EDITOR’S NOTE: Video shot from KCSO’s Guardian One chopper was added to this post at 7:21 p.m. on Thursday, June 4: [youtube]https://youtu.be/Yn9kjBe1Rjo[/youtube]

Photo courtesy Erin Everitt-Boynton
If you saw a lot of police activity in North Burien Thursday afternoon (June 4), here’s what we know: Thursday around 1 p.m., an alert neighbor called Burien Police to report that a male was trying to break into a house next door in the 12200 block of Occidental Ave South (map below). Officers responded along with the King County Sheriff’s helicopter Guardian One, which quickly found the suspect who tried to hide in some bushes. As officers converged on him, the suspect began running between houses and jumping fences, and even tried to break into another house and a parked car in an effort to hide/escape. Guardian One remained overhead and called his location out to the officers, who took him into custody as he was hiding in a garden shed. “Not too surprising, it turns out the suspect had a felony warrant for violating his probation,” police said. “We are hoping to get video from Guardian One we can post later on. A big thank you to the neighbor who called us!” Here are some relevant Tweets:


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6 replies on “VIDEO: Burien burglary suspect busted in the act”

    1. I agree urban, I am so sick of these crackhead thieves stealing anything and everything that isnt tied down.

  1. Awesome job, ALL of you! Just LOVE it when you get a bad guy – especially in MY neighborhood! Can’t thank you enough, Burien PD!

  2. The person who called police ASAP when they saw suspicious activity at a neighbors house is a great example of how well Block Watch Programs work. I happen to live in the neighborhood and we have a good program. If you neighborhood does not have Block Watch program you need to contact Burien Police and find out how to start one.

    1. ok just to explain again most of these sites are using old data from right after the annexation of north burien when the police were out cleaning up the area. Now most crime in this area are crimes of opportunity as in if you leave your fancy new laptop in your front seat of car overnight it will most likely not be there the next morning or if you leave your windows opens all day with no one home you have a chance of someone breaking in. Now for this guy that got caught he already had a criminal history and in the 30 years I have lived in the area you really don’t see this type of activity around here that often yes it does happen that is why more neighborhoods need to start and use a block watch program like Greg Duff has stated they do work and can help to stop or at least help to catch the bad people.

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