WARNING: The following post contains a Tweet that includes photos of an “F word” that many might consider “not safe for young kids”:

Racist, anti-Mexican graffiti was found spray painted on an RV in Burien near 4th Ave South and S. 128th Street (map below) on Tuesday night, Jan. 17.

“Drove home from work and drove by this in my neighborhood and it sickens me to see this hate by my home,” Hugo – who sent out the Tweet below – said.

According to the City of Burien, in 2011, 19.23 percent of the city’s 50,467 population was Latino/Hispanic. The US Census says that number rose to 20.7 percent in 2015.

The City Council voted to make Burien a ‘sanctuary city‘ at their meeting on Jan. 9.

Hugo added:

“Took me a while to calm down so I could share this and it really saddens and even scares me that it’s likely only the beginning of what is coming.

This racist and harassing message was painted on an RV parked on a street a few blocks from where I live here in the City of Burien.

It was just eight (8) days ago that Burien city council barely passed an ordinance making Burien a Sanctuary City but three (3) of the (7) council members voted against it and even requested the term Sanctuary City not be used because they didn’t think it was needed. This hate crime says otherwise.

I hope the Burien Police Department can catch whoever committed this hate crime and the city of Burien comes together to let this Community know we won’t stand for this!”

We are awaiting further details about this incident from the King County Sheriff’s Office/Burien P.D., and we’ll update this post when we receive more information…

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19 replies on “PHOTOS: Racist, anti-Mexican hate graffiti found on RV in Burien Tuesday”

  1. The community has literally reached a saturation point where citizens have reacted, the Council didn’t help any and this crime shows it.

    1. QA, one person’s crime is not the measure of ‘our saturation point’ just as your comments are not the measure of our views. I suppose if it had read ‘blanking old men’ we might have all had a good laugh, including you! But, what was written hurts many people and our community.

  2. Shameful, lets triple fines for graffiti and give a 2/3 of the fine to anyone that photographs them in the act upon conviction.

    1. Great – shall we start with gang graffiti? And who will patrol the streets to catch the gang bangers painting the graffiti ?

  3. And of course with the non help from the BPD….burglaries, vandalism, mail theft, car break-ins, etc. just continue to get ignored. The City of Burien is going to shit and the Council and BPD don’t really care. They are letting the gangs and druggies take over and are not doing anything to fix or solve the problem. The problems will get worse until it starts affecting those who work for the council, who work for the city, and who work for the BPD. Maybe once their stuff gets stolen, vandalized, or god forbid one of them get robbed or killed, we might actually see someone want to do something. Until then, I am sure you will see more of this kind of stupidity and hatred throughout Burien.

  4. Just curious if this is the same RV that camps out throughout Burien w/homeless and/or the motor home I heard Burien PD just busted for a meth lab inside? It looks like the same make as the one that had parked in Trader Joe’s lot on and off for months.

  5. I am assuming this is real (and not a fake hate crime) and therefore reprehensible. One would hope those speaking out against this would not use it to smear as racist, those of us who are against Burien becoming a sanctuary city for valid, non-racist reasons.

    1. Peter- There are no valid non-racist reasons not to become a sanctuary city that I have heard. Linking this crime to those against the sanctuary city ordinance would not have been my first thought, rather, I lay it at the feet of all who voted for Trump, whatever rationalizations they are using now to absolve themselves of choosing a “hater” to lead our nation.
      I agree that this crime is reprehensible. It is also reprehensible how the minority of Americans who voted to place in power an individual who throughout his campaign sowed seeds of divisiveness, racism, and misogyny now seek to dismiss the logical consequence of their endorsement as fake.
      At core, the choice to normalize and legitimize the hatred of the “other”, inspired and endorsed by Mr. Trump, and by association all who voted for him, makes him and his supporters responsible for emboldening “Haters”. We have in this last week seen “Haters” commit crimes such as arson at a mosque in Bellevue, verbal and physical harassment as near as White Center and this example of hate speech in the form of graffiti.
      Your preemptive strike to shield criticism of your stance is quite telling, but I take you at your word and hope that you continue to condemn racism that you see or hear rather than seek to label it “fake”.

    2. Peter,
      With absolutely no evidence, you suggest that this hate crime could be fake and then go on to deny being racist. How interesting. Maybe all hate crimes are fakes and we actually have no racism at all.

      1. Lee Moyer – I try not to jump to conclusions. But if you read my post more carefully you would see that I am assuming the act was real and not a hoax. That said, its worth noting that there have been numerous “hate crimes” exposed as fraudulent the past year so it is good to verify things before falling into hysteria. Those who accuse others who hold opinions that are different from theirs as “racist” every time, are crying wolf. Then when when something truly racist happens people are less likely to believe it, which is not good.

        1. Peter,
          Your first sentence would make no sense at all without the implication that the crime could be a hoax. You certainly didn’t point out that the likelihood of a hoax is very remote.

          1. Not at all – given the large number of hoaxes recently its not a stretch to point out the possibility it might well be a hoax. If I had to bet, I’d say it was real, but nothing wrong with pointing out how many hoaxes are out there.

          2. Peter-
            Large numbers of hoaxes? Are these your “alternative facts”? While I can agree that there may be some rare cases of hoaxes, there has been a well-documented increase in verifiable and REAL hate crimes.
            Black people hating on whites and from whites or blacks + more, hating on hispanics, blacks, muslims and whoever… To immediately question the veracity of these incidents seems to be a current tactic of the right and beyond-the pale alt-right.
            I stand by my comment that all who voted to give power to one who has fomented hate, place themselves in alignment with him and are complicit in creating an atmosphere of hatred, emboldening misguided individuals to perpetrate these types of acts.

  6. FYI, I did some research. This was not the RV involved in the meth lab bust I heard about, and is not the one that has been “urban camping” around Burien in the past. Apparently it was parked at the owner’s house when it was tagged.

  7. Spray prainting on another’s personal property is despicable!

    Calling everyone who is against sanctuary city’s rasist is also despicable.

    I’m pretty sure most Burien residents are against any ethnicity moving to our city illegally.

    We don’t want Caucasian Canadians moving here illegally, just as much as we don’t want Hispanic Mexicans coming here illegally.

    We want a city of law & order.

    Get a green card and we will be the first to welcome you to our city.

    Without law & order we are no longer America.

    1. Yes Deez Nuts “Spray painting on another’s personal property is despicable!” but, it is what was spray painted, that is truly hurtful and despicable. Passing on such ignorant perceptions of people as this, is not the way to go. We are a country of individuals from many nationalities. Each country has had it’s good and bad histories and characters. Are all Irish alike? or Germans, or Columbians, or Americans alike? Of course not. Knowing people ‘as individuals’ is a better rule of thumb.

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