Belebrity by Matt Parker We had to come up with a term for Ashley Fosberg, who will be competing in the 2014 CrossFit Open, in Burien, starting March 1. The criterion for a “Belebrity” are as follows:

  • Must know by name 20% or more of population eating at any restaurant on 152nd at any given time.
  • Must have spouse who has won Burien Brat Trot.
  • Must sit on board/lead one or more benevolent causes 365 days/year.
  • Must have coached/instructed, literally, thousands of hours at the YMCA, Highline Athletic Club and CrossFit Burien.
  • Must be able to compete in any fitness event with anyone of any age at any time.
Yep, that’s Ashley. Right now, 4 other women are signed up to compete with Ashley at the Crossfit Open, and she may be the overall favorite. Why? Her overall ability in all crossfit modalities, in combination with her age, which is 47. “There will be people who can lift more weight, people who can run faster or do more burpees–but Ashley does everything with great form and agility. She lights a fire in those of us who compete along side her–and always keeps it close,” said a fellow competitor. “I’m proud to be 47 years old and a Crossfit Masters Athlete. Just remember how old I am next time you’re trying to beat my time,” Ashley jokes. The Open is comprised of 5 different workouts, yet unknown. They are announced by CrossFit International, weekly for 5 weeks, starting the weekend of March 1st. Local athletes will go head-to-head with each other, and, with the world, in front of judges at CrossFit Burien. Athletes expecting to graduate the Open must film their performances for verification. Their scores are posted and compared collectively by CrossFit each week. In fact, in the 2013 Crossfit Open, Ashley scored in the top 40 athletes in her age group in the Northwest–out of over 300 athletes who completed all workouts. What will the 2014 Open workouts composed of? Who knows. That’s the secret sauce of CrossFit. There could be running, jump roping, pull-ups, situps, rowing, box jumps… or the dreaded BURPEE. “A burpee is the most awesomely miserable exercise we do on an almost daily basis,” says competitor Joe Walker. Drop down, chest touches the floor, pushup, jump up and clap above your head. We suggest avoiding the Rueben-ator burger at The 909 two hours prior this exercise at least. If you don’t, it might end up on Ambaum Blvd. Burpees, it turns out, are a Fosberg favorite. But what’s Ashley’s specialty? “I’ve been told that I move weight fast,” she says. Indeed that is the Fosberg edge–the ability to move heavy weight, fast, with great form. The spouse who won the Brat Trot? Mike Fosberg, of course. Maybe Ashley will have to win the open to make Mike a belebrity. Come find out at CrossFit Burien, Friday and Saturday nights (alternating) all March. This article is 2nd in a series featuring local 2014 CrossFit Open competitors.]]>

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