Some of the various current “brands” for Burien seen around town in 2015.[/caption] The City of Burien announced Wednesday (Oc. 21) that it has contracted with an ad agency – and may spend up to $149,300 – to begin an official re-branding process as a way to “define itself, grow community pride, and expand the economy.” Over the next eight to nine months, a Tacoma-based agency called JayRay will begin doing research, outreach, creating of brand identity and messaging, as well as graphic design for a new “brand” for the city. The branding initiative is one of five priority economic development goals and actions the City Council set for 2015-2016 (download PDF of the city’s RFP here). JayRay’s base contract is for $93,000, with optional products/services up to $149,300, according to Katie Trefry, Communications Officer for the City of Burien. “A community’s brand plays a big role in defining and relaying its success,” said Dan Trimble, Burien Economic Development Manager. “All sorts of brand impressions are created for Burien by people who maybe don’t know Burien as well as the community itself does, and we want to make sure we’re telling our story ourselves, authentically and effectively. We need a brand that is up to date and an ongoing branding effort that supports the community’s vision.” First up for the branding work is information gathering and evaluating opportunities. “JayRay will find out what people think, good, bad or indifferent, when they hear ‘Burien,’” Trimble said. “They will seek input through surveys, interviews and discussion groups with both internal and external audiences.” The brand development process will focus on what contributes to Burien’s unique identity as a compelling place to live, create and conduct business. “A brand is more than a logo and tagline – it’s the sum of all things that form customers’ perceptions. For Burien, that includes what distinguishes the community from other cities,” said Kathleen Deakins, JayRay President and Owner. JayRay will begin the research phase this month. Brand messaging and identity work will start early in 2016. By mid-summer 2016, the firm will roll out a comprehensive brand story with creative messaging, a marketing plan and an implementation plan for Burien. “Ultimately, branding shines a spotlight on our strengths and our potential, builds our community, and propels Burien to achieve our vision for the future,” added Kamuron Gurol, Burien City Manager. JayRay partners with national and regional clients on branding, advertising and strategic communication programs from its office in Tacoma. Trimble said the City selected JayRay because of the firm’s research-based model and public sector experience. Recent clients include City of Fife, Pierce County, University of Washington, Tacoma Public Schools and Travel Tacoma + Pierce County. “A strong brand identity will help drive awareness and inspire people to refresh how they think about Burien,” said Deakins.]]>

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  1. Start with the folks sleeping on 1st ave 150th at the old 76 Station….been there for a week now…great image of Welcome to Burien Sign across the street.

      1. “Jimmerish” did you email Phillips? I did! Do something instead of your constant “jimmerish” …give it a rest…PLEASE!

  2. How about the uplifting motto(s) of –
    “Bring it home to Burien” or
    “Burien brings it” or
    “Burien means business” or
    “Brilliant Burien” Your welcome.

  3. As a designer born, raised, working and living in Burien, I’ve been observing and recording the Burien logo since it was first adopted many years ago. It was designed by a young student, never rendered professionally and it has typically been reproduced very poorly. There have been few standards governing the logo’s appearance, and many liberties have been taken. Its design and poor rendering have not represented us well. I’ve long waited for the logo to either be cleaned up or replaced. At long last, that day has come.
    Yes. It will be a costly project. We’ve never actually had “Branding and Graphic Identity.” (The fee noted above doesn’t appear to include implementation of the logo: reprinting everything, redoing signage, vehicles, etc.) BUT… I believe this is an important step as we strive to present Burien in a more favorable light, attracting residents, businesses, goods and services to our city. I grew up with people from Seattle sneering whenever they said “Burien.” It’s time to polish up our image: how we present ourselves and how others see us. “Rebranding Burien” is intended to do that.
    One concern, quoting from above: “First up for the branding work is information gathering and evaluating opportunities… JayRay will find out what people think, good, bad or indifferent, when they hear ‘Burien,’ They will seek input through surveys, interviews and discussion groups with both internal and external audiences.”
    In recent years, we’ve been through our “Vision for Burien” process and our “Economic Development Summit,” yielding reams of research results. I would hope that those results satisfy much of the “information gathering, surveys, interviews and discussion groups.”
    I understand that the JayRay firm, being from out of town, will have to familiarize itself with Burien, but I hope they don’t start from scratch. That would be a waste of the time, money and energy spent to-date by those that assisted in these efforts, many of them as volunteers. I hope the design team will come and informally hang out in Burien to chat with people “on the street” and get a sense of the place.
    I urge the JayRay team to really stretch in its thinking, and I urge Burien citizens to get behind this long-term vision project as it lays a foundation for years to come.
    I’ll be on pins and needles waiting to see results along the way.
    Maureen Hoffmann
    Business Development through Design, for 40 years

