WARNING: The following post contains a Tweet that includes photos of an “F word” that many might consider “not safe for young kids”:

PHOTOS: Racist, anti-Mexican hate graffiti found on RV in Burien Tuesday 3

Racist, anti-Mexican graffiti was found spray painted on an RV in Burien near 4th Ave South and S. 128th Street (map below) on Tuesday night, Jan. 17.

“Drove home from work and drove by this in my neighborhood and it sickens me to see this hate by my home,” Hugo – who sent out the Tweet below – said.

According to the City of Burien, in 2011, 19.23 percent of the city’s 50,467 population was Latino/Hispanic. The US Census says that number rose to 20.7 percent in 2015.

The City Council voted to make Burien a ‘sanctuary city‘ at their meeting on Jan. 9.

Hugo added:

“Took me a while to calm down so I could share this and it really saddens and even scares me that it’s likely only the beginning of what is coming.

This racist and harassing message was painted on an RV parked on a street a few blocks from where I live here in the City of Burien.

It was just eight (8) days ago that Burien city council barely passed an ordinance making Burien a Sanctuary City but three (3) of the (7) council members voted against it and even requested the term Sanctuary City not be used because they didn’t think it was needed. This hate crime says otherwise.

I hope the Burien Police Department can catch whoever committed this hate crime and the city of Burien comes together to let this Community know we won’t stand for this!”

We are awaiting further details about this incident from the King County Sheriff’s Office/Burien P.D., and we’ll update this post when we receive more information…