[EDITOR’S NOTE: Now in her second year with more great work is our youngest-ever Contributor – 12-year old Isabel Herbruger – Local Girl Scout, 4-H member, and aspiring photojournalist. We encourage residents of all ages to submit stories and photos for posting – for consideration, please email yours to [email protected]!] Photos and Story by Isabel Herbruger, age 12 On Sunday night the Highline Bears played the South Sound Sox. Coach Rich gave each pitcher one inning and it became a contest for the lowest pitch count. Fourteen pitches was the count to beat for most of the game. In the third inning, the Bears ran into trouble and the Sox scored their only runs of the game. We used two pitchers that inning. Near the end of the game, the count dropped to twelve. The tenth pitcher stepped to the mound and became the stuff of legends. Some will tell you he threw only nine pitches, others only say it went so fast they only know it was much less than twelve. The Bears had chances to tie the game, but players are still learning how to improve their individual game. Looking at the wrong thing while running bases had one player stop too soon. If he had of kept going to third he would have been a run batted in on the next hit. Coach Rich is great at helping the players learn to correct those little things. While the Bears were still two runs down, Catcher Parker headed to the plate for his last bat before being replaced in the game. “Hey Coach, I hit this out of the park, I get to stay in the game, deal?” Coach Rich laughed and hesitantly agreed. After Parker got home with the help of the next batter, he told Coach with a smile, “A double should count for something….” The Bears ended up losing 3-4 to the Sox, but there was lots of close calls making it an exciting game to the end. Click images to see larger versions/slideshow: Angels do fly HR will keep me in Pitcher 1 Pitcher 2 Pitcher 3 Pitcher 4 Pitcher 5 Pitcher 6 Pitcher 7 Pitcher 8 Pitcher 9 Pitcher 10 More game photos and stories are available at Highline Bears by Isabel. Thank you for your time and consideration, – Isabel H Aspiring photojournalist]]>