Eighteen pianos have been donated so far by generous area residents for the Burien Film Festival, including this circa 1905 Newman Brothers upright “overstrung” grand, which will represent Three Tree Point in an upcoming event: [youtube]https://youtu.be/wsfokYPweN4[/youtube] Film Fest co-founder John White has big plans for these grand old instruments. “These 18 pianos will be located at various Burien small businesses, one to represent each neighborhood,” White said. “Each will get a roof, larger wheels, and will be repaired and tuned.” White adds that donated pianos that cannot be repaired will become “horses” for an upcoming racing contest in the streets of Olde Burien. “Much like what you see in Siena, Italy but instead of trucking in tons of dirt on the streets for a 120-second horse race, we will race by pushing pianos – pushed by teams from each neighborhood.” Each piano will get its own neighborhood crest as well. Here are some videos of the donated pianos getting some TLC from Nathan Jensen, courtesy White: [youtube]https://youtu.be/bUE0DrY_sb8[/youtube] [youtube]https://youtu.be/I25cJC50tyw[/youtube] In addition, the Burien Film Festival contest requires that each movie maker feature one Burien neighborhood; for more info go to www.burienfilmfestval.com.

Lisa Park donated a piano she has had for 23 years without it ever being played.
Amanda Cox “We are having fun and meeting so many very nice people!” White added. For more information, email John White at [email protected].]]>

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8 replies on “18 donated pianos 'gathering steam' for upcoming Burien Film Festival event”

  1. Thanks you Scott for donating your fine piano- Go Three Tree Point!
    If you want to represent your neighborhood get a free t-shirt with your Burien Neighborhood Crest on the front. The shirt will include all the neighborhoods as well so you will represent not only your neighborhood but all of Burien. Wearing the shirt means you will be eligible for games and prizes during the event. If you live in Burien get your free t-shirt by mailing your name, Burien neighborhood you live in, and email address to: [email protected]
    Best Regards,
    Shelli & John, Burien Film Festival

    1. Well that would be great to have a free T-shirt representing my neighborhood but that seems like a little to much personal information to give up for free shirt. Couldn’t you have people pick up one at the discover burien store front. Since personal information such as mailing address and email address can tend to fall in the wrong hands.

      1. No one is asking for a mailing address. Just an email address and what neighborhood you want on your shirt. Come one Jimmy boy, cannot you post one positive thing…..I know you can…..you are batting 1000 on negative posts.

        1. Sorry not trying to be negative I just don’t like releasing personal information without being clear on what it could be used for . With out a mailing address how does someone get there shirt you did not explain this part in your post. I don’t get were you think asking a simple question like this is being negative. If your talking about the thumbs up or down wow 5 people or 5 device of yours click a button not the end of world to me. I don’t post on here to be part of popularity contest. Also I did not add anything to your name I do not see why you have to use childish add on’s to my name ok you are supposed to be a responsible adult right.

        2. Also come to think of it using the term boy like that could be seen as a racial slur. I hope you did not mean in that way but in this day and age unfortunately ahh it does not look well.

          1. Jimmy, I have never met you but I am sure that if we did meet we would have a good laugh. Sorry about using the wrong words and you do have a point on things. I always try to look at the bright side. I clearly stated in my writing that all we need is an email address and a claim to a neighborhood. No one is asking for private info and if you had slowed down enough to read my post you would not have had any justification for saying such things. I am the one person on here that appreciates all feedback including yours. I have my opinions, you have yours- god bless America. I offered to have coffee because key board courage ends when you meet and share drink together. I wish you no ill will. I hope the best for you. Thanks for posting and just let me know when you can share coffee. I can meet you at The Bean.
            John L. White

  2. Hey John!! Thanks for all you are doing to drum up community spirit!! I grew up in Burien and I”m glad to see it getting more community spirit again!! Thanks for all you’re doing!!!

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