KIRO 7 is reporting that a Burien Police cruiser was hit by a stolen car on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 22. The crash ocurred near SW 130th Street and 2nd Ave SW (map below). The officer suffered minor injuries. KIRO says that police were out searching for the stolen vehicle when it collided with the police car. The cruiser spun and struck a fence. The driver of the stolen car jumped out and escaped on foot. A 40-year-old woman who was riding as a passenger in the stolen car suffered minor injuries. She was treated at Highline Medical Center. Police used a K-9 to try and track down the suspected driver, but was not successful.


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13 replies on “Burien Police car struck by stolen vehicle near SW 130th & 2nd Ave SW Sunday”

  1. North Burien is keeping it real. Seriously though, maybe we should do something about the crime in our city.

  2. Soon to be spoken by Lauren Bezerkoitz, ” if that oppressive and non useful Police officer had just realized that the fine outstanding citizens who just happened to be spending time in that alleged stolen vehicle, were actually heading to volunteer at the food bank their civil rights wouldn’t have been violated by those those F-ing Cops!!!”

    1. I’m sure that in addition to demanding the immediate removal of the officer, she would oppose any funding to repair the police car.

      1. Oh, don’t forget the free medical care and counseling to the “victims” Oh wait, they get that already from being on welfare. Those two douchbags wrecked someone’s car who won’t get a dime from them. I see Lauren lining up free legal counsel for them as those Cops need to be sued for causing emotional distress.

  3. Hey have you notice this happen in a part burien that was not part of the annexation. The border of burien before the annexation was at about 116th. Also there’s no information on were this car was stolen from or where the suspect is from. Let’s see what has happened in the main part of burien lately
    and what has happened in north burien lately some moron on meth crash a stolen bike and someone shot at a dog that was attacking them.
    Now if the annexation was reversed would that help anything do you think the crime would just magically stop. Do you think the help the king county and burien police receive from the DEA and other agencies when the annexation happened to help clean up some the crime would of happened with out the annexation. Like when police were cleaning thing up they got a lead on the going on’s at the apartment building about have block behind Sylvester middle school. When they went on lead what did they find oh yeah it was guns,meth,cocaine,mdma all right there next to a school in the main part of burien.

    1. Good info, Jimmy, but it is wasted on Questionable Authority. He just seems to like to bash someone so he can feel superior.

      1. So you love Lauren Bezerkoitz, it’s good to know who lacks common sense and roots for the absolute worst Council member to currently “not” represent this City.

      2. Yes lee you are wright on that one that has been QofA’s motive. Who knows why and who really cares it seems most people have caught on to his lies and betrayals to feel superior even when someone post’s the truth on this blog.

    2. Obviously if the annexation hadn’t gone through all criminals would likely stop outside the city limits.

  4. Thank God the Police Officer was not seriously injured, also that there were no innocent pedestrians or other motorists injured!
    Thanks to our men and women in blue who are always putting their lives on the line each and everyday for the communities they serve!

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