By Marley A. Mutt Ok, I get it. You humans like to make loud noises when you celebrate. You scream and cheer at football games, you whistle and clap your hands at concerts. But, for the love of Pete, do you really have to blow stuff up too? I mean seriously, I am just now starting to feel normal again after over 24 straight hours of boom, boom, boom over NYE. All animals hate fireworks. It sounds like the apocalypse. It doesn’t sound like fun. Fun is whistling, clapping hands, and hearing the words “want a treat?”. Fun is not having to wear the stupid Thundershirt Mom and Dad bought me and having to take Doggie Downers. Fun is not being able to sleep or eat or drink. Fun is not peeing inside because I’m too scared to go outside. I get it. America was founded with a fierce independent spirit. It’s called the “Declaration of Independence” and you like to assert your independence by breaking the law and blowing stuff up. But, one little piece of advice for all you die-hard, party like you stole it, break the law and blow stuff up Americans-It’s not just about you. Sure, a lot of it is about you. But one of the core principles of the United States, is that we are “united”. We care about more than just ourselves, we are stronger together. So, how about next time you think about blowing something up, please think about more than just yourself. Think about the soldier that lives down the street from us that even with his noise canceling head phones on has extreme panic attacks because he can feel the vibrations of the explosions. He doesn’t want to remember how he lost 2 friends in Iraq and how he saw a mother frantic to dig her children out of the rubble after an attack. But, those “Happy New Year” bombs make it a little hard for him to differentiate time and space and it sets him back. I know, because he talks a lot to his dog Maggie. Sometimes its easier for humans to talk to us animals than other people. We know, We’re here for you. But, maybe you people can try a little harder to be there for each other too. Or at least blow less stuff up. America is the land of the free, home of the brave, but maybe we can also be less ruff on our neighbors. Or, you can bet that us dogs might start a noise campaign of our own and organize a 3am bark-off protest for the 4th of July if we don’t see improvement in the consideration department. As my friend Maggie says, “pay back’s a bitch”. She can say that, she’s a female dog. Wishing everyone, 2 legs and 4, a very Happy New Year, hopefully full of greater kindness and consideration for all.]]>