    1. I really don’t care if people from Seattle sneer when they say Burien.
      Seattle is a left wing ghetto of idiocy.
      If they sneer at Burien we must be doing something right.

      1. I don’t think it’s sneer – I think it is that they don’t see what is good about Burien. My adult children say that their friends in the north end think the only thing they think of Burien is “the place you end up in when you get lost going to the airport.”

    2. Many of our street signs now have the Burien Logo…what a waste of money to replace them . Fix our Crappy roads first. Please.

  4. Great, let’s pay tens of thousands of dollars to change our image and bring small business to Burien only so they can face a “change of use” just for growing and then face a forced $8500 fee for parking mitigation and $7000 per stall for additional parking spaces. Until the City changes its small business killing parking restrictions it makes no sense to waste 150K trying to get people to like Burien.
    The only folks that can afford to pay those high fees is Starbucks and CVS………..and of course, in the entire history of this failed parking policy not one small business has successfully received a permit for expansion…………not one single business! Meanwhile we all sit while Starbucks and CVS march in laughing all the way to the parking lot led by the City Manager blowing out statements of support for a failed parking policy that has killed small business in Burien.
    Yea, we really need to spend 150K on this because were unable and unwilling to help small business in Burien.
    John White

    1. “I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes. If there is not a new man, how can the new clothes be made to fit?” – Thoreau

    2. Yes because in stead of rebranding the city we need to stop paying for everything and pay to fight mother nature to make Jonh white’s water front view better. Come on burien citizens lets stop paying are bills and give all are money to the city to fix this ugly water drainage system so jonh white can have a beautiful view from his million dollar mansion. Also why were at it lets name the park after him. Then maybe he will shut up and stop trying to use tax payers money for his ideas.

      1. Maybe he can have a pouting pond in his park so when you go to the park you can lean over it and cry your little eyes out. John has made certain choices that has allowed him to have a water view and well apparently the only water you see are your jealous tears. This poor me, class division in Burien is B.S. You are not bad if you live on the lake or have a view of the water. We all eat at the same places, our kids have the opportunity to go to the same schools. Stop acting like these people are evil, they are neighbors and if you think they get special treatment from the city of Burien, go to the city with your complaint. Stop being envious of your neighbor. Be proud of your community because you choose to live here.

        1. Black Chaz, I don’t mean to step on Jimmy’s reply to you, but I have to speak to your implying that all Burien neighborhoods get equal treatment and support from the Burien City Council. That simply is not true. While the council speaks of rebranding to encourage business and new citizens to come to Burien, those of us living east of 1st Ave. have been stripped of our local businesses and schools and many homes and families. Certainly that has meant a loss of revenue, if nothing else. But, no one ever speaks of our neighborhood beyond ‘rebranding’ it as ‘airport expansion’ or more recently NERA. The Highline school district has had to relocate many students over the years when Glacier HS, Sunset Middle School, Sunny Terrace, Sunnydale elementary schools were closed. Three of those schools were relatively new. That resulted in a financial loss that haunts us to this day. Our Red Apple Market, Bowling Alley, Barber Shops and Beauty Shops, Seiki Plant Nursery, Restaurants and many other small businesses were prosperous and much used. What makes a light industrial park okay for our area, but not those businesses? This is the kind of stuff that can make one feel like a second class citizen. Throw in the fact that people on Lake Burien get their own little community bus that will go ‘off route’ to pick you up with a call ahead’ (I am not making this up. Look it up – Route #631) that’s just insult to injury to those who have to wait with no shelter for a bus.

