One man was shot and a suspect was taken into custody around noon in downtown Burien on Saturday, Jan. 7.

Police say that two men were seen in a verbal dispute near SW 152nd Street near 4th Ave SW when one of the men pulled out a firearm and shot the other in the shoulder.

The suspect was apprehended nearby, and the victim went to Harborview Medical Center, and is expected to survive.

Witnesses report hearing shots being fired, and police cordoned off 4th Ave SW for a while.

As we gather more information we’ll update this post…

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31 replies on “Shooting in downtown Burien injures one; suspect arrested”

  1. Strange that the Library isn’t mentioned as one of the landmarks on the corner. I’ll put money on the shooting originating from actions associated with the Library/Den of Thieves, or so called “residents”

    1. Will we get more details? I would like to know more about who these individuals are and the circumstances of the shooting. Of course we are very lucky that no innocent bystander was injured or killed in the shooting. If it is as Q Auth suggests, then something needs to be done to clean up the”axis of sleaze” area around the library, transit center and Safeway. I drive by there often, and can’t help but worry about the future residents of the retirement / assisted living facility that is being built, when they walk around that area.

  2. This is getting ridiculous. There was a shooting near Burien last week ! This is not us! What is happening to our sweet, old fashioned neighborhood?

    1. If we don’t get it together pretty quick, we will go exactly the way of Des Moines a few years ago, with every other house turned in to a rental as long timers fled and then those rental taken over by low life of various description. Expect to see street walkers this summer and cars parked on front yards in most neighborhoods, and lots more crime and violence.

      I do not group all down and outers in the same boat. Anyone who has read my posts knows that I see people as individuals, each with their own battles. None the less, those who are merely homeless will be the least of our concerns when we are having daily violence and crime. There will be little time or money to consider their needs.

      We need a public meeting with not just the Burien Police, but with the King County Gangs Squad as well. We cannot rely on our council for any help with these issues. They have places to go and big decisions about branding and logos tying them up.

      If we can form a citizens group about airport issues, we had better see how this issue of ‘warding off violence NOW’, is what also needs our attention. Get the local realtors involved. They can testify what happens to property and property value when small towns are at the mercy of gang infiltration. Get Merrill Properties on board. If they want to rent all those new units, they have to help nip this violence NOW. Have them demand better lighting and cameras and police for protection of their new renters.

      Let’s look into Federal money to help with this issue.

      1. Good luck getting any Federal money, now that our own city council sold us out as a sanctuary city.

    1. Cameras nothing. There are cameras all over the transit center, and yet crime everywhere. Let’s get a damned police department!

  3. When will we as a city finally be fed up with this violence? We have been happy to let people murder each other at alturas, but now we’re having shootings in the streets of DT Burien in broad daylight on a Saturday. We have drugs and used needles littering our parks and rampant property crime while our city council debates being a sanctuary city and devotes time to airport noise. When will the safety of our citizens become more important than the feelings of those who endanger our children? Sadly, I have a feeling that unless these things happen in Lake Burien or Three Tree Point, nothing will be done.

    1. Putting aside the class warfare, what would we do? If the man was legally carrying, not much you can do; and anyway, the shooter could have been engaged in self-defense (which would still result in being taken into custody).

  4. Until the City Council approves more funding for police nothing else can be done. They can’t be everywhere at all times. And some state funding for mental health facilities would help too. Not to mention gun control.

  5. Time to shut down the park & ride & public library, they are more trouble than they’re worth.

    Most tax payers don’t even use them.

    I drive my own car & read books on my Ipad.

  6. There should be a time limit on how long you can spend in the Library, granted many use their time productively but others use it in total disregard of it’s intent. If the County actually stepped up and enforced the rules there would be no squatting and therefore less D-Bags milling around Burien. It’s become a drug market, flea bag motel and now what, a starting point of a downtown shooting episode putting us all at risk? Hey KC / Burien Council, how about enforcing the laws and quit the pandering of those who break them !

    1. First of all, why don’t people use their actual names or at least first name and last initial on this forum? Question Authority – you are very vocal on this site but I have a hard time considering anything you say if you are going to hide behind a fake name(s).

      Second, I am a Burien resident who uses both the transit center and the library and I feel perfectly safe doing so. These are great resources for our community – ALL of our community – and adds to the services available in Burien that attracts new home buyers/residents and subsequently new businesses to the area. Times have changed people – Burien is a diverse, vibrant city of 50K residents not a small homogenous community from the 50s – let’s embrace the change by welcoming and supporting our neighbors.

      And finally, gun violence is a completely separate issue from immigration. The continued commentary on this blog that attempts to link crime to undocumented people is so misinformed and shows a scary amount of bigotry in our community. That ignorance isn’t representational of the people of Burien I know but is nonetheless a stain on our community. We are better then this! I am proud to stand in support of our community and its reputation and show this by not hiding my identity on a blog, and suggest if you are going to be such a critic and so frequently spew ugliness at least own up to it by using your actual name.

      1. Katie…you are exactly right about the name thing!! Now imagine if I said something else inflammatory

      2. Dearest Katie,
        In regards to your complaint about my “name” on this forum. I would if I could, but I can’t so I won’t. This due to legal matters and status within the community at large.

