roundabout,depletion final “NARRATING EARTH” APRIL 2 – MAY 3, 2015 The BURIEN ARTS GALLERY is proud to present an exciting and diverse collection of work by artists Lin McJunkin, Ann Vandervelde, and Anne McDuffie during the month of April. The group exhibition “Narrating Earth” represents collaborative works of glass sculpture by Lin McJunkin, paintings by Ann Vandervelde, and poetry by Anne McDuffie. The artists take turns creating the original work that comments on the fragile state of our planet and our relationship with it. The other two artists then interpret the original work in their own media. Artist and science educator Lin McJunkin states, “I feel compelled to celebrate and advocate for the health of our planet and its inhabitants in glass and metal sculpture. My newest work focuses the heat of my commitment, as well as that of my glass kilns and torches, to transform recycled materials into sculptural elements related to the effects of human behavior on the environment.” Ann Vandervelde has “always thought in color, line, shadow, empty and positive spaces. My observations are magnifications, not panoramic views. I often lose my way as a result. I map the Earth on canvas in an attempt to answer questions about the importance of green and urban space, climate, sound, structure, light and water, and our own not insignificant footprint. “ Anne McDuffie writes original tanka, an ancient Japanese poetic form in which she comments both on the state of nature and her response to it. Anne is interested in points of connection. She thinks of these poems as points on a map or entries in a diary that together form a loose narrative of experience. She will read a few of her poems at 7 pm during the reception. In April the Artist United exhibition will feature Harry Langen, long time Artists United member working in pastels and watercolor, and Nadine Howard, one of AU’s newest members. Please join the artists for a reception on Thursday, April 2, from 5 – 8 pm (poetry reading at 7 pm) at the Burien Arts Gallery, 826 SW 152nd St., Burien. More information at]]>

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