          1. Sandy S-It would be nice if you did some real research before you just put out repeated, gossip information that is not based in fact. The #639 bus route was put in to replace the #139 route that was cancelled by Metro. The citizens that came to ask that the route be re-instated were residents from Gregory Heights because they were cut off from transportation and many could not get to their doctors or the hospital without that bus. Also Metro has service provisions to pick up disabled citzens anywhere in the city so your neighborhodd is not getting cheated by Metro. The old #139 bus now the #639 bus was never just put in for the Lake Burien neighborhood which your comment falsely states. Lastly a number of the businesses that were closed in NERA were closed either because the Port bought the lands, DOE required they be closed or the FAA determined they could no longer be there. Burien had very little say in that and yes it caused economic loss to the city. That is why the city fought the Third Runway for so long. It was the State Courts and State legislature that forced us to have the Third Runway. And the biggest land holder of the NERA lands is the Port.

          2. Lilly,
            The bus route that I am speaking of is the #631 and yes, it was brought in to provide service that had been cut, but it also has been turned into a “community bus’ that excludes my part of the community. I have been in conversation with Metro supervisors about the lack of posting the complete schedules for the route #631 on the kiosks at the transit center, as well as expanding the service and re-installing bus shelters that were removed from 1st Ave during the up-grade. I have also questioned the lack of timely announcements at the transit center when this route was being considered. I did this not only for myself but for the Vintage Apartments of Burien a 100 apt. seniors facility that could also use service to the hospital
            As to the decision to allow the NERA site to have light industrial use, I still question why that is appropriate (to say nothing of ball fields and nature walks that already exist) when the former businesses were not acceptable. You might want to take a drive through the NERA zone, you will see that there are still many homes in this area that have never been approached for purchase by the port. You will also see that the port did little to keep the area attractive, as it demolished other homes.
            If you have read any of my other posts, you will know that I believe this area has a real need for sewers. I am fully aware that we are at the mercy of SW Suburban to consider our needs. None the less, they will make sewer lines available to any new light industrial park. Certainly, it the city went to all of the expense of the new ‘storm water treatment facility’ in our area, they could have put some leverage on SW Suburban for access to sewer lines, for those who wanted them. Even now, they could do this. This effects not only the sale value for the property owner, but also the city’s revenue. And this is to say nothing of the ecological needs.

          3. Please share with the rest of us how long you have lived in your home, I can wager a large sum that you bought after SeaTac was established. I remember what your area looked like and all the places and homes consumed, but you bought by an Airport and that’s all on you. I live South of you and not far from the wasteland, hear me complaining – no!

          4. Careful QA, or you will be bored to tears. I was raised on our land before there were any fast food joints or even one TV antenna on a roof. SeaTac had yet to become an ‘International Airport’ it was the municipal airport and there was talk of relocating it from time to time. If you ever go to the Burien Ivar’s, you can see a large picture on the back wall of SeaTac as it looked the year I graduated from High School.
            I’m happy for you if your property value has not been effected by the ‘waste land’. With a name like Question Authority, I would think you would understand that that is exactly what I am doing. And of course it is not just for me, but for the other long time residents who have also been given window sound treatments in lieu of falling property values.

          5. You have a few years on me living where you do, but I was raised nearby and Burien was the local town of my entire upbringing. I also live in “Port Package” home affected by the daily activities of SeaTac, so we have more in common than you think. Growth and change happen, unfortunately for you it seems to have chosen your neighborhood more than mine. Lot’s of luck.

