Left to right: Paul Gould, BAT Trustee; Maggie Larrick, BAT Managing Director; and Eric Dickman, BAT Artistic Director. Photo by Michael Brunk.

YOU can win dinner on BAT – just take a photo of BAT’s “Less is More” ad on area transit, post it on Social media with hashtag #BATRidesTheBus — and you are in the game!

Find “Less is More” ads now on the outside and inside of King County Metro buses, as well as Light Rail.

“We are so excited to participate in this campaign to connect visitors with South King County cultural activities for Spring. Revisit your longtime favorites or discover a new place,” BAT said.

Start exploring at https://sococulture.org/more, @SoCoCulture, @KC4Culture, @4Culture, #lessismore.

BAT’s ad tagline “Less screen time, more play time” promotes BAT’s upcoming show in South King County parks. This summer’s comedy is The Play’s the Thing. And the ad reminds us all to get out and play!

Here’s how to win:

    • Find one of BAT’s ads on the outside or inside of a Metro bus, or inside a Link Light Rail car.
    • Take a picture of the ad.
    • Post the photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with hashtag #BATRidesTheBus or on FaceBook us the tag @BATtheatre
    • On Monday, May 23, 2022, BAT will make a random drawing of three winners from all photos of BAT’s ad we locate with hashtag #BATRidesTheBus or tag @BATtheatre
    • .

BAT will give away a total of three $35 Elliott Bay Brewery & Pub gift certificates:

    • One for a photo of BAT’s ad on the outside of a Metro bus.
    • One for a photo of BAT’s ad on the inside of a Metro bus.
    • One for a photo of BAT’s ad on the inside of a Link light rail car.

Triple your chances to win by posting BAT ad photos from all three public transit settings. (Remember to use hashtag #BATRidesTheBus or on Facebook us tag @BATtheatre so we can find your photo!)

Then, join BAT this July and August in a South King County park for the comedy The Play’s the Thing.

“See you in the park!”

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