[caption id="attachment_75083" align="alignleft" width="250"]10404897_10152574462428945_3483165557299949554_n Actress Lauren Weedman poses in front of the Burien Eagles sign. Click image to see full version.[/caption] Burien has attracted another film production, as a movie called “Every Beautiful Thing” has been shooting in town, with the first full day (Monday, June 30) shot at the Countryside Cafe at 14901 Ambaum Blvd SW. The movie, written and directed by Sonya Lea — an accomplished writer whose memoir “Wondering Who You Are” will be published this Fall — stars Lauren Weedman (recently nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award for her role on HBO’s “Looking”) and opera singer/actress Dylan Nichole Bandy. The film is being Executive Produced by Warren Etheridge, and it raised $12,228 on Indiegogo. The cast also features beloved Seattle actors Suzy Hunt, Hans Altweis and Tim Gouran, and spotlights the debuts of Beatrice Rose de Bakker and Etheridge’s own daughter, Ava Etheredge. “Every Beautiful Thing” will be shot over four days — from June 30 thru July 3 – in Burien. “This was a pivotal point of shooting as it involves two time periods, the present and flashbacks to 1989 and establishes the forces, the troubles that drive the two lead characters, sisters,” Etheridge told The B-Town Blog about the shoot at the cafe. “Proprietor Shelley Strayer is a treasure and the shoot went off without a hitch, despite being there for the better part of the day and night.” Here’s more from the film’s Indiegogo page:
EVERY BEAUTIFUL THING is a short film starring HBO’s Lauren Weedman and actor-singer Dylan Nichole Bandy, with a score by Trey Gunn, featuring Bob Dylan’s “Not Dark Yet.” Produced by public television’s Warren Etheredge (The High Bar & Reel NW,) and written and directed by award-winning writer Sonya Lea, this independent film is shooting in Seattle this July. The story — Two sisters, Cissy, (Dylan Nichole Bandy) a singer, and Magdalene, (Lauren Weedman) a photographer, have discovered how to forget their troubled past through their art. Until reality intrudes, and makes clear that behind every beautiful thing there’s some kind of pain. The inception — “My friend Warren encouraged me to write a script that was close to my heart. I knew that I wanted women at the center of the story, and then Magdalene came in fully formed, as a visual artist who coped with childhood cruelty through her imaginal skills. Her younger sister, Cissy wants to offer her the chance to come to terms with their past. The two of them are beloved to each other, and in conflict about what’s right.” How Bob Dylan Got Involved — You could say it began when Sonya named her daughter after Bob Dylan in 1986. But that’s only half-true. Sonya and Dylan had been talking about collaborating on a project when Sonya listened to Mr. Dylan’s “Not Dark Yet,” the lyrics a beautiful echo of the theme of loss. One day, she shared her wish to feature the song in her short film with Seattle musician Trey Gunn and he steered her toward the people to make such things happen. Bob Dylan’s people loved the script, and gave their permission. Now Gunn is joining EVERY BEAUTIFUL THING as the film’s composer, and he’s also producing the release of the single, sung by Bandy. Why This Film Needs To Live Now – Every Beautiful Thing is a partnership of women, and those who support women’s stories on the screen. Founded by writer-director Sonya Lea, these are not just films that might pass the Bechdel test (two women who talk to each other on screen about something besides a man.) We make films that go untold in popular culture, about the depth of women’s stories, and the range of their concerns.We know men and women who want to see more female leadership in film. This is their chance to make that a reality, outside a system that limits female director and writer voices. What Is This Magical World You’re Creating? — We’re inspired by films that create fantastic moments within a character’s trying circumstance. From MAGNOLIA to BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD to ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, magical realism can convey the essence of what it is to be powerless with people and events that don’t make sense. Our Director Of Photography Jonathon Houser, uses the story’s themes of flight as escape to make beauty from brutality. With his ethereal cinematography and well-placed visual effects, along with the painterly production design, this is magic that speaks to what it is to live in the mind of the visual artist. Cast & Crew
  • Lauren Weedman – HBO’s HUNG and LOOKING (where she received a Critic’s Choice nomination.) DATE NIGHT. Host of THE MOTH. One-woman show BUST.
  • Dylan Nichole Bandy – Art film THE LOST, and THE JOGGER (short). Performer and multi-disciplinary director, with productions in Berlin, Chicago, and New York.
  • Suzy Hunt – has appeared on Broadway in Execution of Justice, Off- Broadway in Steel Magnolias, and in King Lear at Roundabout Theatre.
  • Tim Gouran – GREENSPOKE, the TV series LEVERAGE
  • Director, Sonya Lea – Memoirs Creation Story & Wondering Who You Are (Tin House,) and numerous scripts for film and television.
  • Executive Producer, Warren Etheredge – FUREVER, HUMOR ME, THE FALLS, Host of THE HIGH BAR and REEL NW.
  • Director Of Photography, Jonathon Houser
  • Composer, Trey Gunn (King Crimson, The Trey Gunn Band) Head of Seattle label 7d, respected music coach, and film & TV composer.
  • Production Design/Wardrobe, Wendy Richardson – A decade of experience in fashion and design, and as a painter, brings insight to this character and her world.
Some other films which have shot in Burien include:
  • The Maury Island Incident,” shot at the Tin Room Bar during the summer of 2013 (and playing as a fundraiser there on Aug. 1).
  • Your Sister’s Sister,” shot also at the Countryside Cafe when it was “Germaine’s Country Kitchen” and Directed by Lynn Shelton.
  • Safety Not Guaranteed,” shot at Highline High School and Grocery Outlet on SW 152nd (NOTE: Colin Trevorrow, the Director of this film, has moved onto a new project – with a slightly higher budget – called “Jurassic World”!).
  • The Off Hours,” Directed by Megan Griffiths.

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