        2. “Blac chaz” I do not have any evil feelings towards that part of the community what I have is evil feeling towards the ones in that part of the community try to make money off of the taxpayers or try to come up with plans or ideas. That make the low income look bad Or the people in these communities that think that since they somehow came into a large sum of money that it makes the absolutely correct about everything in life which unfortunately is not true you still make errors in life no matter how financially off you are. Then these same people get on this blog and if you disagree with them well you probably seen what happens. You end up with a few anonymous replies of childish nonsense to change the topic. So sorry “black chaz” but I never shed tear over these people I just find it ridiculous in how some of them act in a public forum.

          1. ” replies of childish nonsense to change the topic” Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

          2. See as you can see with Dick Gazinya comments he is trying to post to get attention to bicker with a disable person and shut me up. Because I use the truth and people like him can’t take or understand the truth and so in anonymous way they try to attack people online. This also know as a form of a mental illness. Even though Dick Gazinya does not like my comments or does not agree with me at all on anything. He still feels the need to reply to just about any of my comments and continues to try make the conversation go off topic. Why would someone waste their time like this because they suffer from a mental illness and fail to seek medical help. If they were not suffering from a mental illness then they would simply skip reading my posts or thumbs down them. Like any other grown adult and not try something stupid to mess with the blog voting system.

    3. John, could please provide us with the actual “public mind blowing” statements the City Manager has made about parking? And parking is not what killed small business in Burien.
      Maybe dishonest landlords, crumbly old buildings, ridiculous cost rents, proximity to South Center, poorly researched product lines that can’t sell, the 2008 Recession which Burien has never really recovered from, a large population will limited spending ability, poor service, location and unfinished and largely useable rental spaces have significantly contributed to small business failure in the city. Yes, parking needs improvement but parking( as a sole factor) didn’t kill small business in Bruien.

    1. Bainbridge, even with the failed attempt at a logo only budgeted $23k. Eventually, only paid $11.5k. When they decided to use a “local” firm they only planed an additional $5k.
      Why would it be necessary for a $90k contract which could expand to $150k? Have a contest and use local submissions from true local artists.

  5. Am I the only one that thinks we should be spending money to clean up the city and make it look better rather than go spending it on this??

    1. You are so right! Burien needs to clean-up! Give the people (not just the homeless) some public rest rooms with regular cleaning service. Enforce some health standards for places like the Burien Plaza and public sidewalks. When public areas are planted, have them watered and tended to prevent the plants from dying off from stress. What is the point if all of the money that was spent to up-grade these areas, if we don’t keep them clean and healthy.
      (And, while we are at it, give spelling and grammar lessons! lol There is a difference in using there and their, your and you’re and were and we’re. Come on people, you can do it! Pretend you are trying to communicate.)
      As far as rebranding and the $149,300 goes, that amount of money may sound like a lot, but it is not for this kind of project. Manufactures of shoes, sports goods and food products spend way more than that when they introduce a new line… for one year.
      It would be interesting to know how the company was chosen to do this branding. ‘Local’ may give us warm fuzzies…but it says nothing about why they were chosen. Is this somebody’s relative or past colleague?
      If we are going to invite people to visit, we need to clean house regularly, not just for the photo ops.

      1. gosh i am tired of the old argument that since i cant spell or write so good, none of my opinions must matter…..
        ***(And, while we are at it, give spelling and grammar lessons! lol There is a difference in using there and their, your and you’re and were and we’re. Come on people, you can do it! Pretend you are trying to communicate.)***
        my spelling and pronunciation has nothing to do with my thoughts or the content of my statement…. looking past such superficial things will only help you in the long run….
        instead of critiquing my sentence structure, maybe refute my argument or put forth your own…. if you are able to understand the concept i am trying to explain, why do you fight me on the method of delivering it rather than join me in discussion and argument?
        hey, just the opinion of someone tired of hearing ad hominem complaints against people when the content of what they are saying has so much to be discussed

        1. john doe, the spelling and grammar comment was a general comment to all, including myself. It was not meant for any one person. It was a general ‘wake-up call’ to proof our comments before submitting them, to avoid misunderstandings of the intent. So sorry if you were offended.

