The Burien Police Department told The B-Town Blog on Monday (Jan. 23) that it considers the recent anti-Mexican graffiti left on an RV as a ‘Malicious Harassment’ or hate crime.

This charge falls under state law RCW 9a.36.080, which classifies Malicious Harassment as a class C felony that carries a maximum sentence of five years, and/or a fine of $10,000.

No suspects in this case have been identified or found yet, and if you have any information about it you are asked to call the Burien Police’s non-emergency number at (206) 477-2200.

We first reported on this incident on Jan. 17, 2017, with photos and a Tweet showing racist, anti-Mexican graffiti found spray painted on an RV in Burien near 4th Ave S. and S. 128th Street on Tuesday night, Jan. 17:

On Monday, Jan. 23, the Burien Police Department sent us the following new information about the crime:

“…the owner believes it was done due to complaints from neighbors about his motor home being parked where it is,” Capt. Bryan Howard told The B-Town Blog.

Despite the victim’s theory on the reasoning for the vandalism, because racist words were used this is still considered a hate crime.

Hugo – our source for the original photos – sent us this updated pic on Jan. 19 that shows the RV after it was cleaned up (apparently by unknown good samaritans), along with an update:

“I drove by yesterday and someone already tried to clean it and did a decent job.

I knocked on the door and introduced myself to people living in the house facing the RV. Met two Latino guys living there who spoke Spanish primarily just to let them know I was from the neighborhood and what was written was NOT ok. They weren’t sure who did it or cleaned it up and didn’t know who would have done it. Asked if they reported it, and they said no. I didn’t want to be prodding or asking too many questions (assumed maybe the RV owner was the “victim” the 911 operator had said already reported it), just wanted them to know a neighbor was supportive…so I told them that Burien is not like that and to let me know I could help if anything came up in the future.”

Here’s the original Tweet Hugo sent out:

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