by Marlaina Lieberg
In this day of running here and running there, tweeting, Facebooking, and talking into little things we stick in our ears, it’s well to stop and think about service to our community. As a person who is blind, I am often the recipient of assistance from others, but do not often have a chance to give assistance back. That is until I joined the Burien Lions Club.
The Burien Lions meet each week at Noon at Angelo’s Restaurante on 6th and 153rd SW in Burien. In the short three years during which I have been a member, we have provided warm coats to Burien women in need, staffed a health screening van at Burien festivals, provided eyeglasses to several needy people, supported programs providing school supplies to needy kids, supported the area’s only blind baseball team, and so much more.
If you asked me why I became a lion, I’d say the following:

“Lions Clubs believe everyone deserves a healthy life. From providing health programs that focus on hearing loss to supporting efforts to control and prevent diabetes, Lions volunteers are working to improve the health of children and adults around the world.
Lions empower the next generation. Whether it’s providing youth volunteer opportunities and leadership experiences in a Leo club or sharing a message of peace through the Peace Poster contest, Lions Clubs’ youth programs invest in the future by reaching out to young people.
Lions Clubs serve local communities and protect the planet. From performing hands-on community work and service projects to providing emergency assistance, Lions Clubs’ community and environment programs improve communities and protect the environment.”

I saw this description written, and feel it needs nothing further from me. It sums up all the reasons why I’m very proud to be a member of the Burien Lions Club.
Will you join us?
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– Marlaina and guide dog, Nisha
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  1. Marlaina-
    You and the Lions are made for each other. Years ago, when I was on the Arts Commission, I was a lunchtime speaker at a Lions meeting. They are a wonderful group and a great asset to the community. Thanks for this article and for educating all of us about the many contributions they make.

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