      2. Sandy S:
        This particular part of your posting I find very offensive:
        “(And, while we are at it, give spelling and grammar lessons! lol There is a difference in using there and their, your and you’re and were and we’re. Come on people, you can do it! Pretend you are trying to communicate)”
        Democracy was not built upon exercising mastery over spelling and grammar. Neither does participating in the democratic process here today require such mastery.
        The fact that someone can or did get good grades in spelling and grammar makes them no more able than any one else to be a good and caring citizen active in their neighborhood.

        1. Elizabeth, please see my earlier post to john doe. I was just hoping for better communication on this blog. The comment included myself.
          Since you brought the topic up, I do feel lack of these skills in spelling and grammar can effect employment, to say nothing of confidence and communication in general. I am certainly not the best at them, but would love to be better. These days I exercise these skills as best I can, to keep the bean functioning. Much like learning another language, speaking and writing are vital ways to exercise our brains. Taking the time to be sure you are using the right word or spelling, believe it or not, is good for us. Just as reading something that might be a bit challenging pays off, too. After a while, it’s what you look for, like trying new food or new art and a new crowd of people. It can be work, but it’s worth it, because your skills and ‘you’ grow in so many ways.

  6. Perfect example of wasteful government spending! In case they’ve never followed the major freeways, Burien is on the way to no where and is somewhere people do end up getting lost on their way to the airport. Curious exactly where these funds came from because they certain could be put to much better use. Most cities have a main attraction or a must see place or thing, not so much in Burien. Lived here 35 years and I love it but there are more cost effective things we could do for our city and not worry so much about what everyone else thinks of us.

    1. It would be nice if we put the money into residential sidewalks…Burien, without residential sidewalks looks like a backward third world country or worse yet….something out of poverty stricken Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, etc.

        “The Burien Branding Initiative draws from its own source of funds. In 2014, the business community supported a Business & Operations (B&O tax) increase targeted at funding local economic development. The increase was implemented in 2015, and the City Council directed the revenue to be spent on economic development programs. This initiative is one of several to be funded from this revenue.”

        1. Thank you Maureen! I wondered if that was the case. I appreciate that you took the time to let us know.

  7. As with any household, organization or business, needs are handled concurrently, not sequentially. It’s not as if nothing else will be taken care of while the branding project is going on. It’s funded by a separate, distinct budget and does not impede progress in other areas.

    1. Mo, your missing the point…people are saying we have greater community needs and this expenditure is the sleeves out of your vest! A waste!

      1. “Mo”?
        My point is that the branding efforts are coming out of completely separate, earmarked monies that cannot be diverted to other community needs. And the other needs will be addressed simultaneous to this project. Again: NOT “sequential”, but rather “concurrent”.

        1. Complete and utter waste of time, money, and resources either way. If you are not ashamed of yourself for promoting such a useless, worthless activity, you should be.

        2. Mo, wish you were right but it never happens this way. A bit of wishful thinking. There is only so much money in a very challenged community like Burien. The “other” needs never get addressed and the $149,000 gets wasted. Your not living in
          Bellevue! Bellevue has money…we do not. We are strictly “hand to mouth”. Burien city government is always “poor mouthing it”. Significant change is still 30 years away.

  8. So Sandy, a couple of months ago someone on this blog told you what steps to follow to get a sewer in your neighborhood. Did you go the a meeting of the Sewer District? Did you talk to Susie Genzales who is running for Sewer Commissioner? Did you pick up the petitions for your neighbors to sign and agree to pay? Did you have a neighborhood meeting? Could you let us know what you have done so far other than repeat the same old story on this blog?

