
          Now that is just a pipe dream he has no reason to stay other than siding with Berkowitz and her nutty agenda just to be obstructionist.
          It would be perfect if Jack took over his seat.
          On the other hand Bob Edgar is one of the hardest working council members and his opposition to special interests hi-jacking the councils agenda has drawn the ire of those special interests. A vote for Bob Edgar is a vote against special interests and for the majority of the residents whom he represents.

          1. Laughable. Why did CM Edgar not say a word during the Lake Burien rezone vote? In my opinion he represents the biggest special interests in Burien to date – the Lake Burien Cartel.
            The Lake Burien Cartel has been going after CM Tosta ever since she showed a modicum of independence from their hive mentality. I am surprised CM Armstrong isn’t in their sites either since he didn’t support CM Edgar for deputy mayor, and is probably the 4 member not supporting electronic devices in council rules. He’s safe because he’s needed, for now. CM Armstrong, you will be the next to fall from grace if Jerry’s seat goes to another Lake Burien cartel hive member, you’ve been warned.

          2. Your “warning” has no legs Joey” The reason you have a grudge against a group of Burien residents; some of whom happen to live in the Lake Burien is because they exposed you as a totally unsuitable candidate for city council. 🙁
            I find it interesting that you are the only candidate to come on the blog and spew dislike for other residents. I think anyone with a modicum of political intelligence would understand that is counterproductive and undermines your never ending campaign to get elected to our city council.

  6. I have a word of advise for the majority of these misinformed and coached activists who are under the illusion that human rights only apply to the homeless. I have some news for them .. The residents of Burien have human rights also. One of which is to have safe public access to their library. I think most of these so called activists need to GET A JOB and stop depending on the taxpayers to support them!

    1. I want the right to go to the grocery store and ATM without being harrassed by a panhandler for money.

  7. good old burien.
    Even kids worried for safety. What to do? lets write heated arguments on the B Town Blog
    Or be like Medina and deal with the flippin issue.

  8. Shelly C.-As I seem to recall from the 2013 election, you supported Lauren Berkowitz and Jeff Upthegrove’s smear campaign against Jack Block. You are no supporter of Jack Block and would deep 6 him if he ran again for office. In addition, you were a big fan of Joey Martinez during that 2013 election. Your current sympathies are with the protesters on the issues of Ordinance 621.
    Addtionally, the two professional protesters that were at April 6th meeting were Joshua Farris from SAFE who earns his living running protests and Ann Slater from Radical Women/the
    Freedom Socialist Party who claims protest as her occupation. There are lots more professional protesters from Seattle in that mob too.. Their faces are seen at numerous protests in the area.Look at the media photos. And who invited them to Burien anyway?

  9. Let’s review those video tapes of the Council meetings again. Robison sleeps through portions of every Council meeting and when he isn’t sleeping he plays in the “battle of the lawyers” with Berkowitz against the city attorney. Tosta and Berkowitz spend much of the Council meetings time doing non stop talking which makes the meetings go on forever. Makes a citizen want to turn the TV off just to stop their jabber. Berkowitz is constantly threatening the Council and City with how many protesters she is going to bring in or who she will get to sue the City.
    Right now Edgar and Armstrong look like pretty sensible guys on that Council. Edgar attends meetings regularly and is not always off on some business trip like Tosta. He comes prepared for the meetings and keeps his comments short and to the point. If he decides to run again, he will have my vote. But Martinez will always be the angry man because he lost to Edgar and Armstrong and just can’t get over it. He ran his campaign with Berkowitz in 2013. Go back and look at the photos of the 4th of July Parade on the B-Town blog site in 2013 showing Berkowitz and Martinez together. Right now he is her attack dog on this blog and on her Facebook and Twitter page.
    Expect she will be endorsing him as a candidate in this next election.

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