      3. Hello Katie –

        Rather than obsess over what names people to use to post on this blog, why not just respond to their substance & points? what name they use seems irrelevant to me..

        Regarding your second point – I have not read any comments which say we need to get back to the 1950’s – so that is a straw man you are putting up. Burien has changed in some very good ways – we have a more vibrant downtown now. More people, business activity, choices for eating out and shopping. Burien is a great choice for those who might work in Seattle as the commute is relatively short and easy access to freeways, etc. (still hoping for a light rail spur from the airport to Burien 🙂

        However – some changes have not been good – the recent spate of shootings is alarming, especially considering how easy it would have been for an innocent bystander to have been shot and injured (or killed). The area from the library to transit center to safeway is an “axis of sleaze” which needs to be cleaned up. Safeway is a haven for sleazy petty thieves. People shoot up in the bathrooms at the library (Safeway wisely locks its restrooms). I recall hearing about a group of thugs attacking someone as they walked to their car after leaving a nearby bar on 152nd. I wouldn’t recommend walking in that area of Burien after dark.

        Regarding your comment on immigration and gun violence – does anyone know what gangs were involved in the homicide at Alterra apartments on Ambaum? I believe that most immigrants (legal or illegal) come here to work and basically follow the local laws, but there are some who come here and engage in criminal behavior and participate in gang activity. If some gangs are made up of illegal immigrants should we ignore that issue so we do not look like anti-immigrant bigots? Just like you suggest posters here use their real name, I suggest that you pay a little more respect to those with serious concerns about where Burien is headed, crime-wise, and not be so quick to call them bigots.

  7. I was taking a ballet class at New City Dance Co. when this happened.

    Everyone was upset. I usually walk home from dance class but decided to get a ride from my classmate. I wasn’t afraid though. But took the ride so the others wouldn’t worry. Yes there are so many shootings lately in Burien! It’s getting worse. People think they can solve things with a gun, but it doesn’t work. It’s better to solve things by talking and discussing. I haven’t carried a weapon since 1979 because it was almost used on me back then. You are actually safer without carrying a weapon. You just need to look strong and be aware if you are walking in uncertain territory. Don’t let your guard down to strangers.

    You must have guessed I am an older ballet student. It keeps me in good shape and strong. It’s good for my posture and helps get rid of anxiety. Antidepressants only do so much. More people need to exercise, too.

  8. Crime everywhere. Your city council is worried about making Burien a “sanctuary city.”

    If you’re not angry, you are not paying attention.

  9. Started in the bar across the street. Came out and the 19 year old shot the 24 year old. 19 year old
    in a bar and with a gun?

    1. They use it as a out of the weather den to get loaded/high before heading back into the Library for naps.

  10. It has been reported that four of five suspects arrested in recent Burien-area MS-13 gangland slaying are in the United States illegally, just the latest example of the resurgence of the Latino gang known for recruiting new members from Mexico and other Central American nations.

    And our CLOWNCIL is concerned about us becoming a sanctuary city???


  11. Started in the bar across the street and firearms were involved, but shutting down the transit center and the library will help? And hate to tell you, but taxpayers do ride public transit, and use the library.

  12. PamF2,
    Wondering where you found the report? I haven’t seen details like those you mentioned and I’ve been keeping a close eye on the issue out of curiosity. If accurate, by law (I believe), they will be deported eventually. Unfortunately, not usually permanently and not before a huge amount of tax payer money is spent dealing with their mess.

    I guess I’m at a bit of a loss trying to figure out how the Sanctuary ordinance is going to enhance the reporting of crime undocumented folks are experiencing or know about. Would love to see statistics on that. …. culturally, there seems to be an unwritten rule not to be a “snitch” which I would think would over-ride any ordinance from their perspective .

  13. 2 things…

    we need a local boxing club in Burien, teach these dam punks to put em up, rather than pull a gun n trigger.

    perhaps we should invite motorcycle clubs to come “watch over” Burien…i’m sure it wouldn’t take long to coward out these punks with REAL men.

    just a thought

  14. Get a clue. I have a business in Burien, pay taxes, pick up as much garbage as I can handle on my daily walks. Sanctuary city / branding the city? You have to be kidding me.

    How about addressing the citizens FIRST?

    You get what you allow. It ain’t pretty.

    How many of the major city reps actually walk around the city? You have an open invitatation to join me any time. I tend to go out early 0730. Of course, I don’t expect you to jump in and join me. I’ll still be picking up trash on your behalf.

    I have seen Burien employees walking past discarded items as they go into City Hall. How about just put pickin up ONE piece of trash on your way into work? Oh, that is what I’ll do and save you the effort.

    If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the part of the problem

    Take some positive action…

    Rant over. Be part of the solution.

  15. you have our wonderful police who hang at the library not doing anything but playing on their phones to thank for this.. while young kids who are not supposed to be on the adults computers looking at nasty things or screaming at the top of the lungs or teens saying guess what I have a gun and can blow this place and no one would even know whats happening but its a wonderful library huh … i wonder if they added a donut shoppe would they feel at home lol

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