  9. The idea of Branding for the City of Burien is great. Burien needs something to sell itself and to attract new developers, businesses and family home buyers to the city. It needs to set a direction and let everyone in the area know it is open to new development and business. Go for it Burien! Put on some sparkle and shine.

  10. Fran, perhaps you missed Susan Genzale’s snubbing of my inquiries on this blog, when she was running earlier this year. Here is a link.
    You will see that I found calling SW Suburban to be less than fruitful. I am not free to attend meetings. I have asked for SW Suburban to inquire of those who live in our area, if they would be interested in sewer lines, as they did many years ago.
    The person you spoke of who ‘instructed’ me on what to do, took on the same attitude that you have done, as though you know better than I do about these things . I do not appreciate it. If you do not want to hear what I have to say. Than please do not read my posts.

  11. SS, people are just getting tired of you and your inability to get attention on your terms. Give it a rest. Burien does not revolve around you.

      1. No SS, you have a snarky agenda. I am sure you enjoy reading your devious posts…get a life! People see through your posts and they are totally self serving…sorry your life has not rewarded you better…it happens..volunteer for Toys For Tots! You will be more optimistic about NERA/SEWERS/GRAMMAR etc. Enjoy life!

  12. It would be quite nice if everyone could speak politely to eachother. This is a wonderful platform to present ideas or information to our fellow neighbors. I think we can do that without personal attacks.

  13. Lets see, we are going to spend 150K for rebranding. And the key decision makers are Dan Trimble, our Economic Developer, Kamuron, our City Manager, and Chip David, our community development coordinator……………the top three posts at the City……….and none of them live in Burien. And the Three council members complaining their opponents are supported by outside forces were the ones keeping these outsiders in place…………hmmmm…………yea this makes sense to me…………..

    1. Maybe we should hire Kemper Freeman to rebrand our rundown, downtrodden mess. Seems to have worked for Bellevue? Oops, i forget, we don’t have any of the potential Bellevue had….maybe we can take in Syrian refugees? I like that idea…they will rebuild this mess…lets get rid of rebranding, Gurol, trimble, and Chipper too! Waste of time before they move onto their next welfare city. Don’t get sucked into this crap. Read what morecoosplease says…above. Have a pleasant day in BOORIAN (as 911 operators calls our town…BURIEN!

    2. John White– your negative attitude about rebranding for Burien is shocking. You have spent far more money than this on Research and Development(R&D) and Public Relations(PR) for your products and on your companies. You also know that both of these components are critical to the success of a product, company or agency to create and image to attract investors. Or was the UW education just wasted on you?
      Also you are well aware of how to manipulate the blog strings to create an image and suck other bloggers in. So what really is your intent in the negative comments about rebranding? Is it effort to try to sway the election toward the 3 candidates that you held a party for last week at Forest Ledge? That OUTSIDE PAC that wants to take over the Burien Council seats with 3 unknown, previously uninvolved citizens who you think you can manipulate like the blog strings? Or is it just a chance to make snarky comments at city staff that haven’t given you your way in the past? And by the way, I haven’t a peep from the 3 council members that you try to draw into this blog string so that statement is a red herring from you.
      Rebranding is the right thing to do for the city at this point in its economic development and it needs to be overseen by Council members who have been successful in
      Burien and who have been committed to Burien for a long time. This rebranding shouldn’t be overseen by three unknown, uninvolved people who have never done a thing for the city and are puppets of an Outside PAC. Lucy K., Bob Edgar and Darla Green have business acumen and have shown they are committed to Burien by their actions and service.. John, if you really care about Burien as you claim, stop this constant negative yammering and sign up to serve on the Economic Development Advisory group.

  14. A nice logo doesnt make a nicer neighborhood, less crime, or less homeless people.
    If we want referrals (and that is the best marketing) lets spend the money on making Burien nice , that everyone talks about it with their friends.
    In our business, we dont win customers with an amazing logo, we try and focus on giving them their moneys worth and a pleasant experience. Just my viewpoint. I agree we need a better logo for Burien, but I think we may be getting a little extreme spending nearly 150K on imaging.
    Dont judge a book by its cover.

