On Tuesday, June 14, Photographer Jerry Gay presented Burien/Normandy Park Fire Department Chief Mike Marrs with 100 copies of his classic Pulitzer Prize winning photograph taken on Three Tree Point in 1974 – 42 years ago:

Photographer Jerry Gay, left, presents his Pulitzer Prize winning photograph to Fire Chief Mike Marrs. Photo by Rick Cosgrave.

Gay’s stunning photo captured four exhausted firefighters slumped against a muddy bank after putting out a house fire near Three Tree Point on a steep slope under very difficult circumstances. The day it was published, the caption read “A Lull in the Battle,” and most readers assumed it was taken in Viet Nam.
All the copies were hand signed by Jerry and the four firefighters in the picture.
Here is a link to a follow up article written in 2002 which appeared in the Seattle P.I.:

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