From our sister site The Normandy Park Blog: The Normandy Park Police Department is reporting that around 11 p.m. on Friday night (Nov. 21), Officer Norris and Reserve Officer McBride were dispatched to the Papa John’s at the Normandy Park Towne Center for an armed robbery in progress. Police say that a white male in his early 20s, wearing a black ski mask, black gloves and black clothing, and armed with a handgun, entered the store with a delivery driver who had just opened the locked front door. Once inside the suspect demanded cash. Read the full story here.]]>

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4 replies on “Armed Robber hits Papa John's at Normandy Park Towne Center Fri. night”

    1. Loren please note that in cases like this that Reporters almost always rely on information given to us by Police.
      If there’s information missing, it’s because the Police didn’t want to share it with us or the public, i.e.: the name of a victim, or of a business that was robbed. Oftentimes Police don’t want this information revealed for a variety of reasons (next of kin notification, business owner concerns, etc.).
      We here at the Blogs are always open to freelancers though, so if you think you can do a better job please email your resume/links to me at
      Scott Schaefer

  1. funny this happens just after someone else commented on the blog that Normandy Park doesnt get much crime!
    Most likely the cops got him, after all they werent part of the Burien PD so its highly likely they actually responded.

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