    1. I agree Morecopsplease! Word of mouth is the best for advertising! Unfortunately, we have had a council member named Lauren Berkowitz that has done a lot of damage presenting our trespass ordinance as something it is NOT. If we really care about our presentation, we will NOT elect the 3 candidates that she has endorsed. I will be voting for Darla Green, Lucy Krakowiak, and Bob Edgar. They care about our citizens and their safety!

    2. I agree Morecopsplease! Word of mouth is the best for advertising! Unfortunately, we have had a council member named Lauren Berkowitz that has done a lot of damage presenting our trespass ordinance as something it is NOT. If we really care about our presentation, we will NOT elect the 3 candidates that she has endorsed. I will be voting for Darla Green, Lucy Krakowiak, and Bob Edgar. They care about our citizens and their safety!

  15. I will admit, i had a meeting once with Dan Trimble, and I brought pictures of nice neighborhoods and tried to bounce a few ideas off him about how we could improve some mess.
    The only ‘economic development’ i can see Dan Trimble as capable of, is gushing out a lot of taxpayer money back into the economy.
    As far as business, logic & reason, and creativity, if I were his boss I’d give him the sack with no questions asked.

  16. This is what the rebranding really is about. Read more from the city web site. It is not about logos only It was decided as an action in Jan. 2015. It pays to go to city council meetings or to read the city site. The Burien businesses agreed to this tax to do this.
    Posted on: October 23, 2015-City of Burien website
    Burien Branding Initiative Begins
    The City of Burien will utilize branding as a tool to support economic development in six ways:
    1. Differentiate from our competitor cities
    2. Communicate our vision and values
    3. Retain existing and recruit new businesses
    4. Drive sales and other tax revenue
    5. Guide strategic marketing efforts
    6. Build awareness and enhance community pride
    Why does Burien need a brand or re-brand?
    Burien already has a brand – one that is increasingly defined by outsiders who fail to capture our community spirit, attractive location, and the unique flavors of our diverse residents and businesses. It is time to own our brand and use it to share the strengths of our community, the ingenuity here, and the opportunities to come. It will help us to market ourselves, attract a hotel, and differentiate us from our competitors. Read more….

  17. This is Burien “jimmerish”! What is she yammering about? This is exactly what we as tavpayers paid the Burien Economic Development
    Director to do for the past three years…where are the results? Now a new campaign? Hogwash…deck chairs on the Titanic! NEXT!

  18. I wonder of all these people disliking this idea. If these same people would have disliked this idea if came from say darla green or bob edgar or even Lucy k. You know one there new ideas to fix the problems in burien. I know darla green said a few things about getting the attention of big business and big corporations for burien she thinks it would be great. Now how would she go about getting this attention hmm maybe she would rebrand the city.

    1. Good point Jimmy. Too bad we can’t ask the candidates what priority they would give to re-branding or if they even agree with re-branding our fair city, at this time.

  19. Morecopsplease – branding is not just about a “logo”, there is a whole lot more that goes into a branding project. I would agree that there is more that needs to be done about the crime, economic development and homelessness in out city. That lines up very nicely with the platforms that Darla, Bob and Lucy have visioned for our city. Oh and by the way your blogname, reminds me that you would be interested to know that Darla Green was endorsed by the King County Sheriff’s Guild.

  20. Burien: Dirty and Depressing, Yet Still Not Quite Affordable.
    Burien: Not As Bad As White Center.
    Burien: Where the Last Tree Will Be Chopped Down By 2020.
    Burien: Hey, At Least We Got Rid Of Mike Martin.
    Burien: Where The Graffiti Is Almost Interesting
    Burien: See It Soon Before It Slides Into The Sound

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